Chapter 1432 1432: Finally Free From The Poor Couple

Ling Su Liu felt disgusted when they heard about that. 'Why don't they just stop collecting those cores? That is so disgusting.'

She really wanted to leave them but she was afraid to go alone through this freaking place. She was hoping to find other people so that she could leave them.

While they were eating, Shino stood up and looked in one direction.

'What is it, Shino?' Yu Qi asked.

'Something coming.' Shino stated.

'Is it a monster?' Yu Qi asked in a serious tone.

Shino focused his sense. 'No. Human. They are human.'

'They?' Yu Qi narrowed her eyes. It would be trouble for them to fight the evil cultivators if they were so many of them.

'Someone that we met before.' Aoi joined the conversation.

'Who?' Yu Qi asked again.

'Hmm... They are from Bucong Family.' Aoi said. He knew their scent.

'Oh.' Yu Qi felt relief hearing that. At least they were not the evil cultivators.

The group of humans mentioned by Aoi and Shino was indeed Bucong's family. There were also outsiders too. They joined for the sake of safety. Bucong Shuye was strong and Bucong Family had a lot of people coming to this miracle space as well.

"Sister Ling."

Ling Su Liu turned around when she heard her name had been called. She was very happy to see Bucong Jiye and others. She rushed to hug Bucong Jiye.

"I am really glad to see you, Jiye." Ling Su Liu said.

Her wish came true. She did not need to be with this freaking couple.

"What are you doing here?" Bucong Jiye asked.

"Well, I am with these people." Ling Su Liu pointed to Yu Qi and Long Hui.

People also listened to their conversations and looked behind Ling Su Liu. They were shocked and pulled out their weapon because they saw a monster nearby.

"What are you trying to do, huh?"

They heard the question coming from a woman beside the monster. They recognized the woman. It was Tang Yu Qi. Who did not know her?

"Miss Tang, get away from that monster."

"Yeah. It is dangerous over there."

"Come here."

They shouted at Yu Qi to move away from the monster. Yu Qi was speechless. They thought the couple did not notice the monster at all.

"Yeah, why don't you protect your fiance?"

"Yeah. Grab her and move away from that monster."

Now, they were shouting at Long Hui.

Yu Qi and Long Hui looked at each other. And both of them turned at Aoi. Aoi felt horrible as these people called him a monster.

These people thought Yu Qi and Long Hui finally realized that there was a monster nearby. They also thought that Yu Qi and Long Hui would run away right now. But they did not see them move. Were they frozen in fear?

They were freaking out when Yu Qi suddenly patted the monster. Some of them closed their eyes thinking that the monster would attack Yu Qi.

"What are you talking about?" That is her contracted beast." Ling Su Liu said.


People were surprised to hear the statement.

'Never mind them.' Yu Qi comforted Aoi.

"Miss Tang, Mr. Long, I already find my friends. Thank you for your help." Ling Su Liu thanked Yu Qi.

"Sure. It will be better for you to practice more." Yu Qi stated.

"Thank you for the reminder." Ling Su Liu smiled while gritting her teeth.

She was happy to get rid of the poor couple.

"Miss Tang, Mr. Long, why don't you invite us?"

Someone invited Yu Qi and Long Hui into the group. Ling Su Liu really wanted to shout at that idiot.

"Thank you for the invitation but we are not interested. Better we go our separate ways." Yu Qi said.

"But..." The person wanted to say something again.

"Okay." Bucong Shuye cut off the person's statement.

"We are leaving here." Yu Qi said.

With that, they left the place.

"How could you end up with them?" Bucong Jiye asked Ling Su Liu.

"I had been attacked. They saved me." Ling Su Liu changed her tone after this from normal to disgusting one. "They are very poor.'

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Bucong would not get what Ling Su Liu tried to say.

"They are collecting the cores from the monsters. When I asked them what they want to do with the stones, they tell me that they want to sell the cores. Only desperate people would do something like that." Ling Su Liu rolled her eyes.

"Are they crazy?" Bucong Jiye asked.

Ling Su Liu also felt the same. She wanted to add more but what she heard in the next sentence made her shocked.

"They just could ask Dian's Family for the money. Is Dian's Family broke or not?" Bucong Jiye snorted.

"What are you saying?" Ling Su Liu asked.

"Hmm... What do you mean?" Bucong Jiye asked her back. She did not understand.

"Dian Family? Why do you mention Dian's Family? Why they could just ask Dian's family for money?"  Ling Su Liu asked several questions.

"Well, that woman is from Dian Family." Bucong Jiye said.

Ling Su Liu was speechless. That woman was from the Dian Family, one of the four great families. How could she be?

"But her surname is Tang. Not Dian?" Ling Su Liu asked again.

"Oh, she is the granddaughter of Elder Dian's daughter apparently." Bucong Jiye explained.

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