Chapter 1510: I've been here, I've fought (the finale)

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But after a while, there were a few drops of blood remaining above the sky, and gradually gathered together.

The blood seemed to be very difficult to absorb the spiritual energy in the world, and after a while, it turned into an extremely weak figure.

The aura on this figure, like a candle in the wind, seems likely to dissipate completely at any time.

After seeing this figure, more than a dozen demon saints looked at this person full of anger and hatred.

But then, he was slightly taken aback.

Because they have never seen this person.

And this person was Chen Ping who had disappeared for a whole year.

It's just that Chen Ping appeared as he is at this moment, so no one from the Demon Race can recognize Chen Ping's identity.

But in any case, as the murderer who killed the ancient demon **** Chi You on the spot, Chen Ping was already weak to the extreme at this moment. Naturally, these dozen demon saints would not let Chen Ping leave easily.

Before Chen Ping could speak, he was besieged frantically.

Chen Ping could only give a wry smile, and smashed the key to the door of the demon world in his hand, his figure disappeared in front of everyone in a blink of an eye, and the door of space only passed away in an instant.

When the nineteen demon saints came to the place where the space gate disappeared, the space gate had been completely closed.

The nineteen saints suddenly roared frantically.

A few days later, the news that the ancient demon **** Chi You was beheaded on the spot spread throughout the entire Demon Realm Continent.

After a long period of grief and despair, the Demon Race also gave birth to unparalleled and crazy thoughts of revenge.

Although the ancient demon **** Chiyou has been killed on the spot, it is not so easy to open the door to the human world and the demon world easily, but it took several years to gather the power of a dozen ancient saint-level masters. Time can also completely open the door of space and penetrate the three realms.

The nineteen demon saints worked hard for three full years and finally opened the two doors of the demon clan to the human world and the demon world.

However, after opening the door, all the power of the nineteen demon saints was almost exhausted. Although there were no injuries on their bodies, everyone seemed extremely weak.

Originally, they planned to close the door immediately after opening the two space doors, and it only takes a few days to completely restore their strength to the peak.

At that time, leading the army of the Demon Race and smashing the other two worlds can be regarded as satisfying the wish of the ancient demon **** Chi You that did not fulfill one hundred thousand years ago.

It's just a pity that after the door of space was opened, a figure came out from the door of space leisurely.

The first time they saw this figure, the nineteen demon saints suddenly turned pale.

They have recognized that this person is the peerless powerhouse who killed the ancient demon **** Chi You.

Not to mention that they are already weak to the extreme, even if all 19 of them are in their peak state, I am afraid they may not be the opponent of this person.

What's more, the aura on this person seems to have broken through the boundary of the saint level, and truly entered the level of the **** level that the ancient demon **** Chi You once reached.

In the face of such a strong man, they have no ability to confront at all.

Chen Ping was alone, blocking the two gates of the Human Realm and the Demon Realm. There were nineteen saints in the Demon Clan and an army of billions, but they couldn't get past the thunder pond at all.

When the nineteen saints reluctantly recovered their own strength and wanted to besiege Chen Ping, trying to determine whether Chen Ping could be completely beheaded, Chen Ping simply killed the nineteen demon saints. Afterwards, they slaughtered more than half of the demons' billions of troops before stopping.

But this is not the end. There are also a total of 30 million coalition forces of the Human Race and the Demon Race who followed Chen Ping into the Demon Realm Continent.

These 30 million coalition forces, with the support of Chen Ping’s resources, have reached the pinnacle level of the fifth level of the Nascent Infant, many of whom are masters of the tribulation period, and some deliberately cultivated by Chen Ping. The human races have barely broken through to the level of saints.

As for the Human Race and Demon Race in the Transcendent Period and the Tribulation Period, there are countless more.

Thirty million troops drove into the Demon Realm Continent. Under the frenzied battle, some of the malpractices caused by the rapid increase in strength in the past few years have also been quickly wiped out.

And Chen Ping finally stopped.

Over the past few years, the number of demons killed by Chen Ping is really too many, and the number of demons who died directly in Chen Ping's hands has even reached tens of billions.

Such crazy killings made Chen Ping feel that his state seemed a bit wrong.

If he continues to kill, I am afraid that Chen Ping will be completely overwhelmed by the crazy killing intent in his heart and become a lunatic who only knows about killing.

However, after the human race and the demon race have experienced the baptism of war, the strength of these 30 million coalition forces has also increased day by day. In the process of fighting the demons, they only guarded the two space gates at the beginning, but after experiencing After a year of persistent fighting, the human race and the monster race also really began to counterattack.

These 30 million coalition forces, after this year, have only left about 20 million.

However, the 20 million human races and monster races are all masters above the fifth level of the transformation of gods, and there are countless masters who cross the catastrophe period.

Such strength can even be compared with the current comprehensive strength of the entire Demon Realm Continent.

not to mention

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, Twenty million people can be regarded as a sharp sword, while the Demon Race is a dish of loose sand.

The first time this sharp sword pierced out, it had directly upset the Demon Race.

The war between the human race, the monster race and the demons lasted for ten years.

The major legions supplemented by the Human Race and the Monster Race have also joined the war one after another.

The two races joined forces, and the forces invested in the Demon World Continent eventually reached hundreds of millions of people.

However, the Demon Continent's cultivation resources are extremely rich. The army of hundreds of millions of people has continued to improve in the course of this entire decade, and finally completely defeated the Demon Race and won the victory of this war.

All the masters of the Demon Race beyond the Tribulation Period were completely washed out. The strongest Demon Race as a whole is only in the Yuan Ying Period.

And the Demon Race has accumulated all the cultivation resources for a full 100,000 years, and they have all been looted, and the entire Demon Race has completely become a barren land.

After all the training resources were brought to the human world and the demon world, the concentration of the demon clan’s aura was also declining crazily. According to this trend, in just a few decades, the demon clan’s aura will be like the original human world. Fall into the era of the end of the law.

At that time, the Demon Race will gradually become the same as the original Human Race, becoming the lowest level and the most ordinary world.

Although the entire demon race was not completely wiped out, the result of such a war can be regarded as a real solution to the troubles of the demon race.

The coalition forces of the human race and the demon race finally retreated into the human world and the demon world.

The human race is actually not too clear about what the future will be like in the demon world.

The human race actually doesn't care too much about what kind of situation it will develop in the future.

After all, after supplementing the massive cultivation resources, the aura of the human world is no longer weaker than the demon world, and judging from the development potential of the human race, the future human race will definitely not be weaker than the demon world, so naturally there is no need to worry about the invasion of the demon race.

However, although various legends about Chen Ping have been circulating among the human races, and there are even many key points that are incomprehensible among them, since the end of the war, Chen Ping's last appearance was to completely block the Three Realms. The passages completely cut off the various spatial passages that were originally left behind, leaving no one behind.

From then on, unless someone can reach the level of **** level, it is impossible to open up the channel between the three realms.

After this appearance, the Wu League, the biggest hero of the human race, also officially announced its dissolution.

The high-levels in the Wu League completely disappeared from the sight of others.

Among them, several confidantes of Chen Ping, as well as the dozens of senior shareholders of Pingyu Group, as well as Chen Ping's relatives and friends, and so on.

Since then, there has been no trace, no one knows where these people have gone, and no one can find their true whereabouts.

However, Chen Ping’s name has always been engraved in the history of the human race. In the next tens of thousands of years, Chen Ping’s legend and statues standing throughout the human world will tell about Chen Ping’s era. .

As for the true **** in the legend, there are countless rumors about Chen Ping in the human world.

Seven hundred years later, on an island in the human world, the figure of a young man was lying lazily on the beach, resting with his eyes closed.

At this moment, a girl with a bumpy figure suddenly lay beside the young man.

Both of them are just wearing swimsuits. The original scenes like this would make people feel extremely glamorous, but for these two people, it seems that there is only a strong affection.

The girl chuckled a book in her hand into the hands of the young man, and said with a smile: "Look, this is a recent book. It contains a biography about you, but some of the rhetoric. , It really deviates too much from the facts."

The young man opened his eyes, glanced at the girl next to him, and after a chuckle, casually laughed: "It's been 700 years, do you still like to see these things?"

With that, the young man opened the book casually, but after seeing the content of the first page, the young man was stunned.

This biography is extremely boring, but the first page of this biography briefly explains the origin of Chen Ping.

According to this book Chen Ping actually really made her mark, because Chen Ping came to this world after crossing the long river of time from the future.

Because he has the memory and soul of two lives, he looks different from ordinary people, and has since embarked on the path of gods.

This so-called biography can actually be regarded as a fantasy novel.

It's just that Chen Ping looked at this opening, but his eyes flickered with helplessness.

After a chuckle, he threw the book aside, hugged the girl next to him, smiled and asked: "Yuwei, if I tell you, what the book says about mine The origin is actually true, will you believe it?"

On the island, the sound of the waves is long and long. Behind the two of them, there are some familiar faces watching them.

And this island exists in this world, but it is forever ignored by this world.

It’s just that no one can erase the traces of these people on the island who have been here and fought...

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