Chapter 2132 Puppet


Sam felt the punch on his spine. He was sent flying like an arrow from a bow. He landed a few meters way and then rolled on the ground for a couple of meters. By the time he came to stop, he was already surrounded by a bunch of people all brandishing their weapons.

The guy with the buff made his way forward.

He lead the attack while Sam tried his best to defend himself.

A few minutes later, Raios once again felt it. Another ominous feeling. He could also see where the possible spawning spot is, so he kicked on Sam's chest, sending him flying in that particular direction.

Just like that he caught another handicap.


Raios punched the air in excitement like a little kid and attacked Sam with new found vigour. At that moment, Sam is suffering from an energy handicap. He is unable to circulate energy as freely as he wanted and the sudden change left him a bit defenseless.

"This is great." He muttered to himself, but the others heard it as well. They believed Sam is in trouble and the onslaught continued.

As they lost themselves in the high of beating the shit out of the top ranker, the debuff disappeared. Sam who was lying on the floor suddenly punched the ground and threw himself into the air. He caught a hold of one of the opponents and attacked.

His arm directly went through that guy's shoulder.

He used that shoulder as pivot and broke the neck of him. At the same time, Raios jumped to a different location and caught a hold of the popup that came there.

The moment he did, a specter manifested near him.

He could feel its connection with him. At that time, it became a part of him and he knew how to use it like its his own arm.

The battle continued just like that.

Raios predicting the appearance of the pop-ups. When it is perk, he would either take it or 'accidentally' make his teammates take it. He was smart enough to understand that showing off by taking more would make him the next target after Sam.

So, he played it safe.

And long story short, as time passed the participants managed to do something that they didn't think was possible.

That was corner Sam into a miserable state. He stood at the corner of the formation with his arm broken, a couple of ribs fractured, clothes ragged and the flesh covered in bruises from top to bottom.

"I am going to pay you back for this."

With those words, he surrendered and disappeared.

An ominous silence resonated in the dome after his disappearance. The silence that felt so threatening and violent at the same time, but there was no visible change in the dome's atmosphere.

It the purple lightning crawled up to the blade of the sword as it swung at the young man.

The blades clashed.


The explosions raged the golden dome that was intact even when ten candidates were fighting started cracking up, bit by bit.

Raios felt what hell would feel like, what real terror is. The puppet was overwhelmingly powerful. The power that could crush him at any moment. However it is not doing that. As if that power is trying to... teach him?

The way the puppet moved that sword, the way its body moved. It is like a dance, powerful but graceful dance. A grace that shouldn't possibly match with that gigantic figure, the metallic body and that menacing might.

However, it is doing it.

It is like a giant metallic butterfly, only the wings are not visible.

The puppet is trying to teach Raios. Teach that sword art, trying to make him explore it.

And when the sword art was executed...


The explosive sword landed on Raios' chest making him fly and crash into the golden dome, breaking it.

"You have failed."

That was the announcement and Raios came out of his trance.

After healing him, his reward is announced.

"Congratulations, you won that puppet. Not only can you autonomously operate it, you can also mount it."

The announcement paused and the puppet's body opened up. Raios was stunned, a force pulled him and then threw into that puppet's body. The puppet closed up.

Raios felt like he was hovering in a dark space. However, he also knew that he is inside the pocket dimension.

He just felt bigger, stronger and powerful. Along with the control over the runic patterns and attacks programmed into the puppet.

The announcement continued.

"The puppet also has the sword technique you have seen recorded into it. It was just the first step of it, that you have seen. It consists of five more and all of them are recorded. With a guided learning feature, you can learn it.

That is also your reward.

Now, get out of here."

He was thrown into the grey space. The puppet around him disappeared and it directly entered his storage, even without his permission or prompting.