Chapter 2008: There are worms in my body

Chapter 2008 There are worms in my body

But it was a big living person who trapped them outside. Although it was a big living person who was rescued by the evil spirit Qiankun somehow, the person was alive anyway.

They broke out, and in the end Leng Yikun had no choice but to die.

If the people outside are evil, that's fine. If they die, they will die, but Leng Yikun, a good man with no distractions, is dedicated to the Yongye Sect, and has no jealousy towards his half-brother.

Such a person, let them be wiped out like this, it is really impossible to do it.

"What now? Jiyun." she asked.

"Can you sense the news of the Stone Man?" Qian Jiyun asked her.

An Jiuyue shook her head, it would be great if she could sense it, but unfortunately, in this place, she didn't sense the Stone Man at all.

"Maybe it's available in the space, you can try it?" Qian Jiyun reminded her.

After entering the space, the stone man must be able to be sensed inside. The key is, can Jiuyue enter the space now?

"Can you still enter the space?"

"It can be, it's just..."

An Jiuyue nodded and shook her head again, a little worried in her heart.

Now the situation on their side is undecided, and her space cannot bring Qian Jiyun into it.

If she goes in alone, what if she can't find Qian Jiyun after she comes out? Who knows what kind of formation this evil spirit Qiankun has made.

"I'm in, what do you do?" she asked.

Hearing this, Qian Jiyun's eyes flashed, and he was also worried about this issue just now. What if Jiuyue came out and missed him?

"Let's find a way first and get in touch with Leng Yikun." He thought about it and finally said.

An Jiuyue: "…"

Leng Yikun didn't even know they were in his body, how could he get in touch?

"You don't want to do this to him again, do you? People will die."

She reminded involuntarily.

The blow she hit just now was enough to kill Leng Yikun for half his life. If he hadn't given him the elixir before, he probably would have lost his life.

However, if Leng Yikun's life is really gone, then they can save trouble, and they can go out directly, and they don't need to be so entangled, right?

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, this Leng Yikun is really used to overcome them.

"Just a little bit easier."

Qian Jiyun said, raised his foot, and kicked his foot vigorously.


Outside, Leng Yikun just got up from the ground and wanted to lie back on the soft couch to rest for a while, but he felt that someone had kicked him in the stomach, and he sat back again in pain. on the ground.

An Jiuyue inside: "..."

Is this what he calls lighter? She looked at Leng Yikun in pain.

However, there is no way to do this. Whoever is calculated by the evil spirit Qiankun, it is them, Leng Yikun, and it is the interest that Leng Yikun asks for coming back to life.

"Who, who is it? Who is here?"

Leng Yikun clutched his stomach, stopped getting up from the ground, and shouted weakly into the air.

However, there was no echo from all around, and it was quiet as usual. He couldn't help lowering his head and locked his eyes on his stomach.

"Could it be that there are worms in my body?"

Qianjiyun & An Jiuyue: "…"

A worm with long hair, your whole family is a worm, you are so capable, you dare to scold them!

She couldn't hold back, and stomped her feet, wanting to tell Leng Yikun that if she scolds them like that again, believe it or not, they'll break his bowels!

(End of this chapter)