"Go and bring some tea and snacks. Mr. Liang and I have a lot to say."

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and the little maid stepped back in response, and then jokingly said to Liang Yu, who was looking at him from a distance, "Why do I stand so far away, and I don't eat people."

Liang Yu snorted and went up to the stone bench beside him to sit.

Liang Yu didn't beat around the bush. When he came, he asked, "Since Mr. Bai knows the purpose of my visit, please clarify my doubts."

Knowing that this guy is uneasy and kind to himself, Liang Yu has always been bold, but in the face of this guy who always smiles and looks harmless to humans and animals, he has the illusion that he is the meat that was fed into the wolf's mouth.

"Before answering your question, Mr. Liang will answer me a question."

Bai Yifei caressed the little fox's fur, tilted his head and looked at him. At this time, he smiled like a fox with sly eyes: "If they really appeared in front of you together, who would you choose?"

Liang Yu was speechless when asked.

He had thought about this, but never seriously thought about it.

Bai Yifei came closer, leaned close to his ear, blew lightly into his ear, and smiled meaningfully: "And those twin brothers... Mr. Liang, you... can't have all of them..."

Liang Yu was shocked.

Strongly suppressed the excitement caused by his tickling in his ears.

He turned his head and glared at him angrily: "You purposely helped me resurrect Xinyi, do you just want to see a joke that I can't decide?"

Wasn't he the one who caused him to fall into this predicament?

He was a ruthless man.

After entering the game, he has been in love with several people.

Bai Yifei blinked, his eyes shining like water.

His fingers lightly stroked the silky white hair that fell down on his shoulders, and nodded with a malicious look on his face: "Yes, he is the surprise I gave you, and the problem I gave you..."

As he said that, his fingers curled his white hair and brushed it lightly on Liang Yu's face.

"I like to see you embarrassed." He murmured.

Liang Yu smelled the fragrance on his body, quickly distanced himself from him, and thought about it seriously, but was unable to give him a satisfactory answer.

"I don't know... Now I really don't know..." Liang Yu's face was tangled. Before entering the game, he was the second young master of the Liang family who was ruthless. At that time, he neither met Yuan Su, nor Xin Yi, nor was he resurrected, nor did he meet the game bit. The male protagonists.

"Stop talking nonsense, tell me now." Liang Yu couldn't think of the answer, so he could only escape at this time.

Although escaping has never been his style.

He could only hold Bai Yifei's hand tightly, trying to force an answer.

Bai Yifei stared at him, looking at the troubled expression on his face, the corners of his mouth slowly rose.

Fortunately, he was embarrassed and did not answer simply...

"The male protagonists you want to meet do exist in reality." Bai Yifei replied with a chuckle, then lowered his eyes and suppressed the calculating look in his eyes.

Liang Yu had a happy expression on his face, "Hurry up and give me their information..."

Bai Yifei glanced at him again, and asked with a smirk, "Then may I ask Mr. Liang, who do you want to see first?"

Liang Yu glared at him furiously.

He has to ask this kind of question that makes him embarrassed, can't he give it all at once?

At this time, the little maid brought tea and fruit.

Bai Yifei ate two pieces of cake slowly and leisurely, looking at Liang Yu's anxious appearance, he couldn't bear it.

Suddenly, his palm pressed against Liang Yu's chest: "You can't say it, but I can help you hear your heart..."

Liang Yu was shocked.

Subconsciously, he wanted to grab his hand, but before he even moved, he heard Bai Yifei's laughter.

When Liang Yu was annoyed, he saw that his face began to change, turning into the look of Li Changsheng...

Bai Yifei's mouth twitched: "Sure enough, this person is your favorite..."

Liang Yu's expression changed, and he grabbed the hand he was about to withdraw.

Liang Yu stared at him, his heart beating a little faster: "What do you mean?"

Bai Yifei blinked, and deliberately got closer, so that he could kiss him only one centimeter away.

He put his hand lightly on his thin lips, and smiled harmlessly: "That's the world I created for you, do you really think I'll let someone else be the protagonist and kiss me and me..."

Liang Yu's face was shocked, and he stared at him dumbfounded.

Bai Yifei blinked, his face changed to that of Wen Renhong again.

And as if he was red, his eyes widened and he gave him a charming look, "Those people's names are all I have used in the past when I walked in the world, but I just borrowed them..."

After he quit the game, he turned into Wen Renhong once and Li Changsheng once, just to lure him into taking the bait.

"Really, it's all you?" Liang Yu grabbed his hand and tightened it.

"If it weren't for the spiritual power that could no longer support me in creating a new world, I would still like to play with you for a few more days." Bai Yifei looked at his shocked expression, his face changed back to his original appearance, and he whispered softly: "If you If you still have doubts, why don't you check it out yourself..."

After speaking, he came close and kissed his thin lips.

Liang Yu's heart was shocked, and his heart was cruel. He wrapped his arms around Bai Yifei's waist, held him tightly in his arms, lowered his head and grabbed his lips fiercely, and forced his teeth to break into it...

The face can change, but the smell and taste that belongs to a person will not change.

No wonder he felt familiar before, felt that between the words and actions on his face, he would see the shadows of several people, he would not be disgusted by his flirting, and even could not help but have the omen of his heart...

With this kiss, he judged it.

This man is telling the truth.

Bai Yifei's face turned red from his kiss, and he couldn't breathe.

When he finally let go, he looked at him with a smile: "Now, is Yu going to choose twins or me..."

Liang Yu was slightly startled.

Seeing his seemingly calm, but nervous eyes, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

If he couldn't answer accurately before, at this time, he already had the answer in his heart.

He scratched his finger on Bai Yifei's chin, narrowed his eyes and said, "You are a vixen, but you are quite good at calculating people's hearts..."

If those male protagonists really appeared in reality and appeared in front of him with the twins, he really didn't know how to choose.

Under the embarrassment, it is estimated that no one will want it in the end.

After all, choosing anyone hurts.

But this guy, one person is on par with so many male protagonists.

When he asked this question again, his heart slanted in the past, and he never even hesitated...

If he only likes a person ten points, but he has many male protagonists he once liked, it adds up to one hundred points.

There is so much love left in him alone. How could he be willing to tell him to throw it away like this.

What's more, this person deliberately resurrected Xin Yi.

Deliberately save the people who could have been in his heart for a lifetime, and who will always be regrets, and have since been removed from his heart...

What a scheming guy.

"I'm very lazy, and I have no other hobbies than cultivation." Bai Yifei smiled and put his palm on his chest, "Just wait until you have so many thoughts and calculations."

"So who are you, what is your relationship with me, how many men are there in this world, how can you get Mr. Bai's attention alone? Why do you have to spend so much time?" Although Liang Yu had already made a choice in his heart, he still had a lot of confusion. group.

"Everything in the world has its own cause and effect." Bai Yifei's lightly grasped palm spread out, and inside was a pink peach blossom.

"The peach tree in front of my door, Yu looks at it, doesn't it look familiar?" Bai Yifei grabbed the peach blossom and put it in his hand, Liang Yu subconsciously put it between his nose and sniffed.

Only then did I finally know that Bai Yifei had a very faint peach blossom scent on his body.

Listening to his words, Liang Yu tried hard to recall that when he saw the sturdy peach tree in front of his house before, it was indeed a bit familiar. After searching his memory bank carefully, he finally got some impression...

He remembered that there was an identical peach tree in the corner of the yard of the Liang family's old house, and it was particularly gorgeous and beautiful when it bloomed.

He used to climb up and play when he was a kid.

At one time, I thought the tree was very strange, it never only bloomed but never bore fruit.

When I was a child, because I couldn't eat peaches, I wanted Father Liang to cut them down several times, but Father Liang refused, saying that it was a pity to cut down such a big tree, and it could only be used as an ordinary garden ornamental plant.

Only one day later, the big peach tree in the corner suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

But at that time, because of Xin Yi's death, his heart was full of trauma, and he naturally didn't pay much attention to the missing tree in the garden except for a little strange.

"You, are you a peach blossom demon?" Liang Yu was stunned.

"The relationship between you and me is already predestined. I said you've seen me, but you just forgot..." Bai Yifei curled his lips slightly, grabbed his hand and stood up: "It's dinner time, dine with me, today. Stay here tonight..."

"This, will it be too fast..." Liang Yu had something to ask, but asked him to pull him away like this, and the words he said made Xia Si fly, and he couldn't help but beat his heart a little faster.

Bai Yifei just smiled and said nothing.

After dinner, Liang Yu was finally left behind.

In the middle of the night, he was invited into Bai Yifei's bedroom. Bai Yifei lightly took off his black silk nightgown. Liang Yu was still a little uncomfortable standing by the window. When he turned his head, he saw his shirt slip down, revealing a beautiful back.

On Yubai's back, there is a charming and gorgeous peach blossom tattooed.

Starting from the top of the hip, the peach branches have been twisting and spreading, and countless open or closed peach blossoms are presented on his entire back, up to the neck, as lifelike as a picture scroll, which looks fascinating...

Liang Yu was instantly seized, and involuntarily stepped forward.

Bai Yifei turned to look at him, red lips chuckled, Liang Yu was tempted to lean forward and kiss him...

The two embraced, kissed, and rolled into bed.

Like a lover who hasn't seen each other for a long time, the thunder finally stirred the fire.

Every second is lingering.

After the passion, Liang Yu quickly fell asleep.

In his sleep, he actually dreamed of things from a long time ago, things he had completely forgotten and ignored...

He dreamed that he returned to the yard where he lived when he was a child. The peach tree was still there. Since he was a few years old, he often climbed up the tree to play naughty, and fell off the tree several times.

But he didn't fall, because when he fell, countless peach branches supported him.

When he was older, and climbed up again, he would naturally pay attention. He didn't fall off the tree easily, and he never found any abnormality in the peach tree again.

It only happened once later.

It is when Xin is easy to die.

He hid under the peach blossom tree by himself and cried heartbroken and heartbroken.

In extreme sadness and despair, Liang Yu took the knife impulsively and slashed it **** his wrist.

When he was young, love was always warm and pure. After Xin Yi died, he felt that the whole world was destroyed and collapsed before his eyes. , want to use death to avenge his father.

In his sleep, he still clearly felt the pain when the sharp blade slid across his wrist.

The blood flowed down and sprinkled on the peach tree roots below him, mixed with his tears, and the fourteen-year-old Liang Yu fell like that...

He lost so much blood that he thought he was going to die.

In a trance, I saw that the peach tree turned into a human shape. The man was wearing a white robe, and he came to the front like a fairy. He squatted down and hugged him. He didn't speak, just healed his wounds. …

"My love, you finally woke me up..." The man in white leaned down, helped him heal the wound on his hand, wiped the tears from his face lightly, and murmured: "You should have this fate with him. , but I don't allow you to die for him, let alone a dead person living in your heart forever, I will help you get out..."

When Liang Yu woke up at that time, he only thought it was a dream.

Since I thought it was a dream, I naturally wouldn't remember how deep it was...

Liang Yu continued to fall into his dreams.

Bai Yifei propped up his cheeks with a smile at the corner of his mouth, staring at Liang Yu carefully.

Now, he has only him in his heart.

Except for Liang Yu and the male protagonist, all the people in the game are performers who cooperate with him.

Yuan Su was able to be sensed by him and pulled into the game because Xin Yi asked him to capture the relationship between the two. And tacitly allowed Liang Yu to have some feelings for Yuan Su, but just wanted to strip and spread his feelings for Xin Yi.

No one can beat the dead.

If Xinyi hadn't died at the beginning, they might not have been able to last forever in the future, but once Xinyi died, no matter how deep or weak the relationship was, it would always stay in Liang Yu's heart and be remembered forever.

The human heart is so strange, what you get may not be cherished, but what you lose is often cherished.

So Xin Yi must be resurrected.

Everything is a game, is a calculation.

After rescuing Xin Yi, he will no longer pretend to be a dead person in his heart, Xin Yi has completely become a past tense, Yuan Su is just a substitute, even if he has some affection for him, he will not choose him...

You and him are a couple.

Thousands of years ago, they were originally a pair of lovers who lived in seclusion on the mountain.

But later they encountered the treasures of the evil sect. In addition to robbing them of their spiritual treasures, they also started killing them. The two of them were too weak to compete. Liang Yu died to protect him. suicide by suicide.

After death the soul is trapped in the tree.

Bai Yifei practiced in the peach tree for nearly a thousand years before finally regaining his physical body.

He went down the mountain to the human world, and walked to the ends of the earth, just to find the reincarnation of Liang Yu, and changed countless identities, but he always found nothing.

Bai Yifei, who was powerless for more than a thousand years, returned to the mountain where he once lived, turned into a tree, banned himself, and only concentrated on cultivation. He knew that one day he would see his lost love again.

This confidence is not a fluke, but a spiritual contract when they got married.

As long as Liang Yu's soul is immortal, the emotions they hit will lead each other to find each other.

Wake him up, and then they will be able to resume their relationship. Bai Yifei just didn't expect that the way he wakes himself up is to use his blood and tears, and his death.

He couldn't accept that a dead man was always on his mind.

So I want to help him get rid of the demons and old wounds in his heart.

That's why he left after rescuing Liang Yu who committed suicide. He first got used to this new world, built a kingdom for him, and spent his energy and thoughtfully designed all this.

"Yu, you've finally come back to me..." Bai Yifei murmured, leaning forward and kissing him on the lips.

After Liang Yu woke up, it was still very early.

Bai Yifei, who was sleeping beside him, hadn't woken up yet.

Liang Yu sat up and stared at him for a long time.

Last night, he not only dreamed about his childhood, but even more long ago.

That incident was similar to what happened to him and Xin Yi.

In the beginning, they were just two teenagers, and they fell in love with each other. Because they were both men, they were naturally not allowed by their parents.

They eloped out and took refuge in an old abandoned house on a hill.

However, in the old house, they found a copy of the secret book of cultivation left by the previous owner. Naturally, the two wanted to be together for a long time, but they had not yet reached home. Killed by another gang...

He knew in his heart that this was probably the origin between the two.

When Bai Yifei woke up, he saw Liang Yu was looking at him.

He blinked: "Good morning."

"Good morning." Liang Yu also smiled slightly, leaned down and kissed him on the lips, and said, "I'll make an appointment to meet the twins in a while... My eldest brother gets married next month, you accompany me back to Liang's house..."

Bai Yifei's eyes widened.

He didn't directly say his choice last night, but at this time, he almost announced the world.

Bai Yifei hugged him excitedly.

In the afternoon, Liang Yu had an appointment with Xin Yiyuan and Su.

Although it might hurt the hearts of the two of them, Liang Yu didn't want to drag on.

"Xin Yi, Yuan Su, you and I may not be suitable to meet again in the future..."

Liang Yu asked the two of them to meet in the coffee shop, and he didn't beat around the bush, he said his thoughts directly: "Of course, you may not want to see me again at all..."

Xin Yi narrowed his eyes, trembling, and tears welled up in his eyes.

He choked and said, "Sure enough, you still despise me now..."

Yuan Su frowned and smiled wryly.

There seems to be no surprise to this choice.

"You are brothers, I can't choose who among you." Liang Yu looked at the two with ugly faces and couldn't help sighing, "Xin Yi, you are the most beautiful memory of my youth, but now we are no longer suitable. , maybe you don't understand now, but you will understand later, Yuan Su, I used to have affection for you, but I can't be with you. First, you are his brother. Second, I can no longer do this kind of person as a stand-in. It's even more unfair to you..."

He has been a stand-in in the game, and he knows what it's like.

Even if they have feelings for each other, they will continue to have doubts.

This feeling is inherently unstable.

"I don't want to break up..." Xin Yi fell on the table and cried.

Yuan Su didn't speak, just stroked his brother's hair lightly.

After a long time, he looked at him and said, "I have torn my face for you and the Gu family, and I will never have a backer. You give us a sum of money, and I will take him out of this city... From now on, you and I will never see each other again... This is what you owe us. of…"

"Okay." Liang Yu looked at his eyes that were holding back tears, with a trace of guilt in his heart.

This person has a clear mind and can finally meet a more suitable person. He can only bless him like this...

"I won't leave, I won't leave him!" When Xin Yi heard this, his face was pale, and he was about to die from crying.

Yuan Su just hugged her brother tightly.

Liang Yu didn't dare to stay any longer, so he only left two bank cards for Yuan Su. After saying sorry, he got up and hurried away...

The two brothers left the city quickly after a month.

Liang Yu didn't know where they were going.

But I just hope that no matter where you are, everything is going well.

At the wedding of Liang's father's son, Liang Yu flew to the scene with Bai Yi.

Looking at his son who had not returned home for a long time, and led a man to come, Liang Yu unexpectedly received Liang's father's anger and roar, but neither of them cared about it, only smiled in response.

Although Father Liang was very angry, he didn't have a bad attack at the eldest wedding.

Liang Yu and Bai Yifei were sitting in the guest seats, witnessing the wedding of the newlyweds, and whispered from below: "Yifei, let's get the old man sorted out first, how about a formal wedding after a while, this is what I owe you..."

Bai Yifei's ears were hot, and he couldn't help clenching his hand.

"I'll wait," he said softly.

The two smiled at each other and clasped their fingers together.

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