CH 46.2

Name:Qing Kai Author:
Walking beside him, they were a little far from the others.

At the corner, Lin Qing Kai stopped lazily. "Do you want to kiss?" he asked her.

Jiang Ling was taken aback.

How can he be this casual?

Some of the boys has left earlier, and their voices were a little farther.

Lin Qing Kai's eyebrows were sharper in the faint street lights.

Jiang Ling hesitated for a moment.

Then she stood on her tiptoe and quickly kissed his lower lip.

Soft and wet.

Lin Qing Kai was amused by her kiss.

His right hand hooked her waist, and the tip of his tongue snaked in from her lips, licking her tongue.

The palm of his hand is like patrolling a territory, snaking inside her clothes, skilfully moving up.

Jiang Ling was instantly flustered.

"What I want is this kind of kiss." Lin Qing Kai laughed in a low voice.

After several days of being filled with test papers and endless works, Jiang Ling tried not to think about him too much.

Her head has been emptied for too long. At this moment, she suddenly felt his lips, tongue and fingers, as if there were small sparks cracking and exploding in her body.

Itchy and hot.

When she got back to her dormitory, she still hasn't recovered.

After she finished washing, she sat and flipped through her mobile phone for a while.

Last time when they were in the KTV, she added the WeChat account of Lin Qing Kai’s friend.

She clicked into Moments and swiped back and forth for a while, and found that one of them had posted a photo.

The shadowy basketball hoop and a few figures on their back. It should have been taken from behind when they were on the court just now.

Jiang Ling clicked on the photo.

It was the first time she looked at herself standing beside Lin Qing Kai.

Coincidentally, both of them were wearing white short sleeves today.

Lin Qing Kai turned his head a little and said something to her.

His shoulders were leaned, with a faint smile on his face.

She looked at it for a long while and then long-pressed to save the picture.

This can also be called their group photo, right?

There is a sense of happiness as she thought that she has finally entered Lin Qing Kai's life.

At this time, Jiang Ling was optimistic.

In the coming days, she has a lot of time, and she can wait for get to come closer.

After taking the last subject's exam, their head teacher announced that they would play a game with Class 13 in two days.

This kind of competition is not as large as the actual sports festival, and there is no mandatory requirement to watch or not to watch. Just select a few people to serve as a temporary cheerleaders to support the players.

When Jiang Ling followed her tablemate and walked towards the court, she was a little embarrassed.

She had never seen Lin Qing Kai play in a fair manner, let alone play with boys in his class. When this game was announced, there were a lot of discussions.

She wanted to hide and watch for a while, but when she got there, she first saw the high-profile love rival of hers.

Her love rival seemed to be the head cheerleader, standing beside a few boys, giving water, and laughing with them.

Fortunately, Lin Qing Kai didn't look at her. He was indifferently playing on his mobile phone.

Jiang Ling didn't know what her rival is thinking now.

If it was her who saw Lin Qing Kai with other girls with her own eyes and act indifferent with her, she will not continue to pine on him.

The court soon became lively. Her tablemate poked her waist, "Hey, look!"

Lin Qing Kai's friends took out their phones and handed them to her love rival, probably asking her to hold them first.

She collected them one by one, and finally stood in front of Lin Qing Kai.

She raised her head and said something to him with a smile on her lips.

Her tablemate whispered: "Oh, look at her eyes, it's bright."

"She's really unyielding..."

"Jiang Ling, if you are half as active as her, maybe you and Lin Qing Kai's children will already be running around."

Jiang Ling didn't want her children to run around, so she pinched the lips of her tablemate.

Her tablemate smiled and avoided her hand: "Really, this is a sincere suggestion."

After hearing the noise, Lin Qing Kai turned around.

He came over unhurriedly.

The people in her class made a noise.

Jiang Ling was startled seeing Lin Qing Kai getting closer and closer in the bright sunlight.

With an empty hand, he took the mineral water in her hand.

Then he handed her his phone.

"Take it."

Jiang Ling was shocked.

Lin Qing Kai laughed.

There are bright shadows on the ground.

This time... Jiang Ling actually wanted to hug his waist.

T/N: This is the last chapter that was posted by the author. There has been no update since 2019 and the author has also not updated her Weibo in a long time.

I like to think that Qing Kai and Jiang Ling ended up together but there's also a big possibility that they didn't. I feel like Jiang Ling would still fall in love with another guy when she gets older but Qing Kai will always have a special place in her heart. As for Qing Kai, he will never find someone as good as Jiang Ling.

I also love how Jiang Ling is so self-aware that she didn't expect things from Qing Kai just because they slept together, which is really rare in these types of webnovels. She knows what she wants to do with her body and doesn't act like a prude virgin saint.

I hope you enjoyed reading this because I really enjoyed translating it.

See you on my next translation project!