CH 46.1

Name:Qing Kai Author:
Eh, Jiang Ling!"

At the corner of the court, the familiar friend said hello to her, "I just talked about you today."

He clapped his hands, held the ball, his sleeves were drawn up to his shoulders.

Next to him, Lin Qing Kai leaned lazily under the basketball hoop.

He smiled and looked up.

When his eyes met hers, Jiang Ling heartbeat sped up. She hasn't seen him for a few days, but she actually misses him a lot.

When she got to the front, she greeted his friend and smiled: "What's wrong?"

His friend gestured in a shooting position, "There's going to be a game."

He said excitedly: "We drew the teams today and we will play when the class is over."

Jiang Ling was taken aback for a moment.

The headteacher just mentioned casually about the basketball game in the school after the midterm exam. The specific arrangement that wouldn't disrupt the examination has not been elaborated yet.

"That is," she looked at him, then at Lin Qing Kai, "You...are against our class?"

His friend rushed to the side and said yes, it was the first game.

It was a lottery drawn in the afternoon self-study class.

After he finished smoking in the office classroom, Lin Qing Kai just casually glanced at the draw lots and then his friend told him that Jiang Ling was in that class.

Several people were quite surprised. So when they heard that he was calling her, they laughed and teased them for a long time.

Jiang Ling was flustered.

His friend was still enthusiastically adding: "I'm telling you, Lin Qing Kai will definitely be there by then."

Lin Qing Kai leaned there and smiled.

Then naturally, he raised his hand and pulled Jiang Ling forward.

So he stood very close.

Those boys continued talking about the upcoming game again, and Lin Qing Kai occasionally answered with a few words.

Jiang Ling didn't quite understand it.

She was standing, her arm touching his arm occasionally. It was a moment of warmth and peace.

She moved a bit and accidentally brushed past his arm. The warm and strong hands were familiar.

"Are you going to watch?" Lin Qing Kai lowered his eyes.

Jiang Ling responded by asking about the game.

She thought for a while: "Our teacher would most likely ask us to go."

What an appropriate statement.

Lin Qing Kai looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

He laughed.

He asked gently: "Who would you watch?"

His voice is always low and ambiguous.

Jiang Ling became more anxious.

"Not you." She whispered, feeling righteous.

Lin Qing Kai laughed, took her hand, and put it in his pant's pocket.

His fingertips wrapped on her wrist, rubbing it a few times.

Jiang Ling looked up at him.

The light shone on his face and his jaw and neck looked smooth.

Shoulders, arms, and thin waist. She wants to get close so many times.

No one was playing, just chatting for a while.

After standing for a moment, a boy threw the ball over them. Lin Qing Kai raised his hand to catch it.

He casually taught Jiang Ling to shoot the ball.

Over the other side, his friend stretched his neck and looked at them for a while, and couldn't help shouting: "Jiang Ling, you really have no athletic genes."

Jiang Ling threw the ball again, turning her head and saying yes.

Lin Qing Kai laughed.

At night, the court was open and refreshing, and it seemed as if the boys weren't satisfied until the lights were about to be turned off.

Lin Qing Kai did not hurry, and Jiang Ling followed.

She was very happy when she held the ball, and she had a lot of thoughts.