CH 34

Name:Qing Kai Author:
Lin Qingkai held her waist with one hand and pushed up again, his other hand hooked between her legs, rubbing her cl*toris. He controlled both inside and out, and Jiang Ling felt that she was almost dying.

"You have so much water." He looked at her.

"Because it's...comfortable." Jiang Ling whispered, "It's very comfortable..."

Lin Qing Kai's swallowed, and the c0ck pushed in heavily, "Is than enough?"

"Hmm..." Jiang Ling hugged his neck tightly while panting. The hard p*nis in the center of the leg was pulled out, and the whole root was submerged. Every inch of the meat was grinded and sour.

When he came in again, he deliberately poked the sensitive spots in her body. The itch exploded, and Jiang Ling bit him on his shoulder, trembling and spraying water.

"My pants are wet." Lin Qing Kai pinched the flesh on her buttocks.

Jiang Ling was still in the afterglow, the flesh underneath shrank tightly, and she was pushed open by the p*nis that was still inserted, which felt very itchy.

Her voice was so soft: "That's not..."

Lin Qing Kai smiled lazily. After he slowed down for a while, he patted her buttocks, "Lick my d*ck for a while."

Jiang Ling took him in and the movements were not too proficient. At first, she only knew how to hold it and lick a little.

Lin Qing Kai stood, looking down at the shape of the p*nis protruding from her cheek. Occasionally being licked at the head, he felt so refreshed.

"Take it all in," he stood up between her lips, "Take out your tongue and lick it."

Jiang Ling put the tip of her tongue on his c0ck and slid it. Even in her mouth, his p*nis is hot and hard.

Her mouth was slightly sour, but there was a strange psychological pleasure.

Lin Qing Kai's uncontrollable low and muffled hum, when she accidentally sucked him, his lower abdomen muscles trembled very lightly, causing her to gradually become wet underneath just after having an org*sm earlier.

"The mouth above is good for f*cking too." Lin Qing Kai panted lowly, stroking her hair with his hand, "I'm going to be sucked by you."

"Use your tongue more." His were getting nastier, "That's good."

Jiang Ling thought he was going to shoot in, but was pulled up after licking a few more times. The meat stick was in the air, and the muscles were stretched. The black p*bic hair still has wet marks, Jiang Ling hurriedly moved her eyes away, thinking that she had licked it just now.

Lin Qing Kai noticed her little movement and opened his lips. "Lie down on your stomach."

"Anything more?" Jiang Ling followed suit, turning her head to ask.

The desk is by the window, and night light seeps in through the window. Her skirt was wrinkled, and her coat was hanging down. With half-turned head, slightly bended hips and waist, her chest was particularly attractive.

Lin Qing Kai looked at her silently for two seconds, lowered his neck, raised her chin, and held her lips.

There was still the smell of the two people between Jiang Ling's teeth, and she was swept in by his tongue, only to cater to it with the tip of her tongue.

She has become very familiar with kissing.

The middle of the l*bia is covered with warm fingers. He kissed her, groping up and down in the gap between her legs with his right middle finger.

She was wet and slippery liquid. Lin Qing Kai held the p*nis there and rubbed it a few times, pushed it back, and pushed it in again.

Jiang Ling was wet enough.

He didn't give her any cushion, the c0ck still penetrated deep, and then pulled out again, thrusting quick and hard.

The old table was creaking. The pleasure came very fast, Jiang Ling groaned, and her upper body was lying on the table. Next to her cheeks is his schoolbag, the zipper is cold, and it rubs against her face, the only feeling of reality in her pleasured state.

"Yes." Lin Qing Kai replied with a slight panting, "The 0ock is still hard, I want to f*ck you." 

The movements were very fast. When going in and out, the top of the slightly upturned p*nis scratched her inner wall, and Jiang Ling felt sour and was speechless. There was a sudden violent inch in the deepest part of her body.

Lin Qing Kai stroked her round buttocks with his fingertips. "You are going to have an org*sm again?"

"Ah," Jiang Ling frowned, "Itchy..."

"F*ck." Lin Qing Kai pressed her waist, "When I was away, did you want guys to f*ck you?"

"No..." Jiang Ling was at her edge already. She was almost there. "It's very itchy, it's uncomfortable inside..."

Lin Qing Kai slammed in. The gl*ns ran over twice, and the dripping liquid poured out from her legs.

The soft meat was also squeezed to the extreme, Lin Qing Kai's meat stick was wrapped and sucked in, she loosened up, and the thick body fluid came out.