CH 31

Name:Qing Kai Author:
When she returned to the auditorium, the school celebration was almost over.

The show was boring at first, and it lasted for several hours. At this moment, the auditorium has long been messy. There were a series of empty seats everywhere, and most of the people who were still sitting there were laughing and joking with each other.

Jiang Ling was a little worried and walked towards her class not too attentively.

Getting close, she faintly feel that something was not right. Her tablemate was twisting her head and turning in all directions, and when she saw her, her expression instantly brightened. She winked at her.

Her other classmates followed and their expression as they looked at her were varied.

Jiang Ling felt inexplicable.

A few steps forward, she realized something. Her gaze shifted to one side.

Lin Qing Kai sat quietly in a narrow aisle away from their class. His face was blank and he was silent.

The whole row of red chairs was empty. He was alone. He was looking at the stage, not showing any expression.

Jiang Ling's heart softened.

Is he waiting for her?

Fortunately, before getting close, Lin Qing Kai seemed to notice the rustling movements of her classmates, and turned his face sideways.

He watched her approach.

Jiang Ling stood still in front of him. She was a little bit embarrassed and pointed to the school gate: "I just went to see my neighbor brother."

Her tone was normal. Somehow, after she finished speaking, she immediately remembered his words.

In front of the neighbor brother....

Her ears were hot.

Lin Qing Kai gave a grin. He stood up lazily and said, "My phone's battery was dead so i came to look for you."  He said casually but just as the poem recitation on the stage reached a break, the surrounding was silent, and his voice can be heard clearly.

Jiang Ling could catch a glimpse of the strange look on her tablemate's face.

She blushed and responded, and then she got stuck there.

The two were silent for a moment, and the rustling behind them also stopped.

Lin Qing Kai first signaled to stage: "Are you going to continue watching?"

"No." Jiang Ling shook her head.

He picked up his bag and said, "Let's go."

As soon as the voice fell off, her tablemate quickly coughed from behind, and cooperatively lifted everything from Jiang Ling's chair.

Jiang Ling subconsciously reached out to pick it up, paused, and then said: "Um... The flowers, you can help me take it to the dormitory first."

Lin Qing Kai didn't say anything and quietly lowered his eyes.

It was summer night outside the auditorium.

He didn't say where he was going, so Jiang Ling followed silently.

The street lights were faint, and the shadows of the two people fell on the ground, one after the other, very delicately connected.

They walked around the school road. Through the canteen, the library, the office building, and then the place where she first saw him, the dilapidated old school building.

The back door was still unlocked. It was pushed in and made a squeak.

Lin Qing Kai raised his hand and turned on the light.

The two person's schoolbags were placed aside and kicked at the door.

The last row of desks was placed there in the original form.

Lin Qing Kai half-leaned and Jiang Ling slowly nudged it.

He half-wrapped his hands around her waist. The right hand leaned in from the hem of her short sleeve top, unhooking the buckle of her bra, and then looped back, his fingers held her soft b r e a s t.

They were touching skin to skin.

Jiang Ling's breathing became slightly stagnant.

He didn't hold it hard, his knuckles only slightly penetrated into her b r e a s t, and then loosened. The thin callus on the root of his finger rubbed the ni p p l e back and forth, and within a few strokes, she clearly felt it stood up.

"It's as hard as a stone." Lin Qing Kai teased her.