CH 16

Name:Qing Kai Author:
e was different from last time. He kissed her hard, and his to*ngue came in, chasing after hers, making her soft.

Jiang Ling was pushed onto the bookshelf, and her breath gradually became heavy.

Her sensitive body seemed to be focusing on her lips and tongue. With Lin Qing Kai's li*cking and su*cking, a soft and electric sensation developed, which spread onto the rest of her body.

Her chest was also kne*aded until it felt numb and itchy. She felt empty, and had no idea how he came here.

The two tongues touched each other and separated. Lin Qing Kai looked at the thin water line between their lips and said huskily, "What about now?"

"Huh?" There was a mist in Jiang Ling's eyes.

"Aren't you unfamiliar with me?" Lin Qing Kai laughed lowly, "Are you familiar with me now?"

A slight grievance arose in Jiang Ling's heart.

The library was quiet, and the air was full of the smell of old books that have been left unattended for a long time. She was a little angry, and said: "Still unfamiliar."

I wasn't familiar with you at first.

Lin Qing Kai looked at her for a moment, and then pressed forward: "Then are you familiar with it?"

Jiang Ling froze. There was a hard object on her hip, and she could obviously feel it even with their clothes.

She shrank, "How are you..."

"Yeah." Lin Qing Kai answered, poking his c*ck between her butt*ocks, "As soon as I touched your ti*ts, it became hard."

The big hand went around her, stretched up from the hem of her shirt, and pushed her bra aside.

Jiang Ling was slightly distracted, and the boy's think callused fingers had already covered her bre*asts. "It's so soft." He exclaimed in a low voice: "I couldn't stop thinking of it when I didn't touch you for two days."

Jiang Ling groaned. When she lowered her head, she could see Lin Qing Kai's slender fingers wrapping her bre*asts. It could not be grasped within his palm, and it overflowed between his fingers.

It was the first time that she saw this scene so bluntly, and she couldn't help but feel stunned. Her ni*pple was scratched by his nails again, and it hardened.

"Your ni*pples are also hard." Lin Qing Kai's voice was a little raspy, and he used his thumb and index finger to tease her, "Do you see it?"

Jiang Ling trembled: "Don't..."

She felt soft every time he does that.

"Have you thought about it?" he asked ambiguously.

Jiang Ling shook her head.

Lin Qing Kai smiled, and pushed his co*ck hard. "Be good."

Jiang Ling bit her lip in shame. She felt wet and empty.

Lin Qing Kai freed his hand and touched her leg: "Does he know that you are like this?"

"After rubbing your bre*ast twice, the water can flow to your thighs and make you feel itchy."

"...Who?" JIang Ling saw the printed words on the spine of the book in a daze. She didn't remember the class rep.

Lin Qing Kai didn't answer.

He took two bites on her earlobe, and put his dry palms into the waistline of her skirt, and pulled off her panties. He bent his middle finger and slid it up and down her wet la*bia.

Jiang Ling frowned impatiently. Her cli*t was itchy, and now that he went around and didn't touch it for several times, she felt more uncomfortable.

"Ah..." Jiang Ling gasped. He was going higher, and when he scratched his fingertip to her cu*nt, his finger sunk and went in.

The c0*ck that had been resting between her hips moved and swelled.

"Tight and easy to penetrate." Lin Qing Kai's breath was unstable, and he twitched his knuckles lightly.

Jiang ling wanted to put her legs together, but he opened them again. The outline of his finger is ver clear, squeezing into her cu*nt, pulling out, and poking in again.

She closed her eyes and tried not to scream.

It feels different from how his pe*nis came in that day. His fingers are thinner, but flexible, and able to bend and grind on her folds. She felt sore and swollen.

Jiang Ling's brow were crumpled. She wanted to squeeze out the soreness that she felt in her depths.

"Don't bite." Lin Qing Kai lowered his voice and laughed, "You clip so tightly, do you like me to fu*ck you with my fingers?"

"Hmm..." Jiang Ling pressed her waist against his swollen pe*nis. For a moment, she wanted to get that thick, hard, and big object inside her body.

Lin Qing Kai's voice became hoarse: "Do you like my fingers or my di*ck?"

Jiang Ling thought hard: "I like it all..."

Lin Qing Kai's eyes darkened, and his fingers tentatively went in again: "Tell me if it hurts."

Jiang Ling was still holding his arm, and it was hard to say whether it was rejection or longing.

The fingers searched the depths that was never explored before, expanded the flesh tightly, and held her cu*nt. Lin Qing Kai had a thin sweat on his forehead.

His c0*ck was so hard that it hurt. He really wanted to replace his fingers with it, poke hard, and get more lewd water from her.

His movements were getting heavier, and his rough fingertips ran over a little on her folds, and Jiang Ling let out a sudden moan.

"Does it hurt?" Lin Qing Kai stopped.

"No..." She hasped and groaned, "Very comfortable..."

It seemed that the itch of her cu*nt gathered in one place, and when he touched it, it instantly disappeared.

Lin Qing Kai narrowed his eyes and understood.

He hooked his finger and rubbed that place: "It's so shallow."

Jiang Ling couldn't help it anymore. She felt that her whole body was trembling at his fingertips. "No more..." She pushed him, "It's so uncomfortable inside..."

"I thought you wanted it?"

Jiang Ling vaguely said: "Just..."

What should she say. She suddenly felt aggravated.

"Don't moan so loudly," Lin Qing Kai deliberately coaxed her, "I didn't close the door."

Jiang Ling instantly shut up. She bit her lip again, groaning between her teeth.

"Turn around, I want to kiss you." Lin Qing Kai whispered.

Jiang Ling turned back obediently, her lips sucked heavily. The pleasure brought by his finger was getting higher, and she knew that she was about to come. She gripped the shelf so hard that her knuckles turned white.

Lin Qing Kai bit her lips and sucked her tongue, his left hand going down and finding her swollen cli*toris, and pressed it with his fingertips. Soon, the middle finger that was thru*sting in was clipped tight by her cu*nt.

Her moan was sealed between their lips.

It's fu*cking tight. If it was his di*ck, it can be clipped tightly and shot in just a minute.

Lin Qing Kai's adam's apple bobbed as he rubbed her with his fingers.

Jiang Ling's flesh was pressed more tightly, and her kin*ky water kept pouring down his fingers.

Lin Qing Kai stopped kissing her.

"It feels good." He turned her around and held her in his arms.

Jiang Ling had no strength left. She put her forehead on his shoulder and gasped.