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Name:Qing Kai Author:
Jiang Ling fell in love with Lin Qing Kai at first sight.

It's a little bit cliche. On the winter of a new semester, she went downstairs during the break, and he was climbing the stairs.

Lin Qing Kai was wearing a black shirt that day, with jet black eyes and indifferent expression. He pursed his lips, and Xu Shi, who had just finished playing basketball, had a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead.

The two raised their heads one by one and then lowered their heads, their eyes meeting for two seconds.

Lin Qing Kai's gaze fell on her face, after a short pause, he retracted.

He passed by.

Jiang Ling couldn't help but look back. The boy has two long legs. He was tall, with broad shoulders, and he felt like a young man. Even the back is a breath of clean abstinence.

"His name is Lin Qing Kai," said the girl who was with her.

"You know him?"

"You don't know him?" The girl laughed, "He transferred two weeks ago."

Jiang Ling's throat dried and wrote down his name.

Later, she paid attention to the gossip of the people around her and learned that he seemed to have a girlfriend from another school.

It is not uncommon to fall in love. There are two pair of couples in their class. Jiang Ling once went back to the classroom to pick up things during PE exercises. She also came across one of them hiding in the last row and flirting. The boy put his hands in the girls' sweaters, and the girl had five fingers bulging out of her well-developed chest.

She left quickly, but remembered the boy's expression at that time, and she also felt curious.

Such things are mysterious and dirty, and they cannot be linked to Lin Qing Kai anyway.

Even if Lin Qing Kai has girlfriend, she still wanted to confess.

After all, he really looks like a cool gentleman. This kind of person fascinated Jiang Ling.

But the lives of the two people really have no intersection.

Jiang Ling looks pretty good, but when she was in school, most of the male classmates on campus were into girls with flamboyant personality. She is introverted and doesn't have much sense of presence in her class. With this temperament, she definitely doesn't have someone chasing after her, so she started a crush.

The beginning of spring has come.

One day, Jiang Ling found a note in the desk. Someone asked her to go to the lecture hall of the old school building after school. There was no signature, and it looked like a boy's handwriting.

She thought about the possible person and thought of the class monitor. In the intuition of an adolescent girl, the class monitor has always been so interested in her.

That school building has long been abandoned, and there are usually few people visiting it.

The lecture hall is at the corner of the third floor. When it got darker, Jiang Ling went upstairs to look.

It really was the class monitor. He wore glasses and is as thin as an oak stem. He was sticking to the back door with a nervous expression on his face.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Ling asked.

"I want to tell you...that's...I's..." The class monitor was pitiful, his delicate face getting redder.

This is the first time that Jiang Ling has been confessed to in her life. Even though she doesn't like the person, the girl's vanity still makes her feel a little flattered. So she waited patiently for the class monitor to speak.

At this moment, a low laugh came from the door.

The class monitor closed his mouth like a frightened rabbit, and turned his head and shouted: "Who's there?"

The man inside laughed again and helped the class monitor to finish what he was about to say: "Does she like you? How dare you confess."

After a slight pause, his voice lowered: "This is something that has delayed me for ten minutes. It's really convincing."

The class monitor's heart was ruthlessly broken, his face turned into a tomato, and he didn't dare to look at Jiang Ling. He was ashamed. turned around, and ran away.

Jiang Ling didn't know if she should laugh or cry. From that laughter, she heard the sound inside the door.

It's a bit hoarse, low-pitched, and very magnetic.

Jiang Ling never spoke to Lin Qing Kai, but when they passed by on the hallway, she heard him chat with his classmates. This voice was carved into her heart.

She was still standing in place.

"You won't go?" Lin Qing Kai asked lightly through the door.

It took Jiang Ling a while before understanding what he meant.

What's the delay?

She had reached the top of the stairs, and went back on her tiptoe again. She heard gasps, and a woman's groan. Although she haven't done it before, she can hear that the sound is very comfortable.

The goose bumps came up in an instant.

While she knew the taboo, she was addicted to it, and couldn't help but distinguish Lin Qing Kai's gasp. Trying to connect the low breath that was immersed in lust with his his face.

His voice seemed to be electrified, spreading from her eardrums to all parts of her body, arousing an unfamiliar feeling, itching and tingling. It was very strange.

Especially her lower part, after tightening a few times, it was secreting liquid a little bit.

Jiang Ling knelt down and bit his lip.

Lin Qing Kai heard footsteps coming and returning. The door was not closed tightly, and the figure shrinking outside could be seen from the crack.

A small height, long hair.

A girl. He hooked his lips and clenched his five fingers on his thick lower body.

The film on the phone on the table was reaching its climax, and the woman screamed loudly. He moved his eyes away, and his motion slowed down.

It's been a while since he broke up with his girlfriend. But no matter how much the hands are playing, they can't compare to a woman's body. He raised his chin and squinted at the person outside the door.

Eavesdropping little skank. He really want to carry her in.

T/N: Hello! Just a little heads up, this novel is unfinished and the last update on the raw was back in 2019. The author has not picked it up since. I decided to translate this even though it is unfinished because I felt that it is really a good campus smut. So if you don't mind reading an unfinished (and probably dropped ) novel, then please do continue to read! Don't forget to leave a comment!