Chapter 68

Ye Qingcheng, who was standing at the entrance of the hotel with his mother waiting for the car, saw Lin Mengmeng leave.

When Liu Jia arrived with the car, he directly stuffed the beautiful woman into the car and said: “Send my mother home. It’s quite far away so you can just go home and rest after. You don’t have to come over tonight, no need to worry about me.”

Without waiting for Liu Jia’s reply, he immediately turned around and walked away.

Following the direction of Lin Mengmeng’s departure, Ye Qingncheng quickly saw the staggering figure from behind.

Seeing her unsteady steps and her whole body was about to fall to the ground, Ye Qingcheng quickly stepped forward and caught the fallen person into his arms. Even though someone hadn’t said a word to him from beginning to end tonight, he didn’t get angry.

“Hey! Isn’t this our city’s beau? Why are you here? Ah… That’s right, I remember. We were together in the same TV show tonight…”

Ye Qingcheng knew that someone was intoxicated when he heard her speak. Though he saw that she didn’t drink much alcohol earlier and she was still quite a normal person when she walked out. How did she become a drunkard in a blink of an eye?

Picking up the bag and handbag from the ground, Ye Qingcheng princess carried a certain restless little woman: “Don’t cause trouble, let’s go home.”

Lin Mengmeng, who had been on the road for the longest time, was awfully obedient and didn’t start trouble all because she fell asleep…

He skillfully took out the spare key from under the mat in front of Lin Mengmeng’s house and opened the door. He then walked in with a sleeping person in his arms and closed the door along the way with his foot. Only then did he throw the bag and handbag in his hand onto the sofa and carried her to her room.

He gently and cautiously placed the sleeping person in his arms on the bed, took off the shoes on her feet, and lightly pulled the thin quilt over her body.

Ye Qingcheng squatted on the side of the bed, staring intently and obsessively at the familiar and unfamiliar face, and was absent-minded for a long time.

“Mmm… so hot…” With a cry, she kicked her legs, kicking off the quilt on her body, revealing those slender, fair legs and the still restless little pair of feet.

Involuntarily, Ye Qingcheng’s eyes stayed on those rosy lips that were slightly moving from the soft breathing. With those plump lips, seemingly even without touching them, one can imagine how soft they are.

The gorgeous color and the slightly open lips are all tempting to taste.

Ye Qingcheng looked at them and gradually lowered his head until their lips met. He was shocked all over and immediately came back to his senses, finding that the person still had her eyes closed. She did not have the slightest idea that someone had taken advantage of her. This gave him much courage and he then ventured to carefully taste those soft lips.

“Mm…um…” Both of her hands unconsciously encircled the other person’s waist and uncontrollable overflowing moans came out from her lovable lips. Under the other party’s strong offense, Lin Mengmeng unconsciously catered to him.

Lin Mengmeng’s unconscious behavior gave him immense courage. He couldn’t help but deepen the kiss, sticking out the tip of his tongue, and prying open her fine pearly white teeth. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth and looking for the little tongue hiding in there, frolicking together.

One hand went behind her back, found the zipper tab, and slowly pulled it down.

Unconsciously, she cooperated with the other party as she pulled her dress to her waist, and her naked lotus root arms tightly clung to his body. Moans were constantly flowing out from her lips.

The big hands moved up inch by inch along the thin, soft waist, bringing tremors to the lower body, and ultimately clinging onto the soft peaks.