The summer rain came and go quickly, and the sky cleared that evening.

The deputy director sent a message saying that the next day the filming was as usual, Su Luó replied “I got it”. In the next few days, she didn’t see Lu Yiyuan in the crew, so he must have given up on her and found a new love. went.

Fair enough.

The woman was relieved.

For this kind of powerful man with anti-social personality, it is best not to get close, so that when he is upset, what would he do with a knife?

One square, even if there are many benefits to being close, Su Luó doesn’t want to gamble.

She habitually controls the whole situation and stays away from danger.

Su Luó always remembered the task of suppressing Ren Xuesheng. When she was shooting rival scenes with women, she used her accumulated skills in the previous life to grab the focus of the picture.

The person who should be the heroine is very inconspicuous at the moment.

Ren Xuesheng’s face was very ugly, she bit her head and patted it, knowing that she was robbed in the scene, and the feeling of helplessness made people feel flustered. When the scene was over, it was already noon, and there was a takeaway guy. The packed lunches were delivered to the crew.

She was eating the meal bought by the assistant in her lounge, staring at the script, but her heart wandering away.

This time is… an accident, right?

Su Luó’s acting skills are the biggest improvement if not NG, so how can she suppress herself? Ren Xuesheng felt that she must have been disturbed by Lu Yiyuan a few days ago that caused such a thing to happen. Then, as long as she plays well, a Su Luó is nothing at all.

Just as she was thinking about it, the door of the room knocked.

The little assistant went to open the door and laughed out two dimples: “Emperor Chang, you are here, come in.”

Chang Tianyun smiled politely, focusing all his attention on Ren Xuesheng. He stepped forward and said softly: “What’s wrong? Still angry with me.”

Seeing this, the assistant walked out with a wink.

Ren Xuesheng put down the chopsticks in her hand and raised her head to look at the man. It is undeniable that Chang Tianyun is a very handsome man. He has good features and is tall and strong. He is the type that Europe and the United States like, but…

He is too honest.

There are no beautiful roses, romantic fireworks, and sweet talks.

This man! Just can’t make a comparison. Before Ren Xuesheng thought it was nothing, as long as he loved her, but after seeing how Lu Yiyuan treated Su Luó, her heart suddenly throbbed restlessly.

She thinks she is not inferior to Su Luó, so why should she find a boyfriend who can’t compare with Lu Yiyuan everywhere.

“No! I didn’t.” Ren Xuesheng held the cold mineral water bottle with water stains in her palms, facing Chang Tianyun with a negative attitude.

“That’s good.” The man breathed a sigh of relief and bit his cheek nervously. After an unknown period of time, he mustered up the courage and said, “Xuesheng, let’s have a relationship.”


Chang Tianyun said: “My thoughts must have been lost during this period of time. You should understand that I…I like you very much. Stay with me, and I will take good care of you in the future.”

Don’t look at the movie emperor who is almost running for three, in fact, he is still a little virgin who has never been in love~

The words of confession said that his own heart was beating vigorously.

When you hate a person, even if he takes a drool, he can make mistakes. Ren Xuesheng was greasy in her heart, and commented silently with a little lofty attitude, look! I don’t know how to watch the atmosphere for a candlelight dinner. It’s really… Fortunately she saw it early.

But he is the actor, and she can’t offend him at will.

The woman had a sad face and said with a sigh: “Will you let me think about it? I’m in a mess recently.”

“Okay.” Chang Tianyun nodded, and thoughtfully changed the subject, “What do you want to drink? I’ll let the assistant buy it.”


“Then I will ask Xiao An to buy some milk tea.”

Ren Xuesheng frowned when she heard it, and wanted to ask you if you know how many calories milk tea has? In the end, they all endured it all back.

Never mind.

When the TV series is finished, and then get away from him slowly, there is no need to be upset now.

Chang Tianyun’s emotional intelligence is very good. He knows that actresses must maintain a good figure, and usually drink black coffee as much as possible, but he just confessed, Ren Xuesheng did not refuse, happy in his heart, naturally wanted to give her some sweet ‘s things.

The two stayed in the lounge for a long time. Chang Tianyun’s scene was heavy in the afternoon, and filming started early. When he left, the assistant had just returned with ice-cold milk tea.

“Brother Chang, the milk tea you want.”

“Send in, I’m going to film.”


The little assistant opened the door, smiling like a flower: “Miss Ren, the milk tea you want to drink.”

Ren Xuesheng stuffed the faint greens into her mouth, and glanced at the table: “You put it here.”

The little assistant took out the milk tea graciously, and plugged in the straw by the way. Considering that it would be difficult for a big man to stay here, he politely greeted Ren Xuesheng and left.

Chang Tianyun has a rivalry with Su Luó in the afternoon.

Before the filming, his impression of Su Luó was still a little girl who was not very good at acting, had a bad temper, was prone to troubles, and had low EQ and IQ, but had recently become peaceful.

After the filming, there was only one sentence in his head.

——What is bad acting? ?

Su Luó and Chang Tianyun have very few roles in common, and they are concentrated in the late stage. They have never played a rival drama before. In addition, he is usually very busy. He has never seen the original lead role. Now after facing Su Luó, he is faint. Feel the pressure.

Two people broke out and drove each other, making the whole picture extremely tense.

It won’t be NG after shooting in one breath.

After the filming was over, Chang Tianyun took the initiative to talk to the woman: “Your acting skills are quite good, and everything will be fine after the TV broadcast.”

Su Luó smiled, her attitude was neither warm nor unfamiliar: “Then I will borrow your good words.”

The other party had no intention of talking, and Chang Tianyun nodded politely, turned around and walked over to his lounge. He happened to meet Ren Xuesheng who was walking outside. His eyes lit up, and the temperament of his whole person suddenly softened.

“Xuesheng, why did you come out so early? I remember that your scene will have to be an hour later, so why don’t you take a break?”

“I have to put on some makeup first, and it’s all spent eating.”

“Then I will stay with you.”

Ren Xuesheng: “No, you are tired after a long time of filming, so go and rest quickly.”

Chang Tianyun: “I’m fine.”

“But I feel sorry for you!” She opened her mouth to lie, and she said it very sincerely.

Chang Tianyun laughed immediately when he heard the words, his eyebrows were crooked, and he couldn’t hide his good mood. He watched the woman leave until he could no longer see her back, and then reluctantly continued to walk forward. The little assistant kept muttering to the side: “Brother Chang, you can control it a bit. It’s not good if there is a scandal.”

“I’m not afraid.” He follows the strength line and is self-willed.

“But you have to think about it for Miss Ren!”

“Okay.” Chang Tianyun was like an eggplant that had been beaten by Frost. The assistant was still talking endlessly. When passing by Ren Xuesheng’s lounge, Chang Tianyun suddenly reached out and pushed him for some reason. Opened the door.

There was not much change inside and when he left, only one person was missing, and a cup of milk tea that didn’t move at all.

Chang Tianyun, who was immersed in the single-person passionate emotions, was taken aback, suddenly feeling a bit cold.

“Hey! Brother Chang, have you listened to me!”

“Listen, I know what to do, and I’m leaving.”

“Oh oh!”

Before Chang Tianyun entered the lounge, he happened to ran into Su Luó. The two nodded to each other, then entered the lounge together and closed the door—the lounge of three people was in one place, and there were different ways to go.

The subtle change between Ren Xuesheng and Chang Tianyun was noticed by Su Luó when she was cooking hot pot with the director and crew that night. Compared with the previous heroes and heroines who did not speak and were full of tacit friendship, between the two of them, There was a faint sense of isolation.

Su Luó slowly stuffed a piece of fat cow into her mouth, and said to the system: “It seems that without me, the heroine can take the lead by herself.”

System: “Not necessarily, this is the main man and woman.”

She tilted her head, thinking with a little regret, if Lu Yiyuan can continue to come to the crew to brush his face and sense of existence, this hero and heroine will collapse, but she has already taken them away. Su Luó continued to eat the meat and said slowly: “Ren Xuesheng’s mentality is too fragile. She is jealous of ‘me’. As long as I continue to behave better than her, she will jump over the wall and kill herself sooner or later.”

Next, let’s start with…acting.

When she discovered that the enemy she could not win in her previous life, her acting skills were getting better day by day, and she could only watch her slowly being surpassed and losing the dominance of the picture a little bit. That kind of process was enough to change. People are driving crazy.

System: “…you thought of this at the very beginning, so you suppressed your acting skills?”

Su Luyun said lightly: “Perhaps.”

520: “…” suddenly changed to… jpg.

The system feels a little scared.

The reason why the director invites everyone to gather is to be happy. Recently, several leading actors are not NG when acting, which greatly saves time, especially Su Luó. Since the last time she was hacked and reversed by the whole network, her acting skills have become more exquisite. Never saw her lose her temper again.

It’s just that people are still very proud, and they don’t usually communicate with them, and their attitude is very cold.

This change is silent.

Unknowingly, some people have changed their views on Su Luó .

The dinner was eaten until eleven o’clock in the evening. Considering that the filming was going on the next day, the director waved his hand and sent people back to each house. Su Luó just drank some wine, she was a little dizzy and didn’t want to take a car, anyway, it was close to the hotel, she was interested, and she wanted to go back.

The little assistant girl followed her silently.

The two had just walked a few steps, and the crew was still watching from behind, and saw an arrogant Ferrari suddenly parked in front of the hotel, attracting everyone’s attention.

A bad premonition rose in Su Luó’s heart.