There was actually a shortcut in which Eastern Barbarian truly wanted to fall flat on its side and cause one's pants to roll on its side.

It was a sneak attack in the middle of the night.

Only sneak attacks could catch the opponent off guard and increase their chances of winning by several times.

When Gentleman Wall overheard Helian Cheng's plan from outside the military tent, he couldn't help but be deeply shocked. Eastern Barbarian actually wanted to sneak attack Kang City, how could he allow that to happen?

Jun Zibi immediately avoided the patrolling guards and returned to Qi Yu's side. At that time, Qi Yu was just thinking how she should pass the night. Jun Zibi came back and pulled her over, "Come, let's see who's stronger."

Qi Yu looked at him weirdly and sat opposite to him. His hands were tightly grasped in his palms and it really hurt.

The two of them stood very close to each other, and Jun Zibi said in a hushed tone, "Let me bring you and Bi Su along! I have to return to Kang City. "

What's wrong? Qi Yu raised her head and looked at Jun Zibi in shock. Everything was fine now, why did he suddenly regain Kang City? He was even going to bring her and Bi Su to leave. Was he not planning to come back to find Xu Chang?

Jun Zibi explained: "Tonight, Helian Cheng is sending people to ambush Kang City, I need to return to Kang City to send a letter to them and tell them to quickly prepare defense. I am worried about leaving you and Bi Su here. "

Helian Cheng was sending someone to ambush Kang City tonight? Qi Yu could not help but curse in her heart. What the hell, didn't the ancient people have to be honest when fighting? They all had to fight face to face, how could they sneak attack? How shameless of him!

"Then Helian Jing didn't stop it?" Qi Yu could not help but ask.

Jun Zibi shook his head.

This Qi Yu doesn't believe it! No matter how he looked at it, Helian Jing did not sound like a shameless person. How could he allow Helian Cheng to ruin his reputation and commit such a despicable act!

If one had to be so dishonest during a war, it wouldn't be honorable even if they won, right?

"You and Bi Su get ready, pretend to be asleep first. I'll take you guys with me. " After Jun Zibi finished speaking, with a flick of his wrist, he pulled Qi Yu's wrist down.

Qi Yu wanted to say, I can't leave!

But before she had the chance to say it, Jun Zibi had already stood up and walked out.

Hiding in the Eastern Barbarian Army, wanting to take action when the opportunity arose, to find Xu Chang, to stop this war between the Eastern Barbarian and them, in the end, to just go back like this, wouldn't that mean all the previous work had been for naught?

Qi Yu did not want to lose everything.

In the middle of the night, Jun Zibi brought Qi Yu and the others to switch places with Helian Cheng as guards, while secretly bringing Qi Yu and Bi Su to the back of the camp. He planned to bring the two of them to the other side of the mountain after going out of the camp, then turned around the hill and returned to Kang City.

Jun Zibi figured out the position of the patrolling guards and successfully avoided them one by one, leaving the rear camp.

Jun Zibi heaved a sigh of relief and said to Qi Yu: "Come up, I'll carry you."

But Qi Yu held onto him and refused to leave. Jun Zibi was startled, she turned and looked at Qi Yu.

"I can't go." Qi Yu whispered.

"Why?" Jun Zibi was suspicious.

"I have to find the old man." It was inconvenient for her to directly call Xu Chang by his name. After all, he was Xu Rouzhi's biological father. Since she was using Xu Rouzhi's body now, she couldn't not respect Xu Rouzhi's family.

"The reason why we're stopping this war is not to start with him." Jun Zibi said, "Furthermore, what can you do to your father?"

Uh, Jun Zibi still didn't know, she wasn't the real Xu Rouzhi.

Qi Yu didn't know how to explain.

Jun Zibi said, "We can think of another way."

"But the old man has such a deep understanding of the circumstances of the Dongluo. If he were to help Helian Cheng come up with a plan, how would the Dongluo be able to handle it?"

"Perhaps your brother has already reached the Kang City. He will think of a way to solve this problem, don't worry too much."

"What if he hasn't arrived yet?"

Qi Yu's words caused the gentleman's wall to be shocked. Actually, this was also what he was worried about. After all, the Eastern Barbarian had been isolated from the world for the past few days, so she did not receive any news from Feng Qingmo. If Feng Qingmo still hasn't come, who would be able to solve the crisis of his Kang City?

Hence, he urgently wanted to return to the Kang City.

Although he was not a very responsible subject, a government official, or a relative of the imperial family, he could not watch his Dongluo fall in front of him.

"But I am really worried about you and Bi Su staying." Jun Zibi hesitated for a moment, then said, "Tonight, I was near Helian Cheng's camp, and I seemed to have heard someone else's voice."

"Whose voice?"

"Dan Shu."

Jun Zibi's words startled Qi Yu for a moment, "Did you hear wrongly? Helian Cheng was so cautious of her, why would Dan Shu come here? "

"I won't mishear Dan Shu's voice." Jun Zibi paused for a moment, and then said, "Moreover, she seems to be standing by Helian Cheng's side."

"What do you mean?" Qi Yu was startled, did she hear wrong?

Jun Zibi's voice was somewhat downcast, "It's very likely that he tricked us."

Qi Yu felt chills run down her spine. Dan Shu lied to them? Why?

"What did I judge based on? "Guess?" Qi Yu asked with a trembling voice.

Jun Zibi looked at her: "Forget it, don't ask anymore. I'll bring you guys back to the Kang City right now. "

He really did not want to tell Qi Yu that he believed in that gentle, quiet and weak girl, Dan Shu. Back then, as Princess Zhuo Hua's Sword Attendant, Dan Shu had always used her gentle and weak nature to set off Zhuo Hua's unreasonable and unruly behavior. But how could he still be moved by the unreasonable and unruly Princess Zhuo Hua?

Indeed, he could feel her burning passion from Dan Shu's eyes. For a quiet girl like her, looking at her like that was a huge breakthrough for her mentality and it was not easy at all.

Not only that, Dan Shu had always been quietly concerned about Jun Zibi, she had personally weaved his sword tassels, causing her jade pendant to break. Dan Shu then turned and secretly tied her own jade belt. She even cared a lot about his eating. He felt that all men loved to eat meat, so she took good care of him …

As a result, Jun Zibi felt ashamed to look at his with such eyes, ashamed to look at this girl. That feeling of guilt lingered around him for so many years. However, he did not expect …

Just now, he was outside Helian Cheng's tent, and he actually heard Dan Shu's voice. He said, "Fourth royal brother, what my husband said is right, if we don't take the opportunity to take down the Kang City, how can we attack the Ji City in the shortest time possible? Dongluo are not kind to us, we do not need to be friendly with him, so we should finish this battle early, so as to not cause trouble. "

These words were said by Dan Shu to Helian Jing. Not only did he call Helian Jing her brother, she even called Helian Cheng his husband. During the General's Estate, before them, she had never revealed such an intimate attitude towards Helian Cheng!

At that time, Jun Zibi's heart had already begun to sink …

If Dan Shu was of the same mind as Helian Cheng, wouldn't that mean that his and Qi Yu's actions were actually within Helian Cheng's grasp? — — Perhaps, in consideration of their old relationship, Dan Shu did not expose his and Qi Yu's identity to Helian Cheng? That was why he and Qi Yu could safely blend into the Eastern Barbarian Army. Nothing had happened.

But even if Dan Shu did not expose his and Qi Yu's identities, based on her current situation, she would definitely not be able to help them deliver the message of Eastern Barbarian to the Kang City right?

Therefore, Kang City was indeed very dangerous right now, and that was why he couldn't wait to return!

In Helian Cheng's tent, Helian Jing was rather impressed with Dan Shu's reply, "Alright, let's do as Dan Shu says!"

Note, the name Helian Jing uses to call Dan Shu is Dan Shu's name, and not "sister-in-law" or "young madam"!

Thus, it was evident how much trust Helian Jing had in Dan Shu, and the degree of intimacy the two had.

Jun Zibi was very sad. He would have rather heard nothing and discovered nothing.

This Dan Shu, was no longer the Dan Shu he knew!

Qi Yu wanted to ask Jun Zibi what exactly she discovered, and why she firmly believed that Dan Shu was standing on Helian Cheng's side. But, before Jun Zibi could say anything, all of a sudden, the surroundings lit up with fire, surrounding them completely!

"What's going on?" Qi Yu turned his body in shock, she had already protected her behind him, and looked at the slim figure walking out of the crowd silently, and said: "Bi Su, send the little girl away first!"

"You can't leave!" Standing in front of the three, Dan Shu's pretty face looked unsettled under the light of the fire, she looked at Qi Yu expressionlessly: "Princess Qi, your father is in the army, do you really not want to be together with him?"

What Jun Zibi said was all true! Dan Shu was actually on Helian Cheng's side?

Qi Yu could not believe it, this meant that Dan Shu had been acting with them? So they had actually been living under the surveillance of Helian Cheng and Dan Shu this entire time, and had been completely trapped within the control of Helian Cheng and Dan Shu?

God, what a joke!

But why? Why did Dan Shu do this?

Why pretend to be good and bring them into the army? And why wait until now to reveal their identities?

Jun Zibi stood in front of Qi Yu to protect him and said with an ice-cold tone: "Young Madam! What is your purpose in doing this now? "

Dan Shu looked at Jun Zibi, and could not help but sneer: "Lord Sword Master! I never thought that even after so many years, you would still look down on Dan Shu so much! Is it because the Lord Sword Master thinks that Dan Shu is useless? "

Jun Zibi clenched his teeth, "If you think I have underestimated you, it is my fault. But this is none of my Princess Qi's business. "

Dan Shu snorted. "Take them away! "Watch them closely. Don't let them get away!"

"Why are you doing this?" Qi Yu asked Dan Shu loudly.

Dan Shu didn't say anything as she slowly retreated backwards.

Behind her, under the protection of the soldiers and the Eastern Barbarian, Helian Jing and Helian Cheng stood shoulder to shoulder, looking at Jun Zibi and the other two with a cold expression.

Above their heads was a opened big net, ready to trap them at any time, so no matter how good Jun Zibi and Bi Su was, they would not be able to escape. The soldiers who were rushing up beside them quickly controlled Jun Zibi and the other two.

In the middle of the night, a black mass of Eastern Barbarian Army arrived in front of Kang City. In the front of the line were two neat rows of chariots that were ready to enter the city. The carriage was huge, with an open roof, and the carriage itself was wide. The entire carriage was nailed with bronze armor, and the entire chariot was opened up by four large horses, it was truly imposing and imposing.