Chapter 307 Tides Changed

The days inside the Blood Spear Academy improved for Arthur after getting access to the place where the school leader trained. There, the mana density in the atmosphere was way better, and it helped Arthur to get to the rank 2.

Everyone inside the school knew he was the disciple of a rank 3 mage, so no one dared to make a move against him, or his friends! Lucas and Liz also got some benefits from it, and were granted the access to practice in another secret area of the school.

At the top of a mountain inside a vast building looking like a castle was Arthur. It was the residence of Sebastian, and he was not around! When he told Arthur he had some things to do after the meeting, he really meant it! The man left for an entire week, appeared, stayed for one day and then left again.

There was something important going on, and Arthur wished to ask Sebastian when he returns, but while he was not there, there was something he could do, and that was exploring the area and draw a map!

Arthur already mapped the other areas except for the two mountain peaks. He now could access both without problems, but he was not feeling confident about going into the other peak as mages would be there, different from the place he was currently in, which was deserted.

"How far is Nefion from the rank 3? Close? Maybe that's the reason Sebastian in leaving." Arthur thought as he mapped the entire area, taking advantage of no one being there.

After that, it was time for some training. The area had an incredible mana density, and also a good amount of shadow particles around, which would help him get more of his essence converted. Arthur sat cross-legged inside one of the many rooms of that palace and shut down his thoughts, severing the connection with the outside world, focusing on his training.

Days passed in the blink of an eye. Arthur got up and left the room he used for training, looking around the area to see if Sebastian had returned. He had not. It was strange, and Arthur was worrying about.

"Should I leave to speak with Nefion or send him a message?"

He double-checked the palace and then left the mountain peak after seeing there was no one indeed. It was nighttime, so it was possible to see some students roaming around the school, and all of them recognized Arthur as soon as they looked at him.

The most incredible part was how powerful Arthur was in just days. He now showed to them the power of a mage in the tenth circle, which was extraordinary! Arthur was not scared to show it now, as he could just say his talent, plus the helpful place he could use for training made him progress that fast.

He did not mind these students looking, and went to his old cabin to look for Lucas and Liz, but they weren't there.

"Strange. Where could they be?"

p When someone does not know something, it was better to just ask, and that was what Arthur did. He went looking for one of the Official Mages, as these would surely know way more things than the normal students, and the one he found was one mage who did the testing when he entered the school.

"Arthur, it is you! I can't believe how much stronger you are now! You must not know, but I knew about your talent back then, and that is why you skipped all the tests, ahem."

'ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɪs ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ʙʏ N ovelBi(n)',

The mage looks exactly like before, a tall slim man with a medium dark hair. He was one of the few people Arthur liked in that school.

"Thanks. I came here to ask for some things. Do you know my friends, Lucas and Liz? They came to the school with me. Anyway, I just left my training and went looking for them in their cabins. There was no one there, and I can't seem to find them."

"Lucas and Liz, hum, let me see. Right, I remember now! Our school went to invade another school after the traitor was caught, and the two of them were in the seventh circle, so they went as well. But now that you say this, it has been a while since they left. Could something have happened?" The mage said.

Arthur got a little worried after hearing that, but he knew his friends would not get themselves in danger for nothing. They should be okay, but where was Sebastian? He did not even ask the mage, as he was sure he would not know the answer for such a thing.

"Thanks!" Arthur said, slightly bowing to the mage, making him wave his hands and say it was unnecessary.

Anyway, Arthur was once again alone inside his old cabin, thinking about if he should go after them or not. One thing he wished to do was practice his alchemy skills, but that would be impossible with a constant worry in mind.

He had to look for them, but as Sebastian was not around, the highest authority was a strange man who was in charge of the Blood Council. Arthur had met him a few times, and that man smelled fishy.

The peak where the Blood Council was. It was almost identical to the peak where Sebastian lived, even the buildings there were similar. The only difference was the amount of mana, as Sebastian had a slightly better place.

Arthur went to a vast palace made of a black stone with some red details on it. Pretty good looking, but considering the mysterious person Arthur would talk to, that was not relevant.

A few members of the council were there, and they obviously recognized him. He asked them if he could talk with their leader, and they allowed him, just like he had imagined.

Then, he went to the same meeting room they always used, but this time the chairs were empty, and only one chair wasn't, and that was where the leader of the Blood Council was.

It was a middle-aged man with a brown, slick hair, an eye-patch covering his left eye, and a cane to support him. He even had a long beard, which made him look even more fragile while walking using the cane.

Although he looked that way, everyone knew how strong he was, and his strange personality made him even more dangerous! A rank 2 mage was not someone to play with.

"Arthur," he said in a hoarse voice, "I heard you wanted to talk with me."

Arthur sat on the other side of the table, locking his gaze on that man. "Yes. Two of my friends went to a battle, and the Official Mage I spoke to was concerned as no one got any answers from it."

"Oh, right? Do you know of Ouroboros? A prominent school, the strongest I might say."

He was not liking where the conversation was going to, but went along, "yes I heard of it. Could they be invading that school?"


Arthur did not believe that would be the case considering how strong Ouroboros was, but the leader of the Blood Council said otherwise.

"Yes, they are. Well, they are probably still on the journey to reach that place."

When the Blood's Council leader said those words, Arthur could not stop thinking about his wives who were in Odemore, which was near Ouroboros!

What if they found them? Arthur could not let that happen, so he left the meeting room and was prepared to leave the school!

If no one allowed him, then he would go anyway. It was not up to discussion. He had to save his wives, warn Nefion and also help Liz and Lucas.

There was nothing he needed to get, but he sent a message to Nefion using a secret mark before leaving the school using his anchor spell! In just one second, Arthur was no longer in the Blood Spear Academy, but back to Odemore!

Wisa, Jane, Laura, Elena and Sybille were there. The sudden appearance of someone caught them off-guard, but when they saw who it was, all of them were all smiles.



A beautiful scene to see those gorgeous women running toward him for a hug. Even the situation was not dire, then Arthur would be even more happy.

"Is Sybille causing you any trouble?"

"No, she is lovely. Husband, did something happen?"

Arthur explained the situation to them, and different from what Arthur believed, they weren't that concerned with Odemore.

"Sybille used some ancient formations from her family, and when activated, there is no way they will find us. She said even mages at rank 5 and superior could not." Jane said.

"What? Since when you are this powerful? Anyway, I have to warn Nefion about this! The rank 3 mage from the school is not there too, so he might join the battle this time!"

He wanted to stay more, but the destiny of the central continent was on his hands, so he left, going to Ouroboros to speak with Nefion in person.