Chapter 895: Extraordinary: After the brother is broken, the operation will be continued

After staying in the Imperial Hospital for a few days.

Ye Ran went to the following affiliated hospital alone.

Compared to Kant Central Hospital.

The medical level of this "Runsheng" hospital is going to be several grades worse.

And the arrival of Ye Ran.

Let the whole "Runsheng" hospital boil.

It was nothing more than Ye Ran's god-level medical skills.

These doctors admire his superb medical skills.

Before that, Ye Ran treated patients several times in Kant Central Hospital.

The doctors in the following affiliated hospitals all know.

And they all saw it with their own eyes.

The scene of Ye Ran's treatment of the patient was recorded into a video.

No external transmission, only internal.

Used to let these doctors take a good look.

Their chairman's medical skills are so good.

"Ye Dong, Xiao He is your exclusive nurse during this time.

Just tell her if you have any orders. "Han Kai said with a smile.

Ye Ran glanced at He Liying, with exquisite features, delicate skin and explosive eyes...

A big beauty is properly scored 9.2 points.

"Ye Dong, I just graduated from school.

If I don't do well, just say me. "He Liying smiled cleverly, kinder than the girls next door.

Ye Ran smiled and nodded.

Under the leadership of Han Kai, Dean of Runsheng Hospital.

Ye Ran sat in his office.

Haven't waited for his **** to sit hot.

A doctor ran into Ye Ran's office.

It wasn't Ye Ran, but Lin Hai, who was standing by the side.

He and Dean Han Kai greeted Ye Ran's arrival.

"Director Lin, it's not good.

A patient was admitted to the emergency department just now, and his brother was cut by his wife..."

"What? Then don't you hurry to treat the patient?" Lin Hai said hurriedly.

"We think too, but the disconnection from the patient is too severe.

In addition, this part is too special, so few of us dare to do it.

So I want you to try it, Director Lin. "

"Hey..." Lin Hai trembled in his heart.

Ma Dan, come early or late, but come here at this time.

Now that Ye Ran is on the side, it's really hard for him to refuse to say that he can't do it either.

If you say you can't do it, let the chairman influence badly.

A bad one will be dismissed.

Like this kind of brother replantation surgery.

Lin Hai and other doctors are just learning theoretically.

In actual operation, it is rarely encountered.

After all, no man would do such a stupid thing.

"What are you guys doing in a daze? Go and treat the patient quickly." Ye Ran said loudly.

"Ye Dong, I think Lin Hai is helpless in this situation, or you..." Han Kai hurriedly offered suggestions.

He is also an old surgeon, and Lin Hai knows that it is difficult for them to cope with this situation.

It's better to say no to a showdown, and then let this superb medical skill Ye Dong take the shot.

This is undoubtedly better than letting Lin Hai and the others take risks.

After all, if there is a problem in the treatment, he cannot avoid this responsibility.

"Say early, and quickly lead the way." Ye Ran said lightly.

The group hurried to the emergency room.



Emergency room.

A young man cried bitterly under his hands.

It turned out that the young man had been known by his wife all night.

Angrily, the wife took the scissors while the young man was taking a nap.


Beside this man, there was a **** body the size of a thumb.

Seeing this, He Liying, a beautiful nurse, blushed a long time ago and lowered her head to pretend not to see it.

The other doctors couldn't help but want to laugh.

But knowing this situation they certainly can't laugh.

Otherwise, it will corrupt medical ethics.

As the attending doctor this time, Ye Ran.

He looked at the man with a serious face.

It's clear at a glance.

If you change to another doctor, you have to come closer and take a closer look.

But Ye Ran didn't need it.

With eight times the pupil power of the mirror, he could see the wound clearly even standing 100 meters away.

The rewards the system gave him were originally estimated.

I must have thought of letting him experience the life of a doctor a long time ago.

With such magical eyesight, Ye Ran shouldn't wear a magnifying glass at all during surgery.

After the brother-broken man saw Ye Ran and the others.

He immediately cried and said, "Doctor...Doctor...

Is there any help for my brother? Is it useless if it is connected? "

"You still have to be saved, just keep your mind at ease." Ye Ran said lightly.

The man with his broken brother stopped crying immediately, knowing that his brother had saved him, he was in a better mood.

"Epidural anesthesia and transplantation surgery, hurry up to prepare."

Ye Ran gave an order, and all the staff immediately took action.

After a few minutes.

Ye Ran has already started the preliminary work.

Perform local anesthesia first.

It took another few minutes to clean the wound.

Originally, Ye Ran wanted He Liying to clean it.

But seeing the little girl's face flushed.

He knew that the little girl was still not used to this scene.

Like those old nurses, I'm not used to it.


Ye Ran took the scalpel that Lin Hai handed over.

He dissected the arteries at both ends of the patient.


Taking the tweezers, Ye Ran caught some fine debris.

Several doctors stayed aside.

Can you see without a magnifying glass?


After receiving the catheter, Ye Ran inserted it into the bladder at both ends of the urethra.

The purpose is to avoid the patient's urine outflow during the operation.


This is the most important link.

Everyone held their breath and hoped that Ye Ran would succeed.

You must know that the stitching is not in place, but it will affect the happiness of this young man for the rest of his life.

There is still a squeeze of time, and the young man’s brother has been off for too long.

It must be sutured quickly so that it can supply blood normally.

Otherwise, even if it is sewn after a while, it will lose its function if it is damaged for too long.


When Ye Ran started to sew, he didn't know who couldn't help taking a breath first.

Then so did the others.

They were shocked by Ye Ran's amazing stitching speed.

It's almost several beats faster than Aunt Tailor.

After the artery is sewn, the vein is sewn.

A few minutes later, the suture operation was completed.

"Wow, Ye Dong, you sew really well." He Liying stared at the broken brother man and said.

She was embarrassed to look at it just now, but she was surprised after seeing the doctors.

She couldn't help but watch Ye Ran operate.

To be honest, she was fascinated at a glance.

This eye-catching stitching technique with no unnecessary movements.

He Liying is drunk.

However, there was a situation that made Ye Ran a headache.

Bleeding from the suture.

And there are signs of standing there.

This recovery speed made Ye Ran unexpected.

Is this totally unreasonable?

Soon, Ye Ran knew what was going on.

The patient stared at He Liying with beaming eyes.

The cruel adrenaline soared,

"Don't watch it, Xiaohe, go out first." Ye Ran said quickly.

He Liying had already blushed, just now she was purely to see Ye Ran's medical skills.

She was so surprised to see where she thought she shouldn't.

Ten minutes later.

The entire operation ended successfully.

This surprised Han Kai, Lin Hai and others.

Fortunately, Ye Ran came in time and solved their urgent need.

And let them be full of Ye Dong's god-level medical skills.

You must know that this kind of operation takes at least three hours.

As a result, Ye Dong finished it after an hour of not using it.


Goodbye, everyone.