If the two of them want to enter the city normally, they must also pass through here.

"You remember, as long as you don't use your own power to be noticed by others, in most cases others will not find you strange."

Looking at the caravans undergoing severe inspections, the old man said to Qin Feng, “The power we have is very special, and ordinary people can’t see it. The cloth military envoy.".

=== Chapter 713 Disgusting Old Man ===

"Then what is my final test?"

Qin Feng still didn't give up on wanting to know this, this old man was too boring.

The old man smiled and pointed to the road ahead and said, "Go over here and come back."

So simple?

Qin Feng looked in the direction of the old man's fingers. It was a dividing line between the two groups of people. On the other hand, the group was a caravan. They sold their own goods here and didn't plan to proceed.

On the other side of the crowd are the vendors in the city, they are here to take over the goods from the caravan from afar, and in the middle is the city guards in heavy armor, their duty is to prevent heretics from entering the city, of course they are just minions. There is Shenwuwei sitting behind him.

Go over and come back again?

Qin Feng glanced at the old man, and immediately stepped out.

The transaction was very busy. The two sides traded under the sight of the City Guard, and there was not even a gap. The merchants were going to move the goods, and the caravans were standing honestly. The chaos would arouse the suspicion of the City-Guard.

At this time, if Qin Feng wants to walk over, it will more or less hinder the transportation of the goods, but this is not a big deal after thinking about it.

But how much will affect the handling of goods, most people don’t make a difference, but some people...

"What are you doing?" Qin Feng was quickly caught by someone.

It was a teenager about his age with a fierce look on his face: "My young master is busy. You are a **** walking around here. Are you okay? Give me a call!"

Two or three brawny men immediately walked nearby: "Second Young Master, leave it to us, don't tire you."

Qin Feng's face sank, his fists were raised, and he wanted to make a move, but he still held back.

What he didn't know was that this second young master was very famous in the city.

The Fei family is the family with the most businesses in the city, but its strength is much worse than that of the three major families, because they have few believers, and money is nothing. After all, the world still uses force to determine their status. Source of this article [Sheng Ying Download] WeChat Mini Program

Therefore, the Fei family worked very hard to cultivate his own children, but Young Master Fei Er could not become a believer. This made him less valued in the Fei family and was sent by the family to manage the shop. In fact, it was just following his studies. In the future, the family will not have his Important position.

Young Master Fei was very angry, so he wanted to throw it out every day. Although he was not a believer and did not have strong force, this did not prevent him from bullying the civilians.

The big man came over and smashed Qin Feng to the ground with one punch, and then several people stepped on it desperately.

The nearby city guards didn't care about it. This was not what they wanted to take care of. As long as there was no heresy involved, they would just open their eyes and close their eyes.

However, Qin Feng was in tatters and obviously had no power or wealth, and it was nothing to kill him.

Under the sudden attack, Qin Feng almost couldn't help it. He was going to fight back at that moment.

Fortunately, it's just a lesson. It seems that there is no intention to kill, and some special effects have been strengthened symbolically...

He also looked at the city guard next to him, and there were a large number of merchants and civilians watching beside him. If his strength was revealed, he would be inspected by the city guard and then found that you are not a believer, then you are a heresy.

What's more uncomfortable is that being discovered by the gods here, the Titans don't have to think about it, and they must hide well.

Give it a fight, it's nothing, bear it!

But the next moment the young master Fei rushed up, pulled a big man away, stepped on Qin Feng's face with one foot, and spit at him: "Bah! This young master was wasted by you all morning. The bitch!"

Qin Feng's fist tightened again, come again, come again, I will kill you if I don't find a Titan!

But the old man's special voice transmission came in his ear: "How about it, how do you choose now?"

How to choose? Stand up and kill him!

Isn't this cheating? This old man is more disgusting than the devil, Qin Feng is not even afraid of the devil.

The old man continued his voice transmission: "In fact, it's not impossible for you to do it. Kill these people. Anyone who sees your power can't stay. That way, your safety can be guaranteed."

All these people?

Naive, you don’t know what I’m here for.

Do you think I am afraid of these people? What I am afraid of is the gods here. Their perception is different from that of human beings. What they perceive is the source of power, and Qin Feng's real power obviously comes from another game world.

"How about it, do you have a choice?" The old man's voice was still teasing him.

choose? Is this the last test of the old man?

"With this power, you can kill happily. You can kill many people, many people you hate, but if you don't fight back, you can live a lifetime in peace." The old man's voice was still so calm, as if he could see through the world. everything of.

······· Ask for flowers·········

He did not speak, and the old man did not stop talking: "Accepting my inheritance, you must mature in the future and no longer be a protected teenager. You should be able to weigh which choice is the most important."

"And my goal is to let you continue to pass on this power, and it can't be interrupted by you. That's why there is this last test, which is also the most difficult test. Now I ask you, are you willing to accept all my inheritance? ?"

This needs you to teach, Lao Tzu looking for Titans is the top priority, no wonder this task is difficult.


Qin Feng nodded: "Yes."

The old man asked again: "If you want to fully accept the inheritance, you must promise me a promise. In fact, it is not difficult to do. You also have this potential. You have done it just now. I want you to bear it. No matter what you encounter personally, it doesn't matter. "

"The important thing is that you can live forever, until the day when you pass on your power again, this is the only thing left in our line of inheritance. Can you agree?"

Qin Feng paused briefly and replied, "I agree."

A reasonable answer, the old man nodded relievedly: "Don't blame me for being so cautious. I have spent my entire life chased by others. In order to retain the power of inheritance and endure the unimaginable shame, my life has come. At the end, someone must take my responsibility."

"Old man?" Qin Feng looked up in surprise, but he didn't think this magical old man was going to die.

"Don't worry, people will have this day, unless..."

The old man smiled, "I can live without death now. This power can guarantee me a very long life. Unfortunately, it is useless. I can't go further in my cultivation, so I have to pass it on to you. You can continue to practice and bid farewell to this. The sad world, the old man is all relaxed."

Qin Feng wondered: "Isn't the twelve meridians the most powerful? Haven't you reached it?"

Isn't this funny? I thought that if I could perceive a main task and meet a master, it would save much trouble.

Unexpectedly, this old man is just an ordinary NPC? 100 million.