Chapter 623: The ending

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Li Jingjing was surprised. She had thought that Lin Miao would continue to pester her. She didn’t expect her to agree so readily.

Things that could be solved with money were no big deal. Li Jingjing had always thought so, so he agreed to Lin Miao’s conditions directly.

After she put down the phone, Lin Che’s account had an increase of six million Yuan in less than half an hour.

Looking at the figure of six million, Lin Miao’s heart ached with mixed feelings. She had always known that Li Jingjing was a good man, and it was all her fault. She had loved the wrong person.

Holding her phone, Lin Miao looked at the six million Yuan on her card, and tears rolled down her face.

This six million Yuan was not only for the abortion and physical maintenance, but also to buy out his years of love and affection for Li Jingjing.

After the matter was settled, Lin Miao cried and felt much more relaxed.

Six million was not a big sum to the original Lin family, but now, the Lin family’s business was difficult to do. In a situation where they could not make ends meet, this six million became a life-saving straw.

After she calmed down, Lin Miao packed her things and went to the hospital alone.

Li Jingjing returned to work at the Li Group. When she returned to the president’s office, all the employees in the company were pleasantly surprised to see the president.

After checking the latest personnel files, Li Jingjing personally called back all the old employees who had been fired indiscriminately by li Jingrui half a month ago.

When the entire company saw that Li Jingjing had been reinstated as the president, their fighting spirit was reignited. They worked hard and wanted to continue improving in their positions to contribute to the company’s development.

All of this had been carried out step by step. No one felt that it was inappropriate or strange.

Fang Ling arrived at the company’s chairman’s office. She didn’t know that President Li Jingjing had returned to the company and was reinstated. She was a little happy to see the employees ‘faces full of vitality.

Such a large company should have reached the stage where he had to manage it himself and make plans.

Not long after Fang Ling sat down, a front desk Secretary came to inform her to come to the conference room for a meeting.

Fang Ling went to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. She wanted to face the Li corporation’s leadership team in a younger and more confident manner. In the future, this group of people would be under her management. She had to build a good personal image and prestige.

When Fang Ling walked into the meeting room, she was shocked to see a few of the old employees who had been fired by li Jingrui.

Everyone’s eyes turned to her in unison. Their gazes were a little strange, but it was definitely not the respect for a leader.

Fang Ling felt that something was amiss. This was not the feeling she wanted.

When she looked at the head of the meeting room again, her heart sank even more and she began to lose her cool.

What was going on? Why wasn’t there any movement, and no one had told her in advance? how did Li Jingjing get the main seat?

Li Jingjing looked at Fang Ling with anger and disdain. This woman was the one behind everything!

He wanted to take over the Li family’s business and company, and he even planned to take the Li family’s business to his old lover of many years! This wishful thinking was too far-fetched and too excessive!

Li Jingjing didn’t say much in front of so many board members. He made a phone call and then continued to sit there without saying anything.

Ever since Li Jingjing found out that Fang Ling was the main culprit behind everything, she had been silently gathering evidence, especially financial evidence. It was enough to put this woman in prison for decades.

A few minutes later, a police officer came up and walked up to Fang Ling.”

“Fang Ling, right? You are suspected of a large-scale fraud case, please come with us!”

What? Fang Ling was dumbfounded. What did he mean? What fraud?

“You guys, did you guys catch the wrong person? I, I’m the wife of the Li group’s Chairman!”

“That’s right. We’re after Fang Ling, the wife of the Li corporation’s Chairman.”

Fang Ling had never thought that she would have such a day. She was shocked and scared, and her face turned green.

She had originally thought that after her success, she would be able to leave with the Li family’s assets and live a happy and rich life with the man she had been waiting for for decades.

He did not expect that he would have to spend the next few decades in prison.

After the company was reorganized and the main culprit was punished, and Lin Miao was also dealt with, Li Jingjing could finally put her mind at ease.

When her heart was completely relaxed, her body felt very tired. Li Jingjing came over to stay over at Chi Luoxi’s place that night.

Li Jingjing went to bed early and slept all the way until noon the next day.

Chi yaoxi knew that Li Jingjing was tired. He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time. Since it was the weekend, she would let him sleep well and get enough sleep.

Li Jingjing had a long sleep. When she woke up, her body and mind were relaxed.

The sunlight from outside the window shone in through the curtains, casting mottled shadows.

Beside him, Chi Luoxi was sitting at the head of the bed, accompanying him as she quietly flipped through a book. Everything seemed to be peaceful and quiet.

Li Jingjing buried her head into Chi Yuexi’s arms. Chi Yuexi caressed his shoulders and body gently. The two of them felt warmth and happiness.

On Monday, Chi yaoxi was filming outside. She stopped to rest in the middle when she suddenly saw a fleet of cars coming from afar. One look and one could tell that they were luxury cars. They were very eye-catching and the people on the side of the road were fighting to get a look.

The filming crew also looked over and exclaimed.

What kind of scene was this? it was so Grand, and the speed of the car was not fast. When they drove closer, they saw that it looked like a float. Was someone getting married?

Is this a big scene for filming? Chi leixi thought that it was the director’s arrangement, so she followed everyone to watch the show.

The next scene made everyone cheer, but Chi yaoxi was stunned.

He saw Li Jingjing get out of the first car, holding a bouquet of red roses in her hand, and slowly walking toward him.

Her steps were firm, her smile was warm, and she was wearing a handsome suit, but she still looked domineering.

Everyone at the scene, as well as those who were watching the show outside the venue, were getting closer and closer.

“President li! President li is so handsome!”

“Is boss li here to propose?”

Those who didn’t understand the situation were shocked. Who was boss li targeting?

“Hurry up and come out! President li is here to propose!”

Sister Ming tugged at Chi Luoxi’s clothes and said.

Chi yaoxi smiled shyly and took two steps forward. Li Jingjing walked up to her and looked at Chi yaoxi affectionately without blinking her eyes. She then handed the roses to her with both hands.

Then, he took out an extremely dazzling diamond ring from his pocket and knelt on one knee in front of the entire crew and the onlookers. He looked at Chi Luoxi affectionately and seriously and said,”

“Yue Xi, my dear! I’ve been waiting for a long time. Today is a good day, will you promise to marry me?”

Chi leixi had imagined Li Jingjing proposing to him many times, but she had never thought that he would make such a Grand, Grand, and serious proposal in front of so many people from the company and the production team.

Chi leixi was very touched. In fact, her eyes had already turned red uncontrollably, but she held it in and smiled faintly as she looked at Li Jingjing affectionately.

“Marry him! Marry him!”

“Get together! Get together!”