CH 94

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Chapter 94 Nico Robin’s Wood Style Ninja Road

“Different?” Nico Robin blinked, carefully recalling how Vivi and Crocodile were fighting in the gold list.

“It seems, mature a lot?”

Nico Robin looked at Li Fan with some uncertainty.

Nico Robin has Vivi’s information and knows that she is a 16-year-old girl.

However, when fighting Crocodile, Vivi’s face was less immature and more mature.

It’s not just the maturity of temperament, even the face seems to have matured a lot.

Originally, Nico Robin thought it was just her own illusion.

But after Li Fan’s special reminder, Nico Robin felt that there might be something she didn’t think of.

“Okay, don’t think about it, let me tell you.” Li Fan took out the Wood Style potion from the treasury, and said, “Vivi, she has been with me for two years of high-pressure practice.”

“It’s not that she gained the power to defeat Crocodile in one day.”

“Take it, drink this, and then I will teach you Wood Style ninjutsu.

“Speaking of which, Wood Style is somewhat similar to your Devil Fruit ability.”

Nico Robin took the Wood Style potion from Li Fan in a daze.

“Mr. Li Fan, you said that Vivi has practiced for two years. What do you mean?”

What Li Fan said is too far-fetched. Even with Nico Robin’s ingenuity, she couldn’t understand it for a while.

Seeing this, Li Fan told her about the time training warehouse.

Anyway, later, Li Fan also plans to substitute Nico Robin into the time training warehouse for training.

“That’s what it meant.”

“That’s why Vivi can gain such power.”

“Mr. Li Fan, you really own an amazing gym.”

“If other people know that your gymnasium has this kind of effect, there may be more people who want to be your disciples.”

Nico Robin sighed.

A teacher with strong teaching ability and educational resources is self-attractive to those who want to improve their abilities as soon as possible.

The price required is only two years of closed training.

“Don’t sigh, come with me.” Li Fan beckoned to Nico Robin and took the lead to walk towards the door of the time training cabin.

Nico Robin quickly followed, and after walking through a passage, the familiar sea appeared in front of Li Fan.

Seeing such a scenery, Nico Robin was just stunned for two seconds before he came back to his senses.

“Well, yes, women who are in grades are mature.”

“When Nami and Vivi came here, they froze for a long time.”

Seeing Nico Robin’s reaction, Li Fan nodded in satisfaction.

“Are you in grade?” Nico Robin looked at Li Fan incredulously.

In the next second, she said with a very “sweet” smile:

“Mr. Li Fan, I didn’t hear clearly just now, can you say it again?”

“Huh?! Didn’t you hear clearly?” Li Fan puffed his mouth, coughing softly, and said:

“I mean, it is good to be a mature and intellectual woman who can quickly adapt to a new environment.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Nico Robin’s mouth curled up, “I thought Mr. Li Fan was saying that I was old, hehe.”

Seeing what Nico Robin looks like now, Li Fan once again sighed that a woman’s age can’t be used to joke casually.

At this time, Li Fan didn’t plan to say that when she leaves the time training warehouse, Nico Robin is a 30-year-old woman, lest he be remembered by Robin.

Although I wouldn’t really be afraid of Robin, it’s also not a good feeling to be looked at with faint eyes.

‘Obviously, older women are actually quite good.’

In this case, Li Fan can only think about it now.

“Robin, drink the Wood Style potion first.”

“Only after awakening Chakra and Wood Style, can I teach you Wood Style ninjutsu.”

“Since the gold list has specifically marked it as a high-quality potion, it should be able to awaken you to Kekkai Genkai that can perfectly display the power of Wood Style.”

Hearing this, Nico Robin nodded, and when he raised his head, he drank the dark green potion.

In the next second, a strong vitality spilled from Nico Robin.

Li Fan could clearly feel the wood style power of Nico Robin’s rapid budding and flowering.


“Huh?!” Suddenly, Nico Robin stared at her body incredibly.

It’s not because of the power brought by Wood Style’s kekkai genkai, but because of her body, wood sticks really grew.

The seemingly weak branches actually pierced her clothes directly. Nico Robin hadn’t reacted directly. The coat she had put on her body had already been stuffed into the lucky room and landed on the beach.

A few seconds later, when the branches stretched out from Nico Robin returned to her body, what appeared on the beach was a very beautiful and mature woman with a dark complexion.