Shao Xian took Chen Bai Zhou near the washing machine. He threw the dirty clothes into the machine and taught Chen Bai Zhou to press the switch to select the washing mode.

“You do your own laundry at home?” Shao Xian asked.

Chen Bai Zhou nodded in response, obviously not feeling that something was wrong, “The teacher said that we should do our own thing.”

“But we still get some external help…” Shao Xian reached out and tapped Bai Zhou’s forehead, “Chen’s family can’t even afford a washing machine?!”

Seeing that he was hesitating to answer, Shao Xian had no choice but to say, “Okay, it must be Chen Yu who won’t let you use it, right??”

Chen Bai Zhou remained silent.

“It takes half an hour to wash clothes…” Shao Xian greeted him. “We will go to school tomorrow, let’s go and review first.”

Although learning elementary school knowledge was not difficult for him, Shao Xian still had to get familiar with it again.

Especially the texts that needed to be recited. Except for the famous sentences, he basically had forgotten everything. 

Chen Bai Zhou sat in the chair beside him.

“Two days ago, I was knocked out by Chen Yu and I didn’t go to class. Did the teacher assign any homework?” Shao Xian asked.

Chen Bai Zhou nodded and gave three subject workbooks and three tutoring materials to Shao Xian.

“The topics taught by the teacher on the blackboard are written in this copy. The Chinese materials must be written on page 71, Mathematics on page 75, and English on page 73.”

Quite detailed.

Shao Xian looked at him with admiration, and Chen Bai Zhou couldn’t help but feel a little happy. 

He asked Shao Xian, “Which one do you write first?”

“Do the math.”

Shao Xian thought that elementary school mathematics would not be difficult for him.

Chen Bai Zhou quickly opened the math workbook, which contained many mathematics problems.

Chen Bai Zhou’s handwriting was neat and clean. The strokes seemed to be printed, very delicate, unlike his. Although his handwriting was good, it looked a bit sloppy.

Shao Xian casually looked at the first question. The question was so simple that he could solve it in his mind.

Then he looked down and frowned.

Chen Bai Zhou, who had been paying attention to Shao Xian’s expression, felt the change. He pursed his lips, and his eyes became a little uneasy.

Shao Xian paused for a few seconds, then turned his head and gently asked, “Did you answer the question wrong?”

Before waiting for Chen Bai Zhou to answer, he couldn’t help but look at other questions and found that the child never scored 100%. He basically maintained his marks at 60 to 70 percent.

Can’t do math? This was very unlikely.

Seeing that Shao Xian’s expression was getting darker, Chen Bai Zhou couldn’t help but explain in a low voice, “I am a little stupid. I can’t learn, and I am also very careless in class.”

“It’s okay, I will teach you.” Shao Xian didn’t talk nonsense and directly explained it to him.

After ten minutes, Shao Xian asked, “Are you okay with solving these types of questions?”

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t want to disappoint Shao Xian, and he didn’t want Shao Xian to look down on him, so he honestly nodded, “It’s all right, thank you.”

The two studied in the room for an afternoon, and Shao Xian not only did all his homework, but he also helped Chen Bai Zhou correct the wrong questions.

Harvesting the child’s increasingly grateful eyes.

As the evening approached, an unexpected guest came to the Shao family, it was Chen Chang Jian.

Chen Chang Jian had been out of town for a while. He didn’t know that so many things had happened at home. 

If he hadn’t received a call from Chen Yu, he wouldn’t have come back so soon.    

When Shao Xian heard the movement downstairs, he asked Chen Bai Zhou to stay in the room and went down to accompany his mother.

“I didn’t make it in time for the Second Young Master’s birthday. I’m really sorry.” 

Although Chen Chang Jian used to be rude and uneducated, after working hard in the business circle for so long, his speech had become much more decent.

Cai Ya Lan smiled and gently said, “It’s just a child’s birthday, Mr. Chen doesn’t have to be so polite. I don’t know why Mr. Chen is here today??”

Chen Chang Jian apologized, “I heard from Mei Juan that our children messed around at the birthday party and damaged your garden. I came here to make amends, today.”

A few hours ago, Chen Yu called and cried to him, mentioning that Chen Bai Zhou deliberately told the two young masters of the Shao family and the Qian family that he was abused by the Chen family. 

After hearing it, Shao Xian and Qian Wen Jie sympathized with him and now Chen Bai Zhou was living with the Shao family.

More importantly, Shao Xian and Qian Wen Jie beat him for Chen Bai Zhou’s sake!

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)