“Second Young Master, the fruit is cut, I’ll bring it in.” Aunt Sun gently said from outside the door.

Hearing it, Shao Xian walked over to open the door, and politely said, “Aunt Sun, you have worked hard.”

“Not hard…” Aunt Sun smiled and put down the fruit plate on the small coffee table, and said, “I don’t know what fruits Young Master Qian and Second Young Master like, so I took some from everything.”

After Aunt Sun finished speaking, she left the room and carefully closed the door.

Shao Xian finally saw Chen Bai Zhou at the door of the bathroom and quickly waved to him, “Why are stupidly you standing there? Come and eat some fruit.”

After getting Shao Xian’s attention, Chen Bai Zhou tried his best to squeeze out a smile, but he accidentally pulled his eye muscles, which hurt a bit unnaturally.

Chen Bai Zhou came over obediently and sat beside Shao Xian.

Qian Wen Jie was still busy playing with his little cuties, and he didn’t care about eating fruits.

“What do you like to eat?” Shao Xian casually asked him.

In the Chen family, fruits would basically never fall into Chen Bai Zhou’s stomach. 

Before he was four years old, he followed Bai Mei Juan. At that time, Bai Mei Juan lived in poverty and could not afford fruit. 

So, Chen Bai Zhou knew about fruit, but he didn’t know what it tasted like.

“I like them all…” Instead of picking up the fruit immediately, Chen Bai Zhou slowly asked, “What fruit do you like?”

Shao Xian deliberately teased him, and said, “Guess.”

Shao Xian was good-looking, and with a sly smile, he looked even more fascinating, making people think of the little prince in fairy tales.

Seeing the dazzling look, Chen Bai Zhou pursed his lips and slowly smiled.

He looked down at the fruit plate and decisively answered, “You like lychees and oranges.”

Hearing the answer, Shao Xian was stunned. He asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Auntie Sun is your nanny, and she must know your taste, so there are more lychees and oranges than other fruits…” 

Chen Bai Zhou’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “Am I right??”

In response, Shao Xian directly poked a piece of apple and handed it to Chen Bai Zhou’s mouth, “Reward you.”

Chen Bai Zhou opened his mouth and slowly bit down on the apple piece.

The apple was crunchy, sour, and sweet and when he bit into it, his mouth was filled with a fresh and natural taste.

Chen Bai Zhou chewed in small bites, like a small hamster. Seeing this, Shao Xian couldn’t help but laugh.

He got up and took a dry towel, covered Chen Bai Zhou’s head, and slowly rubbed it.

“Your hair is wet. Dry it quickly.”

Fortunately, it was June, the weather was a little hot, and it wasn’t easy to catch a cold.

The long towel suddenly blocked Chen Bai Zhou’s vision, reminding him of the scene when he was locked in a basement by Bai Mei Juan and he could not see the light.

But he wasn’t afraid of darkness at all now. The towel was soft and the hands rubbing his head were gentle.

“Have you eaten breakfast in the morning?” 

Shao Xian carefully wiped the child’s hair a little, and couldn’t help asking in a slightly dark tone when he heard Chen Bai Zhou’s stomach growling.

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t want to lie to Shoa Xian, so he shook his head.

The child only drank a bowl of porridge yesterday, didn’t eat anything again this morning, and was brutally tied and abused by Chen Yu. 

The more Shao Xian thought about it, the angrier he became.

But he didn’t show his anger in front of Chen Bai Zhou, he gently said, “Aunt Sun has made soup today. After Dr. Zhang examines you, we will go drink soup.”

People who had been hungry for a few days shouldn’t suddenly eat food. It was better to drink some soup first and then slowly add solid food to the diet.

“The fruit is a little cold, wait until the meal is over to eat it.” Shao Xian confessed.

Chen Bai Zhou obediently nodded in response.

After a while, the sound of a car engine came from downstairs, and Shao Xian looked at Chen Bai Zhou’s swollen eyes, and said, “It should be Dr. Zhang.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Dr. Zhang knocked on the door.