After undoing the rope, Shao Xian found Chen Bai Zhou’s old clothes and quickly put them on him. 

Shao Xian didn’t dislike the bed wetting, and asked, “Can you go?”

Chen Bai Zhou’s legs were numb.

Shao Xian looked at the child’s small body and sighed helplessly.

“It’s okay. I will take you there, tell me where the toilet is.” 

Shao Xian thought it wouldn’t be difficult to hold Chen Bai Zhou but just with a slight lift of his arm, he was able to easily pick up the child.

Too light, somewhat like a sheet of paper.

Chen Bai Zhou said directions, and Shao Xian cursed again, the toilet was so far from the room!

The Chen family was really good!

Before going out, Shao Xian said, “Qian Wen Jie, stop fighting.”

Shao Xian stopped the two who were still busy fighting each other. 

Qian Wen Jie got up from the ground and slapped Chen Yu, and loudly provoked “Weak chicken!!”

Chen Yu was on the losing side, he no longer had the strength to howl.

In the living room, Bai Mei Juan was pinching her fingers nervously.

It was not that she didn’t hear the movement upstairs but she didn’t have the position to take care of it, and she wouldn’t have a good fruit if she provoked anyone.

After a while, the movement upstairs stopped, and heavy footsteps sounded as if someone was walking toward the bathroom.

After another few minutes, the footsteps came downstairs.

Bai Mei Juan turned to look at the person who came down and said, “Second Young Master Shao, Young Master Qian…Xiao Zhou.” 

Bai Mei Juan looked extremely uncomfortable as if she didn’t dare to look at the three of them at all.

Shao Xian’s expression had returned to normal, his big eyes curled up with a polite smile with no scheming.

Shao Xian crisply said, “Auntie Bai, I will  take Chen Bai Zhou to play at my house for a few days, okay??”

“Okay, of course.” The corners of the Bai Mei Juan’s mouth twitched.

This person was just a child but why did she feel a little cold looking at him?

“Thank you, Auntie.”

Shao Xian turned around, held Chen Bai Zhou, and directly walked out of Chen’s mansion without any extra expression on his face.

Along the way, Shao Xian’s face was so terrifying that even Qian Wen Jie didn’t dare to speak loudly.


Chen Bai Zhou lowered his head and softly apologized.

Shao Xian ignored Chen Bai Zhou but still held onto his hand.

“Xian Xian, you’re back…” Cai Ya Lan was sitting on the sofa reading a book when she saw Shao Xian coming back with his two friends.

With a very gentle smile, she said, “You take the children to sit first, and I will cut fruit for you all.”

“Mom…”, With a serious expression Shao Xian said, “You don’t need to cut fruits. Is Dr. Zhang free now? Can you let him come over quickly??”

Cai Ya Lan glanced at Chen Bai Zhou and got up from the sofa.

Cai Ya Lan said, “Then I will call Dr. Zhang and let Aunt Sun cut the fruit for you.”

After she left, the living room once again fell silent. 

Chen Bai Zhou lowered his head and carefully sat on the edge of the sofa, not daring to move at will.

“Move back.” Shao Xian couldn’t help but say.

In an extremely low voice, Chen Bai Zhou said, “Pants…dirty.”

Taking a deep breath, Shao Xian said, “Come with me.”

The two small attendants followed Shao Xian upstairs. 

Shao Xian brought them both into his room and pointed to the bathroom and said to Chen Bai Zhou.

“Go take a shower, and I will get you some clothes.”

Hearing it, Chen Bai Zhou was stunned for a moment, squinting his eyes to look slowly at Shao Xian.

Chen Bai Zhou’s one eye was red, and the other one was bruised. It looked funny and extremely sad, at the same time.

Shao Xian has basically determined that Chen Bai Zhou is Fu Bai Zhou.

Except for the similarity of the facial features between the two, the location of the tear mole was exactly the same.

Thinking of the scene that he had seen at the Chen family just now, Shao Xian couldn’t help but feel deep anger in his heart.

After being abused for more than ten years in such an environment, anyone could get sick.

Fu Bai Zhou didn’t kill anyone or set fire to Chen’s mansion was already enough to show his restraint.