Chen Bai Zhou tried his best to hold back his tears and lay motionless under the quilt.

Shao Xian searched around but still couldn’t find tissue paper, so he had to wipe Chen Bia Zhou’s tears with his hands.

With an adult-like expression, Shao Xian said, “The eyes haven’t recovered yet, so don’t cry.”

In response, Chen Bai Zhou gave a soft “umm”.

“Are you going to come and play at my house?” Shao Xian asked again.

“Where are you going?!” Chen Yu sneered, and seethingly said, “If you go, don’t think about coming back!”

Qian Wen Jie clicked his tongue and squinted at Chen Yu and said, “Are you still not tired of singing a one-man show by yourself?”

Hearing it, Chen Yu became so angry that he wanted to fight him but was shocked by Shao Xian’s dark eyes.

The big black eyes that were always praised by others were staring at him coldly at this time, making him take a step back in fear.

After realizing it, Chen Yu became angrier and said, “What do you want to do?? I will accompany you to fight!”

Shao Xian turned his face away and plainly said, “You are too ugly, you are hurting my eyes.”

This was a crit.

Chen Yu was just an eleven-year-old boy, with terribly strong self-esteem, who cared most about other people’s evaluation of his appearance.

Chen Yu was born by Chen Chang Jian and his first wife. Chen Chang Jian’s looks were very ordinary, and his first wife also looked very ordinary, so Chen Yu’s appearance was also very ordinary.

In the villa community, his appearance could only be regarded as the bottom among the other children.

How could he not be jealous of others’ good looks??

Even after coming from a poor family, Bai Mei Juan was able to marry Chen Chang Jian because of her face, she was very good-looking.

Although Chen Bai Zhou had blue-black eyes and a swollen face, from the perspective of facial features, his appearance was incomparable to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu couldn’t bully other children, but under Chen Chang Jian’s usual indifference and Bai Mei Juan’s weak behavior, he always vented his anger toward Chen Bai Zhou.

He even felt that Chen Bai Zhou was just a little ant that he could squeeze at any time at his will, and it didn’t matter even if the ant died in the process of venting.

Now that someone had come out to bring justice for that little ant, of course, he was not happy.

But this person was someone, he couldn’t provoke.

But no matter what, Chen Bai Zhou belonged to their Chen family, and Shao Xian could only support him for a few days. 

Was it possible that he could take care of and keep him for a lifetime?

“Shao Xian, don’t go too far!!” Chen Yu angrily yelled and could only restrain himself from hitting Shao Xian’s face.

Shao Xian ignored him completely, and seeing that Chen Bai Zhou was no longer crying, he said, “Let’s go, go to my house to play with me.”

“I…I…” Chen Bai Zhou was so anxious that he spoke incoherently, and his face turned red with shame.

Shao Xian frowned. 

Just now, when he entered the room, he smelled a strange smell, and now this strange smell had entered his nostrils again. 

Qian Wen Jie was more direct than Shao Xian. He pinched his nose and directly asked, “Why is there the smell of piss in the air?”

Shao Xian punched Chen Yu and didn’t retain his strength at all.

“Shao Xian!” Qian Wen Jie was at a loss and asked, “What’s the matter??”

Shao Xian didn’t have time to explain, he quickly lifted the quilt, revealing Chen Bai Zhou’s thin bony body.

Under the quilt, Chen Bai Zhou was naked, lying on the bed with no clothes on. 

His whole body was tightly bound with thick hemp ropes, turning his skin to purple-blue.

Beneath him, the sheets were soaked with urine.

“Fuckk!” Qian Wen Jie couldn’t take it anymore. 

After Shao Xian, he scuffled with Chen Yu with red eyes, and angrily said, “Are you fucking human?!”

Chen Yu roared back in reply.

“I will discipline him. What’s your matter? Shit!”

Shao Xian hurriedly untied the rope for Chen Bai Zhou, while reassuring him in a  shaking voice, “It’s alright…it’s alright, we will go to my house after undoing the rope. It’s not your fault, who doesn’t have an urgent need, right?? Let’s go out and go to the toilet.”

Chen Bai Zhou’s tears began to flow down again, he started crying in low voice.

Shao Xian breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he could cry, it was fine.