After finishing dinner, Jiang Muyun didn't go straight home.

She took off her high heels and changed into flat sandals, wiped off her lipstick, and went to the supermarket with a refreshed look.

There were quite a few things missing at home, and besides, she wanted to create the appearance of a normal life if she was going to live there for a long time, so as not to arouse any suspicion.

There was a large supermarket near Jiang Muyun's residential area, claiming to be a one-stop shopping destination with a wide range of products. The nearby residents liked to come here for shopping because the items were affordable and readily available.

Jiang Muyun pushed a small shopping cart and bought all the cooking essentials like oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar again.

As for rice and flour, it's not a big deal. The rice produced in X Province, where the Western Market is located, is well-known throughout the country. It's not surprising for her to eat rice from X Province.

But because she was looking for cheaper options when purchasing, most of the soy sauce, vinegar, and other common condiments in her space were from local brands in the Western Market. These brands haven't gained nationwide fame yet, at least not in this supermarket.

In the early stages of the apocalypse, the government organized several community door-to-door visits to appease the public.

In her previous life, Jiang Muyun lived alone in X City. She either stayed in the school dormitory or went to centralized shelters. These things she only heard of and never witnessed personally. No one could guarantee that no outsiders could enter her home.

If someone were to come in and see a native resident of South City like her with a bunch of non-local brands that are not available in the area, especially something as common as soy sauce that can be bought downstairs, it would indeed be very abnormal.

Should she claim that she has a special affinity for West City and intentionally purchased these items online?

Careful and cautious by nature, Jiang Muyun continued to fill her shopping cart while mentally expanding her list of food items to purchase.

Fresh milk and yogurt would be good to stock up on, and it wouldn't hurt to have some powdered milk that's convenient to store and can be easily brought out in front of others.

Also, remember to buy eggs.

When Jiang Muyun had just been reborn in West City, her mind was filled with staple foods that could fill her stomach and meat dishes with familiar flavors. She completely forgot about vegetables, fruits, and eggs.

However, the prices for these items are more or less the same regardless of where she buys them. She can buy them later when she returns to South City.

There are also homemade sausages from the supermarket, which were Jiang Muyun's favorite when she was a child.

How about buying a set of sausage stuffing tools herself?

Jiang Muyun quite enjoys eating various types of sausages.

Some snacks should be bought as well. How can life be complete without some puffed snacks?

This item can be postponed for now. Once she has purchased all the essential items, she can decide whether to buy snacks based on the remaining budget.


Jiang Muyun's gaze shifted away from the refrigerated display case; not far in front of her were a young man and woman pushing a small shopping cart with similar facial features.

Jiang Muyun immediately smiled and sweetly called out, "Brother Wu, Sister Wen!"

These two are longtime neighbors of Jiang Muyun's family. Their surname is Qin, and they live across the hall in apartment 1502.

The Qin family can be described as a family of loyalty and sacrifice. Both Grandfather Qin and Grandmother Qin were old comrades of Jiang Muyun's grandfather during their time serving in the military. Unfortunately, they suffered significant injuries when they were young, and their health never fully recovered. They passed away at a relatively young age.

A few years ago, the Qin family’s husband and wife sacrificed their lives while trying to save others, leaving behind only a pair of twin siblings who relied on each other for survival. They are the young man and woman standing in front of Jiang Muyun.

The older brother is called Qin Shiwu. He wears glasses and has a refined and handsome appearance. He studies clinical medicine and is currently a resident at the city hospital.

The younger sister is called Qin Shiwen. She used to be a high jump athlete but retired last year due to an injury. Currently, she works as a coach for the provincial team.

The two siblings, Qin Shiwu and Qin Shiwen, are eight years older than Jiang Muyun. Jiang Muyun has been playing with them since she was young. Even the farewell letter she wrote during her first depressed period had a copy for the siblings as well.

Of course, the matter ended with Qin Shiwen giving her a mental health lesson.

In the years that followed, Jiang Muyun was mercilessly ridiculed by Qin Shiwen for her farewell letter.

The siblings happened to have a rare day off together and decided to come to the supermarket for a stroll. They didn't expect to run into Jiang Muyun here.

Qin Shiwen approached and ruffled Jiang Muyun's head. "Aren't you supposed to be at school? Why are you back?"

Jiang Muyun unexpectedly didn't push away Qin Shiwen's hand.

She hugged Qin Shiwen tightly and buried herself in her neck, finding a comfortable spot. She murmured, "I decided to take a break from school. I'm a bit scared, and I don't want to leave home for now."

"It's okay. Since you're back, you can stay at home for a while and take a break. There's no rush to go back to school," Qin Shiwu reassured her, patting her back.

Jiang Muyun had always been a lively and cheerful person with a bold and intelligent personality. She excelled in her studies and was skilled at playing. Everyone in the neighborhood, from the grandparents to the younger siblings, liked her without exception.

This was the first time Qin Shiwen had seen her express her fear so openly. Thinking about her previous experiences, Qin Shiwen was filled with distress to the point of tears. She patted Jiang Muyun and said, "It's good that you're back. Come over to sister’s place sometime, and I'll fry some small fish for you to eat."

Jiang Muyun hugged Qin Shiwen tightly and didn't want to let go. Upon hearing her words, she raised her head and rested her chin on Qin Shiwen's shoulder, returning to her smiling face. "Then I want cumin, lots and lots of cumin."

Qin Shiwu laughed and replied, "No problem! This time, we'll make everything with cumin. I'll keep an eye on the pot for you, and as soon as it's ready, we'll sprinkle on the cumin seasoning."

Jiang Muyun smiled cheerfully and responded in agreement.

Upon hearing that, Qin Shiwen lifted her shoulder and directly tore Jiang Muyun off her, saying, "Stay away from me, you little brat."

Qin Shiwen, for some reason, has never liked the taste of cumin. She prefers spicy and numbing flavors instead.

In her opinion, fried food without spice is considered heresy!

But her brother and her next-door sister do not like to eat spicy food, so she can only enjoy her food alone every time.

Who would have thought that Jiang Muyun would be pushing her luck!

Jiang Muyun smiled mischievously. "Just a moment ago, you called me Yunyun, and now I'm suddenly a little brat. Sister Wen, am I worth just a bowl of small yellow croakers in your heart?"

Qin Shiwu ]tried to deflect, "Stop talking nonsense. How can you possibly be worth just a bowl of small yellow croakers in your sister's heart? It's obvious that you're only worth a pinch of chili flakes."

Then Qin Shiwu received a beating from his younger sister.

After the two siblings settled their dispute, Jiang Muyun decided to join them and go shopping together.

She needed to buy a new set of personal care products, as well as some fresh groceries. The large bottles of bottled water were also cost-effective, so she added them to her cart!

She also grabbed two big watermelons, a must-have for the summer. Jiang Muyun carried them with ease.

Crunchy watermelon is the best watermelon!

Including mosquito repellent lotion, Jiang Muyun didn't forget that either.

With a cart filled with miscellaneous items, the paper towels couldn't fit anymore, so Jiang Muyun temporarily borrowed the Qin siblings' cart as well.

On the way back home, the trio walked through the neighborhood. The Qin siblings and Jiang Muyun each had several large bags in their hands, which looked quite spectacular.

As they made their way back, it was the time when the elderly folks in the neighborhood took their walks to aid digestion. Along the way, they bumped into quite a few familiar faces.

After more than ten years, Jiang Muyun couldn't quite remember some of the neighbors she was less familiar with.

To avoid revealing any gaps in her memory, regardless of whether she knew them or not, whenever someone greeted her, Jiang Muyun would respond with a cheerful "Hello, Grandpa" or "Hello, Grandma."

Some of the neighbors who knew her grandfather couldn't help but ask a few questions when they saw Jiang Muyun. She simply explained that she wasn't feeling well and couldn't participate in the school's military training, so she decided to come back home and rest for a while.

When Jiang Muyun and her companions entered the elevator, they also encountered their neighbor, Aunt Wang, from the fourteenth floor.

Aunt Wang, seeing them carrying a bunch of things, became curious and started asking questions.

Jiang Muyun stuck to her story, saying that she thought she wouldn't be able to come back for a while, so she had thrown away many things at home, but now she had to buy them again.

Aunt Wang sighed and said, "You young people ah, isn't this wasting money? You've bought quite a lot; don't throw them away when you go back to school later."

As she spoke, she leaned over to take a look at what was inside the bags.

Before Qin Shiwen could say anything, Jiang Muyun directly handed a bag to Aunt Wang and said, "It just looks like a lot. They're mostly just items like toilet paper."

Aunt Wang was just looking for some gossip, so when Jiang Muyun opened the bag so readily, she glanced at it briefly and lost interest. She then started chatting with other neighbors about everyday matters.

Qin Shiwen quietly gave Jiang Muyun a thumbs-up.

A high one. Really high.

To say how bad Aunt Wang is, she’s not so bad.

She's just a little chatty, and she likes to pry about everything.

The younger generation, like Qin Shiwen, tends to value privacy and boundaries more, so they naturally don't enjoy chatting with Aunt Wang about these things.

Jiang Muyun gave Qin Shiwen a proud look in response.

In fact, if she didn't want people to feel that they were hoarding a lot of supplies, she wouldn't mind talking to Aunt Wang more.

In the ten years of the apocalypse, Jiang Muyun spent most of her time alone, which made her crave social interactions after being reborn. She could strike up a conversation with anyone and engage in even the most mundane topics with enthusiasm. Her social skills had improved by leaps and bounds.

When the elevator reached the fifteenth floor, they divided the bags among themselves. They made plans to have dinner at Qin's house the next evening, where they would enjoy the small yellow croakers. With her arms full of bags, Jiang Muyun finally entered her home.

When Jiang Muyun arrived home, the house had already been tidied up and cleaned. The freshly washed bed sheets and duvet covers were neatly folded and placed by the bed.

They were highly recommended by the siblings next door, and their skills are truly exceptional.

The two siblings next door are always busy; they are hardly ever at home during the day. Hiring a housekeeper is not cost-effective, and hiring temporary workers each time is troublesome. So they decided to purchase a package from this housekeeping company for regular deep cleaning sessions.

Even when 1503 first moved in, the house was cleaned by this company.

Satisfied, Jiang Muyun left a positive review for the cleaning company. Then she cleaned herself up, removing all the dirt and grime, until she looked as fresh as her clean home. She also made a long list of downloads on both of her computers. Finally, feeling relaxed and comfortable, she snuggled into her bed.

Cuddling under the blanket in a 16-degree air-conditioned room feels like heaven on Earth!

Tomorrow she has to stay at home, waiting for the door and window company to come and install the iron door. In the evening, she’ll be going to Qin's house for dinner, so she definitely won't be able to go out.

But time shouldn't be wasted, right?

Jiang Muyun opened a shopping app and started purchasing items with next-day delivery.