Zhang Tian said, "yes. And, to this day, I still love you. "

"Well, then why are you so..." She didn't say anything further: but everyone understood what it was.

Zhang Tian gently smiles and says, "Zhang Fan, I know what you want to say. You must think that I love you so much, why don't you believe you completely and completely. "

Zhang Fan did not speak, but it seems that this is what she meant.

Zhang Tian said, "Zhang Fan, I hope you can understand one thing. Love is not everything. What's more, I've always wanted you to be on guard at that time

Zhang Fan was surprised and said in surprise, "Zhang Tian, do you think so about me?"

Zhang Tian shook his head and said firmly, "of course not. Once that sail was my favorite. I can love her without reservation, to share all of my own with her. "

"Zhang Fan said:" you will also be the scar medicine qulun to him to see it. "

Zhang Tian said, "yes. But you've overlooked one thing. That sail is very understanding. She would never ask me for a wound healing drug. Because she loves me, she won't do anything that makes me feel embarrassed. I think you are totally wrong about that. "

Zhang Fan suddenly sneered, "maybe I was wrong." Then he turned and walked out slowly.

Zhang Tian couldn't help but ask, "Zhang Fan, where are you going?"

Zhang Fan said in silence, "go to a place where I really want to understand everything." Then he left.

This meal is tantamount to letting everyone part in a bad mood. However, at this moment, everyone's mood is very complicated, especially Zhang Tian. Although he has exposed the true face of Zhang Fan, his heart can't be happy, but he has a very sad feeling instead.

Since Zhang Fan left here, Zhang Tian and several of them have never seen her again, as if he had disappeared from here. At that time, Zhang Tian had a feeling of uncertainty.

At noon that day, he was busy working in the office. Suddenly, Dang Shanshan rushed into his office. See him, anxiously said: "Zhang Tian, she, she left."

Zhang Tianyi Leng, flustered said: "don't worry, Shanshan, slowly say: who left in the end."

Dang Shanshan sighed and said, "set sail and go."

"Gone? Where have you been? " Zhang Tian didn't understand the meaning of this.

Dang Shanshan shook her head, and her face was filled with infinite regret. She shook her head slightly and said, "I don't know. I went to her company to find her. Staff of their company said that Zhang Fan had suddenly resigned a few days ago and formally handed over the company to his adopted son. And she didn't know where she was

Come on, it seems that in the heart that conjecture after all or to confirm, Zhang Tianxin can not help feeling by what to give a blow. He said in a deep voice, "she just left, nothing left?"

Dang Shanshan said, "nothing." She seemed to think of something and said, "Oh, Zhang Tian, their staff said Zhang Fan asked you to go to her office. Said there was something left for you. "

Zhang Tian was stunned, "what I left. What? "

Dang Shanshan said, "I don't know, Zhang Tian. We'll find out if we go and have a look."

Zhang Tian answered. Immediately left with Dang Shanshan.

Open her office, inside dressed very neatly, looks like it has not left the same, everything is so familiar. Zhang Tian saw a letter on the table at a glance.

He came over at a brisk pace. Open the letter. It turns out that it was written by Zhang Fan. The paper is full of water stains. But people with a clear eye can see that this is a tear. What Zhang Fan wrote in the letter was very simple. I hope to see you again one day and get to know each other in the same old place.

Dang Shanshan was surprised and said, "well, the computer is on."

She moved the mouse, at this time, the room suddenly sounded melodious music. With the anger of the music, Zhang Tian heard that this was Ren Xianqi's old place. From this slightly melancholy song, Zhang Tian seems to have such a picture in his mind. In one night, in the still brightly lit office, Zhang Fan could not sleep, looking at the dark night outside and thinking about him. Perhaps, at that time, her mood was very complicated.

At that moment, Zhang Tian's eyes also shed a tear.

Seeing this, Dang Shanshan said softly, "Zhang Tian, why are you crying?"

Zhang Tian smiles, "it's OK."

Dang Shanshan said, "Zhang Tian, will Zhang Fan come back?"

Zhang Tian only said, "if we come back, we will meet in the old place."

It's calming down. From then on, Zhang Fan never appeared again.

Yufan'er company's operation is becoming more and more difficult, and Lu Kun has to make a difficult choice in this crossroads. Finally, after a few months of consideration, he finally decided to sell yufaner company. It was the most difficult decision he had ever made.When he announced this matter to Zhao Tianhua and Liu Peng, they both showed different degrees of appearance. Zhao Tianhua was naturally surprised. He can breathe a sigh of relief now. To be honest, the board has given him a lot of orders. And in order to invest in yufan'er company, Zhao Tianhua even sold a lot of his shares in the company. Now he is not a big shareholder in the company. In many things, it is basically a compromise with the board of directors.

Naturally, Liu Peng couldn't accept such a thing. He was so stupid at that time that he didn't say a word for a long time.

Finally, he suddenly stood up and said fiercely, "all these things are the good things that Zhang Tian, the bastard, has done. I will go to him now to settle accounts. I can't just decline so much." Then he left.

Although Zhao Tianhua tried to stop him, he still failed. Lu Kun finally patted him on the shoulder and said softly, "Tianhua, don't worry about him. Let him go. Maybe it's the best ending for it 2. "

Zhao Tianhua a Leng, some don't quite understand what he said in the end is what mean, looking at him in dismay. But LV Kun didn't say anything. At that time, his look was very complicated.

Zhang Tian was having a meeting with everyone in the conference room when he heard the noise outside. He came out to see Liu Peng. He was very angry and tried to rush here. Two or three security guards couldn't stop him.

Zhang Tian saw this and asked the security guard to let him go. "Liu Peng, I haven't seen you for a long time. Why are you so interested today? Why do you come to my place instead of working in your company

Liu Peng cried angrily, "Zhang Tian, you son of a bitch, I have nothing in the future. Yufaner company is going to sell. That's what you did. I won't let you go today. "

Seeing his anger, Zhang Tian snorted. I didn't pay attention to it at all.

Liu Peng immediately rushed over and hit him with his fist. However, Zhang Tian just flashed his body and raised his foot slightly, so Liu Peng fell to the ground. All of a sudden, his face was red with blood.

"Son of a bitch, I must settle the account with you today." Liu Peng tries to get up again.

Zhang Tian slowly walked to him, looked at him, and said coldly, "Liu Peng, this should be what I said. When you hurt Zhang Fan, do you think the matter will be settled like this? I tell you, it's not so simple. Today I'll work out the general ledger with you."

Liu Peng was startled. His face suddenly turned white and murmured, "what do you want to do?"

A smile appeared at the corner of Zhang Tian's mouth. "You'll spend the rest of your life in the police station."

Zhang Tian then dialled 110 and Liu Peng was taken away.

In fact, for a long time. He has found all the evidence through the relationship between Jin Renguang and Zhang Fan, as well as the person who killed Zhang Fan and Xiang Yuying. Zhang Tianzhi has always kept secret. In fact, he told the news only after he successfully won the company on the day of the auction. Isn't it more shocking.

Liu Peng was arrested and left, Zhang Tian gently said: "the next two big fish."

In fact, many things are beyond people's imagination. Even Zhang Tian could not have imagined it. Zhao Tianhua was very excited. He thought that the package of yufan'er company had been sold successfully. He could be proud of himself. However, when he came to the company, the board of directors gave him a formal notice. After a collective vote, the board formally dismissed all his positions in the company.

Zhao Tianhua is stupid. That night, he stayed up all night, and for a while, all his thoughts fell apart. He's gone.

The next morning there was a big news in the city. Zhao Tianhua, a well-known entrepreneur, fell from a building late last night and died. Whether suicide or homicide is still under investigation. However, this news had a great impact on Zhang Tian and them.

In particular, Dang Shanshan did not say a word when she got the news. For a long time, her eyes shed a tear. Zhang Tian knows that in Dang Shanshan's heart, there is still a feeling for Zhao Tianhua, which belongs to the memory of the best campus ever.

The auction was held as scheduled. In fact, everything was well directed. Zhang Tian finally still at the lowest price will yufan'er company smoothly acquired in hand.

At this time, Lu Kun and Lu Tian left the meeting.

Lu Kun's expression was a little lonely. He chuckled and said, "Zhang Tian, you won this time."

Zhang Tian, with no expression on his face, said, "I've never won."

Although Lu Kun did not understand what he meant by this, he did not ask any more questions. He said faintly, "Zhang Tian, this is the last time. I won't give you any more opportunities. "

Zhang Tian said with a smile, "do you mean you still want to make a comeback?"

Lu Kun said: "Zhang Tian, although you won this time, I tell you that I have not completely failed. I still have a company, and I'm sure to get back on my feet. "Zhang Tian said with a smile, "I'm afraid you don't have a chance."

Lu Kun was surprised, "you, what do you mean by that?"

Zhang Tian then looked behind him. At this time, two policemen came over, and Lu Kun's face looked very ugly.

Zhang Tian said: "Lv Kun, what you have done to Yu Ying and Zhang Fan is now known to all. That criminal has been controlled by the police. You can go to jail

LV Kun said in dismay: "no, no, Zhang Tian, you can't do this. I still have the theory of removing scars. Don't you want it? "

With a faint smile, Zhang Tian said, "don't worry about it. I've bought all those people in your family. If I'm right, those books should have been delivered to my office by now.

At that moment, Lu Kun couldn't say anything and sat on the ground dejectedly.

Looking at LV Kun being taken away, Zhang Tian said silently, "actually, LV Kun, none of us has won. I should say that I am still losing now. Because I lost the woman I love the most. If I can, I can trade everything for them

He took a deep breath and came out slowly. Walk to the door, suddenly see a few people standing not far away, but Dang Shanshan, NIA to LAN. And there's the one who's most exciting to him. Set sail. She held Siyu in her arms and looked at him with a gentle smile. That look was familiar to him.

At that moment, he also stopped. Just looking at her, just like how many met, each other that kind of expression gaze. At this moment, a song suddenly floated in the street, which was Ren Xianqi's old place.

“…… The love that I had was still in my old place. I still remember how much wind and rain we had... "

The end of the book