Chapter 1659 - Love

Chapter 1659


Yang Chen’s expression, on the other hand, was a bit troubled. Opening his mouth, he gasped awkwardly, “All right… All right… Ruoxi darling, I… I know you’re happy… How come you… have so much strength now? Ouch… I can’t breathe…”

He was caught between laughter and tears because Lin Ruoxi was holding his neck in a death grip, making it a little difficult for him to breathe.

Fortunately, his life was not in danger. If he had just come back to life only to be strangled to death by a woman in a tight hug, he would be devastated.

Lin Ruoxi immediately let go of him. Her eyes were teary as she pouted and kept hitting his thigh with her fists, not even daring to touch the man’s chest.

“You’re still teasing me! How dare you tease me! Who gave you the permission to kill yourself! Who told you to kill yourself! You’re a bad man… How could you abandon our daughter and me and try to leave on your own…”

Lin Ruoxi could not stop crying. Her cold, ice-like demeanor from just now was long gone, for she was so fragile as like a flower that could die at any time.

Yang Chen could only hug her tenderly, patting her back and coaxing her with a warm voice. There were hints of helplessness in his eyes but also warmth and happiness.

That scene made even Venus and several other main Gods burst into tears. It felt like the sky was no longer gloomy and the air was no longer cold.

When Yang Chen got Lin Ruoxi to stop crying, he finally had the time to wave his hand towards the Kunlun Mirror in the air.

The Kunlun Mirror obediently shrank, losing its glow and turning back to the size of a palm before falling into Yang Chen’s hand and restoring its calmness once again.

Everyone looked at the tiny mirror with a strange gaze since the earlier miracle was performed by that small, unattractive object.

While wiping her tears, Lin Ruoxi stared at the small mirror with gratitude.

Yang Chen reached out to stroke the surface of the Kunlun Mirror a few times. Revealing a somber look, he said, “Hey, thanks for your help this time, Ah Kun. Let’s get along well in the future. You saved my life, so I will bring you to live a good life in the future. I definitely won’t mistreat you, okay?”

Ah… Ah Kun?

Everyone, including Meng Xiaoyao, had a peculiar look on their faces.

Yet, Kunlun Mirror seemed to understand Yang Chen’s words as it flashed a seven-colored light in response.

Yang Chen laughed and raised his eyebrows. “Haha, it actually said that this name is not nice?” he said to the crowd, pointing to Kunlun Mirror. “From now on, I’ll refer to him as Little Lun. What are your thoughts? ”

Little… Lun!?

Kunlun Mirror flickered again, but that time around, it flickered twice, as if it was protesting twice.

The crowd was about to faint. He was actually communicating with the Kunlun Mirror.

“Hubby, can Kunlun Mirror really understand you?” Lin Ruoxi blinked and could not help but ask him curiously. Even if she had Athena’s knowledge, she could not possibly understand what Kunlun Mirror was.

It was also a question that Meng Xiaoyao and Yu Xuening were eager to know, and they could not help but look at Yang Chen expectantly.

Yang Chen slapped his forehead. “Oh, my. I was so focused on naming Little Lun that I forgot to tell you guys what had happened…”

He then quickly gave a brief account of what had happened before.

It turned out that Yang Chen himself also thought he was dead, but after he lost consciousness, for some reason, his spirit inexplicably appeared in a strange space.

That space was a miniature of that previous universe. It turned out to be a static space-time formed by Kunlun Mirror to preserve his spirit.

The spirit of the immortal weapon in Kunlun Mirror then informed him it had decided to recognize him as its master from then on, and that was why it had chosen to protect his spirit from disappearing.

As for why it chose Yang Chen as his master, it was naturally because, at the moment before his death, he had stepped over an unknown threshold and set foot in a completely new realm.

If Yang Chen did not have Kunlun Mirror, he would indeed be dead, and if he did not even break through that threshold till his death, then he would also be dead.

By chance, Yang Chen had Kunlun Mirror and had the qualifications and strength for it to acknowledge him as its master.

As for why Kunlun Mirror chose Yang Chen, of course, it would not just be because of the strength issue. Even so, Kunlun Mirror would not try to explain anything. It was the feeling of the artifact spirits, so there was no need for any clear reason.

Yang Chen saw everything that happened after his “death” when he was in the space-time of the Kunlun Mirror. Originally, he wanted to come out earlier, but the spirit of Kunlun Mirror was adamant about introducing the origin and power of Kunlun Mirror before letting his spirit return to its place.

The crowd could not help but marvel at the immortal artifact’s unbelievable capabilities.

Yu Xuening giggled. “I sure did not misjudge you. You have finally made yourself proud. How does it feel to step over that threshold?”

Yang Chen pursed his lips. “I just somehow understood it. It’s thanks to the help of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would take a long time to come close to the threshold.”

“What threshold? Are you guys talking in riddles?” Lin Ruoxi frowned, not quite liking the way Yu Xuening was smiling at Yang Chen and saying something she couldn’t understand.

Yang Chen scratched his head and explained with a little difficulty, “Uh… it simply means that the Dao I used to comprehend is limited to Earth. When it’s out of Earth or out of the parallel space, it’s not so much of a big deal… But the dark matter in the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning is a power of the origin of the universe, and it brought me into more direct contact with, the most primitive kind of Dao of the universe… That threshold, in fact, is to cross over from a small kind of Dao to a big kind of Dao, a… cosmic, universal kind of Dao.”

Although Yang Chen had spoken the literal meaning very straightforwardly, it was clear that the others present could not understand the true content.

However, there was one thing that affected the Gods deeply—the fact that one could ignore the space law by having Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning which contained the dark matter.

Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning with the dark matter was already so powerful, but dark matter was only a “ticket” to the Dao of the universe. That was enough to see how majestic, vast, and unfathomable the realm one entered when crossing this threshold from “small” to “big.”

Meng Xiaoyao sighed. “It seems that I am the one who has failed to see the light. There are various Daos in the world, and they all lead to the same destination. It’s such a simple truth, yet I have not been able to truly understand it.”

Yu Xuening teased, “Now that Yang Chen can take over your duty, shouldn’t you be very happy? At last, you can leave the Earth in peace and pursue your great path.”

Meng Xiaoyao knew that the fox was joking about himself, but he had also thought many things through at that moment. The fact that Yang Chen had managed to cross that threshold from another path had also made him understand a lot of things, which was a kind of gain.

In the end, Meng Xiaoyao raised his head and looked deeply at Yang Chen with a smile. “You won. I’m not as good as you, but I also want to thank you. From now on, I can leave in peace.”

Yang Chen had nothing to say to him, so he waved his hand and said, “If you want to go, you can go, but before that, remember to fix the array and clean up the mess you made. It was all a scheme set up by you, so I don’t want to pick up after you.”

Meng Xiaoyao felt helpless. This kid hasn’t been afraid of me before, and now that his strength is on par with mine, he’s extraordinarily arrogant.

“I’ll fix the Twelve Divine Gods and Demons Array. It’s not difficult, but those demons require people to capture and destroy them, so I won’t deal with them one by one. As for the damage caused by the cooling of the earth…”

He gazed at the Gods and smiled mysteriously. “I will invite one person to come and restore the vitality of the earth as soon as possible.”

That remark clearly indicated something. Immediately, a few of the Gods had an idea.

“Dionysus! Do you know where Dionysus is?!” Hera asked, stepping forward.

Yu Xuening frowned and asked, “What sus? Who’s that?”

Meng Xiaoyao explained with a smile, “It’s Dionysus, one of the main Gods of their race. That fellow doesn’t like to fight and prefers peace, so has always hidden from the others, shrinking away and refusing to come out. But his divinity has a special power of ’new birth.’ He has two particularly interesting things: one is the fox skin he wears, which has the power to regenerate plants, and the other is his wine cup, which turns all the liquid it holds into wine. When spilled on plants, it causes them to grow rapidly. As soon as he comes out, it won’t take long for the plants that have been frozen to death all over the world to recover quickly, and with the earth having warmed up, it will naturally be restored as before.”

Yu Xuening snorted coldly and said disdainfully, “I have no problem with the wine cup, but that fox skin, if I ever see it, I’ll kill him!”

The Gods were bewildered, but Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi knew Yu Xuening was a nine-tailed fox and thus were instantly amused by her words.

At that point, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Where did Dionysus hide? Athena searched for him all over the world but still couldn’t find him.”

Meng Xiaoyao pretended to be mysterious and said to Yu Xuening and Yang Chen, “You both know him…”

“We?” Yu Xuening was puzzled. “I’ve been in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm for over 50,000 years, could he be…”

Meng Xiaoyao nodded and smiled. “He is the current leader of the demon cultivators in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, Zi Xiao.”

“It’s him?! Then how come I didn’t notice anything different about him!?” she said in confusion.

“His cultivation level isn’t low, so it’s not difficult for him to conceal his divinity deliberately.” Meng Xiaoyao looked at Lin Ruoxi and said, “As for Athena, her Great Prophecy Technique can’t search the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, let alone when Zi Xiao purposefully hid himself. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to find him for a while if I hadn’t been watching.”

“This guy, he sure is good at acting.” Yang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly upon remembering that Zi Xiao was addicted to wine and was so friendly with Song Tianxing at the first meeting. Moreover, the latter was in no hurry about anything, going through the Sky Tournament rigidly. When he saw Yu Xuening, he was even terrified and directly admitted defeat. It showed that he had no intention to come out at all.

In any case, the ten-thousand-year battle of destiny had finally come to an end.

Both humans and the gods would let go of the past and welcome a new day.

Yang Chen still remembered that Meng Xiaoyao had hidden Jane, so he sternly ordered him to hurry up and let her go, or he would not let him off.

Meng Xiaoyao naturally would not confine Jane and promised to let her go back to the island immediately.

Only then was Yang Chen satisfied. Holding Lin Ruoxi’s hand, he said with a smile, “Let’s go home.” She smiled sweetly and nodded her head in agreement.

Soon, the couple, just like how Meng Xiaoyao and Yu Xuening had appeared, the couple took a step into the void and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

The Gods put away Gaia’s Heart, sealed it again with Selene, and gave it to Poseidon for safekeeping.

They then looked at each other with a smile of relief. It was time for them to think about the days ahead, so they said goodbye and left.

Peace had returned.

Meng Xiaoyao and Yu Xuening stood in the sky above the North Pole, feeling the warmth of the daylight returning as they reflected and comprehended what they had experienced.

“Xiao Xue, what do you think that kid relied on to win over me?” After a while, Meng Xiaoyao suddenly frowned and asked contemplatively, “Is it because I am not as enlightened as him? It can’t be… his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was based on my perceptions… Or could it… be because of his destiny, his Kunlun Mirror, or something else?”

Yu Xuening beamed and gave a gentle glance at the man beside her. At that moment, she felt that Meng Xiaoyao had returned to the way he was when she first met him, the guy who liked to think and was a bit introverted.

“Actually, in my opinion… the one who won, in the end, was not Yang Chen, nor his fate, nor his Kunlun Mirror… and it’s certainly not you.”

Meng Xiaoyao turned his head in confusion and said in disbelief, “Then who do you think won?”

She stretched out her hand and took one of his. Parting her lips, she said in a voice that sounded like a wind chime swaying in the wind.

“It’s love.”

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