26 Chapter 26: An Unexpected Outcome

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Xu Fan leisurely walked through the bamboo forest.

Seeing the bees swarming all over the forest, Xu Fan felt like he had come to his own backyard.

“You are all my family.”

A dreamy light radiated from Xu Fan, and all the swarms of bees saw Xu Fan as if he were the person they respected the most.

Wherever he went, the bees gave way, parting to the sides like they were welcoming their Highness.

Looking at the beehives that were more than three meters high, Xu Fan’s eyes began to shine brightly.

“I’m going to get rich in one go, how many jin of honey is this?”

“100 jin is 200,000 Spirit Stones, 1,000 jin is 2,000,000 Spirit Stones. 10,000 jin is……”

“If I can get 10,000 jin of honey, I can achieve financial freedom in the Cultivation World.”

At this moment, Xu Fan saw a Queen Bee that was several times larger than the normal Soul Eater Bees staring at him in front of a huge beehive.

“Your Mind Power is quite strong, you managed to resist my Illusion Heart Technique.”

“Now, just be obedient and sink into your trance.”

With a gentle tap in the air, a purple dot of light appeared and arched gracefully towards the Queen Bee.

Just then, a protective shield of spiritual light appeared around the Queen Bee, blocking Xu Fan’s mesmerizing technique. At the same time, Xu Fan received a message.

It turned out to be one of Heavenly Gate’s businesses and a reward for the Secret Realm. Those who came to the Secret Realm with the ability could steal honey on their own, up to 1,000 jin.

“Ah, my dream of getting rich is shattered.” Xu Fan said with a modicum of disappointment.

At this moment, in the Cloud Continent of Heavenly Gate, an Integration Stage Elder was startled and then slowly said, “Not bad, a Qi Refining Stage cultivator who managed to fool the Soul Eater Bee Swarm. He almost controlled the Queen Bee.”

“It seems that I’m going to be at a loss this time.” The Integration Stage Elder said with a tinge of heartache.

Xu Fan, within the Secret Realm, was happily collecting the Bee King Honey.

Just as Xu Fan had collected 500 jin and was about to continue, a faint voice sounded.

“Junior, that’s enough.”

Xu Fan immediately stopped, saluted towards the void, and said, “As you command.”

Without any further words, he summoned the Lingfeng Boat and flew off into the distance.

After flying a hundred li away from the bamboo forest, Xu Fan smirked, “How stingy, only 500 jin.”

Although he complained about the stinginess, his heart was already about to burst with excitement. He was now calculating what to buy after selling the honey.

A top-grade Artifact Pill Refining Furnace was a must.

Artifact sets for Refining Artifacts also had to be purchased.

And all the techniques in the Book Pavilion must be bought too.


Suddenly, a familiar sound of tearing through the air could be heard. A sword light rainbow flew towards the direction Xu Fan had just left.

Xu Fan, upon hearing the sound, didn’t even think before adding another layer of light shield to himself, physically making himself invisible in mid-air.

“Zhu Jiao has got weapons, and now he’s coming to give me money again. I wonder how many jin of honey Zhu Jiao can get.”

At the same time, the Integration Stage Elder who was just lamenting his losses earlier was no longer calm, and even a little angry.

“There are already so many monsters in the Qi Refining Stage.”

“He’s not even listening to my advice, is he trying to make me go bankrupt?”

With that said, the Integration Stage Elder struck out with a mysterious light, directly penetrating through space and entering the Secret Realm.

At the lair of the Soul Eater Bees, Ye Xiaoyao was happily using the Four Seas Bottle to collect honey, saying joyfully, “I didn’t expect that falling back to the Qi Refining Stage would have such benefits.”

“Over 10,000 jin of Soul Eater Bee Honey, more than 2,000,000 Spirit Stones. This should be enough to get my Master to invite a Mahayana Stage cultivator to diagnose the problem in my body.”

Just then, a mysterious light that seemed to have come from the sky directly expelled Ye Xiaoyao from the bamboo forest.

“Soul Eater Bee Bamboo Forest is sealed, only to be opened after the three Secret Realms.”

As soon as he saw the protective shield outside the bamboo forest, this information came to his mind.

“How stingy.” Ye Xiaoyao also pursed his lips and said.

At this moment, a voice emerged in Ye Xiaoyao’s mind.

“Young man, are you willing to avenge this Immortal Emperor?”

“This Immortal Emperor is from Sky Rainbow World…………..”

Not knowing that his little friend had already embarked on a journey of destiny, Xu Fan was now scouring the world for the legacy of a Refining Master. Xu Fan could be called a nouveau riche youngster, as he had stopped seeking things worth tens or hundreds of Spirit Stones a day.

When he encountered a small stream or lake, he would disembark and explore.

When he encountered dangerous mountains and peaks, he would disembark and explore.

When he encountered dangerous plains, he would disembark and explore.

Wherever possible, he would explore.

Hard work paid off; Xu Fan looked at the antique alchemy room in front of him and fell into deep thought.

“The legacy of an Alchemy Master is acceptable.”

Xu Fan harvested a bunch of Ancient Pill Formula Jade Slips, as well as a sealed Pill Refining Furnace.

“No way, refining pills is not as fragrant as refining artifacts; continue searching.” Xu Fan said resolutely.

With one day left before the end, Xu Fan looked at the thousands of Technique Jade Slips in the ruins, not knowing what expression to have.

“Caring too much about flowers doesn’t make them bloom; carelessly planting willows creates a grove.”

“This cabinet full of Technique and Divine Technique Jade Slips is worthwhile; at least it’ll kill time when bored.”

Xu Fan took out a Jade Slip and started watching.

“Summoning Technique, I didn’t expect this to exist in the Cultivation World.”

“Treasure Bag Skill, can the Spirit Stones in a Space Ring be saved?”

“Waning Moon Skill, this one is a bit evil.”

“True Spirit Technique, communicating with True Spirits.”

Xu Fan became more and more excited as he watched, until a voice interrupted his enlightenment.

“One month has passed; the Secret Realm is closing.”

In an instant, Xu Fan appeared in mid-air above Tianmi Peak, then descended.

Luckily, Xu Fan reacted quickly and used the Light Body Technique to stop in mid-air.

As a result, a group of people waited in mid-air for a long time for an Elder’s speech, which never came. Gradually, everyone dispersed and returned home, starting to count their own gains.

At this time, Wang Yulun rode a Flying Crane with Murong Qian’er and approached Xu Fan.

“Brother Xu, let me be the host today; how about Drunken Immortal Tower?”

“Qian’er and I would like to express our gratitude to Brother Xu for saving our lives.”

Both looked at Xu Fan with grateful eyes.

“Alright, after roughing it for a month, I’d love to have a good feast.”

In Drunken Immortal Tower, Xu Fan ordered nearly a thousand Spirit Stones’ worth of dishes without hesitation. In the outer sect’s wine pavilion, this was already top-tier.

If it weren’t for Wang Yulun’s increasingly distressed face, Xu Fan would have ordered a few more dishes.

Xu Fan found an interesting technique among the pile of Jade Slips, called Satiety Skill. Under the effect of this technique, the food eaten would be quickly digested, and the nutrients and Spiritual Qi in the food would be used to strengthen the cultivator’s physique.

“Brother Xu, can you finish all this? I’m not complaining about spending too many Spirit Stones.”

“I just don’t want to waste.”

You are complaining about spending too many Spirit Stones, Xu Fan glanced at Wang Yulun.

“Let’s make an agreement: I’ll finish this table, and I’ll order another one. How about that?” Xu Fan said playfully.