When Han Fei opened the emergency room door, the lights at the whole building went out. They fell into darkness. Endless prayers and wishes poured out of the walls. The divine patterns flowed. The separation between life and death was imprinted on the corridor. Even time couldn’t wash away the perimortem wails and cries. The despair that exuded out of Han Fei’s body mixed with the building. He lifted his head to look into the emergency room.

Names surfaced on the white walls. The desire for life turned into shackles, with one end left in humanity, the other end dropping into the abyss. On the wall covered in memories, Han Fei saw a scary shadow.

Big Sin was like some kind of religious painting. It was carved into the wall. Its body was bound by shackles, it couldn’t exit the hospital wall and enter this memory world.

“Big Sin?” Han Fei called out softly. The giant shadow in the wall started to raise the storm of tragedy as a response to its owner. The shackles pulled tight. Big Sin, who was able to destroy altars easily, matched his match in Fu Sheng’s altar.

Han Fei tried to move forward but the despair within him was not strong enough to sustain his movement. The prayers of the soul resisted him. “It looks like I need to collect all his seven despairs first.” Since he couldn’t force his way in, Han Fei quickly turned around.

Just as he was about to leave the corridor, Fu Yi yelled again. It felt like someone had shoved a metal ball into his brain. He almost fell. The pain shot through his body. Han Fei could feel Fu Yi spreading through his limbs. He cut himself with Rest in Peace but he failed to fully exterminate Fu Yi. By now, Fu Yi knew Rest in Peace couldn’t really kill Han Fei so he became more fearless. “Fu Sheng’s despairs strengthen Fu Yi. Or rather Fu Yi was Fu Sheng’s biggest despair all along.”

With teetering steps, Han Fei walked back. Doctor Yan moved to help him. “You also can’t approach the altar? You were so close to the core.”

“I need more despair so I need your help to destroy the other labs at Building Seven.” Han Fei wanted to transfer all the despair left at the hospital into his body. He would clean up his son’s painful past so he could have a new start. Since he had chosen to help Fu Sheng, this was something he needed to bear. “I think I get it now. If I chose to destroy Fu Sheng, then I would slowly turn into Fu Yi. Fu Sheng would take all the despair but I will survive. However, I will combine with Fu Yi and become the new Fu Yi.”

The changes at Building Seven attracted the hospital’s attention. The dark Building Two returned to normal. More things headed to Building Seven. “Quick, we don’t have much time!”

The door to the hair transplant center was kicked down. The pool of black hair was like a swamp.

“My power is useless on it, so I can’t help you.” Zhang Xi stayed away from this lab. “The doctor of this lab hasn’t really shown itself so no one knows what is really inside.”

“Shall we visit the other labs first?” Worm was afraid. Humans were always afraid of the unknown.

“Perhaps we can use fire.” Doctor Yan glanced at Qiang Wei. “We can use fire to light up the oil that flows out of the liposuction center. How about we burn both the centers down at the same time?”

“Body fat has a high concentration of water, they won’t ignite so easily.”

“Normal fire might not work but the black flame of hatred should.” Doctor Yan cut open his chest to reveal a weak ember. “Zhuang Wen hid a spark of hatred inside my body.”

“Where is Zhuang Wen now?” Han Fei knew Zhuang Wen also followed them into the memory world but until now, he hadn’t seen her.

“I don’t know. She implanted this in me because she didn’t trust me. If I did something bad to you, I’d be burned to death by this flame.” Doctor Yan smiled sadly, “I really don’t understand why a murderous Pure Hatred would care about you so much.”

“Either way, let’s try this out.” Han Fei walked in front with some difficulty. The pain in his brain came in waves in the past. However, after Han Fei approached the altar and triggered Fu Sheng’s despair, the pain became unbearable. Fu Yi became a lot stronger.

“Zhuang Wen? Pure Hatred?” Qiang Wei silently memorized these terms. “Are Pure Hatreds that scary?” While he mumbled, Worm sidled over. This crazy player looked at Han Fei with respect and admiration. When he was close to Qiang Wei, he warned, “Don’t have any bad ideas. If you do anything to fail his mission, don’t blame me for not caring about our old relationship. I am on his side unconditionally.”

“Have your conditions worsened?” Qiang Wei held his ruined face and looked at Worm with shock. He didn’t expect the strangest player among them to become so loyal to Han Fei within a few days. “What has he done to you?”

Worm didn’t answer. He carried Du Jing and ran towards Han Fei. He didn’t dare to walk beside Han Fei. He made sure he was an arm’s length from Han Fei. Qiang Wei who saw this was even more confused.

The group came to the third floor. The corridor had fully changed already. The fat glued to the walls and mirrors. The air seemed to freeze with a horrible stench.

“I’ll handle this.” Doctor Yan walked to the liposuction center alone. He pierced his finger through his cheek. “After leaving this world, I will return to my usual state. Many people will be tempted by the false hope.” His finger slid down. Doctor Yan’s human skin hid a scarred face. He pulled the wound right to his chest. The blood dripped on the black flame of hatred. Doctor Yan used his blood to wrap around the spark and slowly took it out. Doctor Yan bent down and pushed open the door of the liposuction center.

The horrible smell invaded Doctor Yan. Inside the lab, several machines kept working. In the middle of the machine was a giant meat mountain. The person moved his giant arms to shove the patients and nurses into his giant mouth. No one knew what became of the consumed individuals. The machines attached pipes into the meat mountain and kept pumping out fat from under the skin. Doctor Yan walked to the machines until he couldn’t go any further. Then, he carefully reached the flame towards the meat mountain. When the black flame touched the meat monster, the large monster started to tremble. The weak spark suddenly danced. Endless cries came from deep inside the fat. The black flame found the perfect fuel. In the blink of an eye, it spread on the monster!

Doctor Yan and the monster screamed. The lab felt like it was about to collapse. A lot of smoke came out. The black flame could burn a soul.

“Drag Doctor Yan out now!” Han Fei shouted. Zhang Xi used her power to control Doctor Yan to move him out of the lab. The black flame spread quickly. Doctor Yan was surprised by the flame’s effectiveness. The meat mountain inside the liposuction center screamed. The fire burned larger. It spread from the center of the lab and burned through the pipes and the medical devices. Then it started to move outside. It was like a giant black fireball. The fat that covered the ground was lit up. The meat mountain couldn’t survive anymore and collapsed in the black flame. The small spark became an uncontrollable inferno in just half a minute!

In the black flame, one could hear a woman’s maddening cackle.

“Back up! We need to leave this floor!” The flame was spreading quickly. This floor couldn’t be saved.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve shattered the despair into the body sculpting and liposuction center. You’ve obtained EXP and His Fifth Despair. Your stamina has increased slightly.

“His Fifth Despair: He took the medication and cooperated with the treatment in the hopes to leave the hospital. But he became more sleepy and muddle-headed. He knew his sickness would never heal because he had more problems. Not too long after that, he might really be ill.”

After getting that mission, Han Fei immediately pulled off Worm’s guard coat, soaked it in the fat, and reached it into the black flame. No one else could approach the black flame but the flame didn’t harm Han Fei.

“Quick! Back to the first floor!” Holding the burning black flame, Han Fei ran back to the first floor. When they arrived, the monsters were already gathered outside Building Seven. The ugly things were rapidly moving here. There was a small problem at Building Two but someone was trying to burn down Building Seven!

“We don’t have time already.” Han Fei opened the door to the hair transplant center and barged in with the black flame. Pain, despair, and negative emotions are the perfect fuel for the black flame. It didn’t take time for the fire to burn inside the center. The black hair kept moving but it couldn’t put out the black fire. The more it struggled, the quicker the flame spread. As the flame became larger, a dwarf in a white coat crawled out of the pool of hair. His limbs had atrophied. He couldn’t even move normally but it was not a normal circumstance now. If he didn’t run, he’d die in the flame. He crawled to the door but his hair blocked the way. He was consumed by the black flame.

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve shattered the despair in the hair transplant center. You’ve obtained EXP and His Sixth Despair. Your intelligence increases slightly.

“His Sixth Despair: He abandoned all struggle and became numb. He buried his heart in the dark.”

“I lack one last hope.” Han Fei saw the ghosts outside Building Seven. He knew he didn’t have much time left. The black flame of hatred burned through the building. A woman’s laughter echoed in the flame. No one realized Zhuang Wen’s location but as the black flame burned, Han Fei felt Zhuang Wen was quite close. She might be trapped inside the altar like Big Sin. Hiding the spark inside Doctor Yan was all she could do.

“If that’s true, then I have to open the altar door to let them in!” Han Fei tore open his shirt. He lit it with the black flame and then staggered upstairs. Six despairs affected Han Fei. Fu Sheng’s experience was like six thorny vines bound around his soul. To make things worse, after Fu Yi felt Fu Sheng’s despair, he became stronger. The monster would only bully his family. Fu Sheng’s despair enhanced his existence. He envied everything Han Fei had and hated Han Fei for changing his fate.

Han Fei’s steps became heavier. As he took on more despair for Fu Sheng, he became weaker while Fu Yi became stronger. When Fu Sheng was studying, Fu Yi was the source of his despair.

In the memory world, Han Fei was like the lock for the box that stored all the despair. If he gave up and collapse, the most despairing thing in this world would be released. Han Fei finally understood everything at this point of his inheritance mission.

The final boss at the Mirror God’s world was the mall boss; the final boss at Fu Sheng’s memory world was Fu Yi, or Han Fei himself.

“I will pave the path for you so that you won’t have such a despair-filled future.” Han Fei struggled to the seventh floor and Han Fei walked to the last lab—Injections and beauty treatment center. It was a normal-sounding lab and there was nothing strange around it. However, Doctor Yan and Doctor Zhang Xi were nervous like this was a huge battle.

“This is the last room. It might be dangerous but someone has to do the correct thing.” When Han Fei entered the hospital, he was alone but now he had many people around him. He opened the door and a doctor was standing inside the large lab. Her body was covered tightly and only a beautiful pair of eyes was exposed.

The doctor turned around when she heard someone come in. She glanced at everyone and put down the needle she was holding. The giant needle didn’t contain any medicine but a pleading human face.

“Get her!” Han Fei would never waste time to take when he had the advantage. He used the black flame to ignite the cupboards in the lab and charged in with Rest in Peace. Zhang Xi starred at the female doctor and mumbled. The most surprising was Doctor Yan. His tall body expanded, his skin cracked to expose the ugly mess underneath. “Ever since I was here, I’ve killed quite a number of doctors and patients. I used them to create this new skin. This is such a waste.” Doctor Yan was a Large Lingering Spirit, he stopped holding back.

The female doctor didn’t panic. She slowly injected herself with the needle. The wails of the face softened. After the injection was complete, the doctor tossed the empty needle into the medical waste bin. There were already a lot of used syringes there.

The female doctor slowly pulled down her mask to reveal her perfect face. She smiled at Han Fei. “Fu Yi, you will never escape.”

“Du Zhu?” Han Fei halted. The female doctor looked just like Du Zhu but her presence was weaker like she was a failed product.

After the female doctor heard Han Fei, she pulled off her coat. Many of Du Zhu’s faces grew on her body.

“You are our favorite toy. You will never leave us!”

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