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Title: We were deaf and blind in those years.

I want to jump off a building to calm down. Does anyone want to be together?

1L: here, when I write my suicide note, I will accompany you to the rooftop.

2L: The typhoon is a bit big today, sisters remember to wear more clothes. (Sniffing)

3L: Okay, thank you sisters on the third floor for reminding me. I am going to put on my newly bought down jacket, which will warm my little torn heart (wiping tears)

4L: sisters, calm down click it! The world is still so beautiful, why do you have to jump off the building!

5L: It is, when the time comes to fall into a pool of meat sauce, it will be more permeating, it is better to cut your wrists.

6L: The one from sixth floor, can you please stop messing up!

7L: CP fan, I advise you to be kind! We don’t recognize this marriage! disagree!

8L: Sisters, stop struggling. People have been married for so many years, so what’s the point of your opposition? Although my husband is gone, at least it’s not cheap for other women!

Do you want to see your male god show affection with a goddess who is not yours every day in front of the camera in the future, or with a handsome guy?

9L: Although I don’t want anything, I still choose a handsome guy! Knowing that the male god has not been ruined by other women, my heart feels much better.

10L: Right? Look at the two men, who are such good-looking men standing together, how good-looking! Don’t be sad, let’s knock the candy together!

11L: What do a girl do as a fan? Is being CP fan that bad?

12L: Sisters, I just went to watch “The Way to Get along”, this candy is really good! I have become a CP fan after watching “The Way of Getting Along”

13L: ? Isn’t this a couple’s emotional observation program? What does it have to do with the two of them?

14L: Huh? You all don’t know? Miyazawa and Wenger were invited to participate in the two-day program recording, which was broadcast last night.

God, what kind of fairy husband and wife I love, and what kind of fairy love are they, it seems that I, an unmarried man, want to get married!     What the hell is

15L: What the hell? The two of them are on “The Way of Getting Together”??? Is the program group so courageous? Actually passed the trial? (CHINA isn’t very okay with LGBTQ+ stuff yet so they censor most of the time. You can search up what happened to the BL drama Addicted. I recommend it btw.)

By the way, I’m so curious how the two of them get along in private. I haven’t paid attention to Wen Ge’s news since knowing that the two of them had been married for seven years.

16L: Friend, please go and have a look. After reading it, you will definitely not object. Oh, who are these two angels, how can they be so cute?

17L: The show has completely overturned my impression of Wen Ge. What happened to the high cold prince who isn’t good at getting along well? Who is that cute sweetheart who loves to act like a baby? Who lost my male god?

18L: To be honest, I was also scared by Wen Ge. I can only say that there are people everywhere in the entertainment industry. However, as a former passer-by, a current CP fan, I like this better than Wen Ge who is a relatively cool fan.

I will jump when I am angry, I will laugh when I am happy, and more vivid. I really watched Wen Ge pretending to be dead on the treadmill dozens of times. It’s too cute! Especially pretending to be sleeping, ah, ah, ah, cute, I really want to rush into the TV and carry it away!

In other words, how can Zhuang Zhuang be able to control it! Shouldn’t such a lovely wife carry on the bed and love him, and he is still hard-hearted to keep running. I can’t stand it anymore!

19L: Hahahahaha, strong! No, I laughed for a while, after a day of laughter, it was still funny.

20L: How do you know that Zhuangzhuang is not because because of the lens. My family Zhuangzhuang is not a soft-footed shrimp, it must be very impressive. It is probably because of the camera that didn’t put people in bed.

21L: I think so too. Have you noticed that Wenger’s chest is slightly red, like a hickey that hasn’t completely subsided. And when he did sit-ups, I saw that there were also on the inside of his arms, that was a particularly obvious hickey, and it was very fresh.

22L: Wow, is your eye upstairs a microscope? Have you seen the scenery in other people’s clothes? Isn’t it nonsense?

23L: It is not it. When he does sit-ups, doesn’t his collar often open. I paused and zoomed in to see it. I’m sure it’s a hickey.

24L: The CP powder is really terrible, so I can’t help it. But after what you said, I suddenly became curious about the two of them. Oh, I’m excited when I think about it. [Not

25L: don’t worry, our family must be very strong and strong, and Wenger must be very sexually happy.

26L: No, why are you sure that Miyazawa is the one above?

27L: Huh? I thought everyone had reached a consensus on this matter. Wen Jiafen*, don’t blame me for telling the truth, just the small body of your male god, standing with our strong and strong, it’s easy to see who is attacking and who is going to suffer.

28L: That’s right, and it depends on the two people getting along with each other. It seems that Gong Ze favors Wen Ge more. I really don’t believe that Gong Ze is actually three years younger than Wen Ge.

He really has a steady maturity that doesn’t match his age. He is tall and handsome, has good acting skills, good character, and he loves his wife so much. I love this man more and more.

29L: Poof! what is meant to be inconsistent with age, strong and is also 28, maturity and stability is not normal, it is better to say that Wen Ge is innocent and cute that does not match his age, after all, they are all 31-year-old men. [Don’t Face slap!]

30L: although Wen Ge is spoiled by Gong Ze, and they are all spoiled as little men. The two are really in love, and they are still so sticky after eight years of marriage.

31L: It is not terrible to be married for eight years. The terrible thing is that we have been together for fourteen years, fourteen years, standard puppies and early marriage. It’s too sweet for childhood sweethearts. Isn’t this a plot that only appears in novels?

32L: At that time, Wen Ge said at the concert that he grew up together. The fact that first person Gong Ze saw after he was born is Wen Ge really abused me. This is really destined.

33L: After all, It is the person who has appointed a baby relative, it is normal for fate or something.

34L: Huh? What kind of baby? Where did you hear this gossip?

35L: What? This is what the two mothers said personally. When recording “The Way of Getting Together”, didn’t the two mothers return to China to see their two sons?

During dinner at night, Gong’s mother looked at the two filial and excellent sons and expressed feelings, and then began to recall the past, saying that Wenger was just born.

At that time, because the baby looked too good-looking, she decided to kiss her. Mom Wen and Dad Wen also agreed. In the end, I didn’t expect that mother Gong gave birth to a son in three years, and he was very ugly and uncomfortable for a long time. It was a pity that Wen Ge could not be her uncle.

Unexpectedly, although the gender has changed, the baby kiss will continue, hahahahaha, this reversal, the TV series dare not shoot like this. I laughed for a long time when I watched it.

36L: “The Way of Getting Together ” I watched the whole episode, it is so wonderful that I can’t remember it, ah, ah, is it that my youth is demented? No, I’m going to see it again.

37L: The section is in the extended membership version, and it is not let off on TV.

38L: Thank you for your reminder! I’ll rush a member first.

39L: hahahahaha, I just want to laugh when I think of the black and thin, ugly disgusting expressions of Mother Wen complaining about Zhuangzhuang when she was born.

I seem to see what Zhuang Zhuang looked like me when I was born. Zhuang Zhuang is so handsome now, it is really hard to imagine that he was an ugly kid before.

40L: It is not, I wanted to say it a long time ago, how could you accept the name Zhuangzhuang so quickly? When I think that such a cool and arrogant handsome guy in my family actually has such a dirty nickname, I think the slot is so boring…

41L: dirty? I think it’s so cute. Hahahahahahaha, Gong Zhuangzhuang, so cute, this name, I guess fans will call it that way in the future.

42L:  yes yes, I have fallen in love with the name Zhuangzhuang.

43L: Wen Ge obviously prefers to call Gong Ze Zhuangzhuang, and every time he calls this name, he will have a little coquettish tone. Sometimes when he is in a good mood, the ending will turn around.

Wow, half of my body is numb. Hong Kong also liked when he called himself that. Every time he called him that way, he seemed unhappy on the surface, but the arc of his mouth was a little higher than usual.

44L: After all, this is another way of acting like a baby. Gong Ze liked how Wen Ge acted like a baby to him.

45L: Hey, just like dreaming, I didn’t dare to think about the scene where the two of them shook hands and made peace a year ago, let alone put the words love, pet, on both of them.

Who on earth was it that said the two of them were at odds! It’s fine if you can’t find adultery, how can you still think of the couple as rivals! I’m so angry!

46L: I remembered that I used to scold Miyazawa so vigorously that I felt ashamed.

47L: I am not the same. I think it was because I liked Wen Ge and my roommate liked Gong Ze. We both broke off. We haven’t said a word in the four years of university…  We were deaf and blind in those years.

48L: …

49L: But we can’t blame us for this incident. They have never been on the same stage, nor have they mentioned each other on major occasions, and no one would have thought that they were a pair! And they didn’t explain it themselves, how could we know!

50L: Yeah, last year’s “See you on Saturday” was the first time they had been on the same stage since their debut in such a long time. Hey, I was still too young back then. Seeing that they hadn’t interacted at all, I thought they were really at odds.

Looking back now, I might have been blind. Although they didn’t speak, they really made eye contact as soon as they caught the opportunity.

And the game that you drew and I guess, my mother was kicked by a donkey! How could this terrible tacit understanding be summed up as a coincidence in a foolish way! Damn, the more I think about it, the more angry I really want to poking my eyes.

51L: It’s the same with me, now I’m vomiting to death. There is also “Adventure Youth”, it is even more obvious, this adultery is shiningly placed in front of us, but we just choose not to listen or watch.

52L: Yes, if “See you on Saturday” is a secret show of affection, “Adventure Youth” is just about falling in love.

From Cuba to Amazon, the two have never been separated, like a conjoined baby. And how many hints, when asked about the trip around the world, it is really no different from coming out, you said we didn’t notice it at the beginning! !

53L: I guess the two of them can’t wait to make it public, so they didn’t deliberately avoid it in the show. It’s a pity that our fans in this session are not strong and don’t understand the hearts of idols. It’s my fault. I will kneel and get a keyboard first.

54L: Zhuangzhuang: What kind of sand sculpture fan is this? No evidence is in front of them! Can’t take it, can’t take it.

55L: Now think about it, when he was in Cuba, didn’t Wen Ge feel bad for a few days? He himself said that he didn’t rest well, but now he thinks about it, it’s just what he will look like after that.

56L: Yes, I revisited it a few days ago, and Wen Ge was not energetic when he saw it twice, and he often helped his waist.

On the contrary, Gong Ze was very energetic and radiant, and also cared about Wenger. He helped him carry heavy objects several times, obviously because he was afraid of his wife’s exhaustion and hurt his waist.

57L: Man. I just said that so many people have to cover the camera in their rooms every night when they sleep, and the girls don’t cover it. But it’s really bold.

Although the picture can’t be seen, the sound can always be heard, right? The staff sat behind the monitoring screen and looked at it. Are they so bold?

58L: probably went to the bathroom. Before the camera was switched, I seemed to hear the door shut. The bathroom has no lens and is soundproofed. This is the only suitable place.

59L: Hey, 58 brother, you seem to be very experienced.

60L: As soon as you said that Wen Ge was drunk again, “Zhuang Zhuang, hug.” Damn that soft and cute little expression, cute mother.

Suddenly I feel a little distressed about Gong Ze’s. My wife is so cute and clingy, but he can’t hug and kiss him as he wants, hahahahaha, self-control is very strong.

61L: He also told others that Zhuang Zhuang is Wen Ge’s dog’s name, hahahahahahaha, so wronged, obviously a family of three, but Gong Ze cannot have a name.

62L: I can’t help but want to see what you said again, and I want to dig out the adultery again.

63L: I have watched itfour times, and I’ve watched it ten times with CUT alone, and now I’m going to watch “The Way of Getting Together” again.

How long will the two of them stay in the UK? Oh, I haven’t seen them for three months. The old candy has been licked by me. It’s time to update!

64L: Weibo is also not updated, no updates are shared ╭(╯^╰)╮ I have also read the two Weibo that showed affection before. Even if you don’t show up, you can update Weibo.

65L: I went to the public blog of Zhuangzhuang, how come these two people are so good-looking, so well-matched, how can a good-looking person even look good on the photo on the marriage certificate? I hate it.

66L: Huh? I just noticed now that Wen Jitong was written in Wenger’s name column, what the hell, is this his real name?

66L: the blind student, you find that Huadian is not so slow. The name has already been picked up. Wen Jitong is also Wen Ge’s real name, and this name is all on his ID. Wen Ge is the stage name given after his debut.

67L: Wait, does this Wen Jitong have anything to do with the Wen Jitong who wrote the song for Miyazawa?

68L: what do you think? Such an obvious thing is obviously the same person. I said why Gong Ze, who has been focusing on acting, suddenly sang the theme song for the TV series. I didn’t expect it to be because of the songwriter.

69L: only sings songs written by his wife is a bit sturdy, what kind of a peerless man is this after all.

70L: ah ah ah ah ah, my mother! Sisters, are you all prophets? This is too amazing!

71L: What does that mean?

72L: Gong Ze posted a Weibo, and it was about Wen Ge’s name.

73L: what! ! ! Ahhhhh, sisters, I will withdraw first, I am going to occupy the front row!

74L: me too! Zhuang Zhuang, mom is here!     I have finished watching

75L: and come back, fucking, and being abused again.

76L: They hasn’t been spreading dog food one day since they made it public, so stay calm.

77L: I was really abused this time. I went. I always thought that Gong Ze loves Wen Ge. But after reading Weibo, I found out that Wen Ge also loves Gong Ze. These two people Really deserve to be so happy.

78L: That is right, they deserve to be so happy!

79L: Jiugongge is pushed for a lifetime!

80L: So, what was the crazy Weibo of all Jiugongge girls that day?

[Speaking of the name, everyone knows Wenger’s real name is Wen Jitong, but do you know why you changed to the stage name Wenger after debut? Gong Ze and Wen Ge, don’t you think they resemble couple names? This is the proof that your male gods love me, hehe. 】


The author has something to say:

Gong Ze, Wen Ge, it was because of these two names that I had the idea of ​​opening an article, I didn’t expect it to be written by me, hehehe