C171 The point is, it's too expensive

"Sigh … Your words are nonsense. Who doesn't like eating bear paws? Of course I do, it's not a matter of whether I should eat them or not. The key is that they're too expensive, just like me, I can't afford to eat them." Zhang Huan said self-deprecatingly as he chewed on the lamb.

After Chen Yao heard Zywane, she froze for a moment. After looking at it for a bit, she stood up and said, "I'm going to the kitchen to take a look, you eat first."

After which, he walked over.

Zhang Wei quickly said, "This is the entire Sheep's Hall. Those without Bear-Palm will not be able to make it."

Before he could finish his sentence, Chen Yao was already at the door. He could not help but mutter to himself, "Silly bear …"

Unfortunately, Zywane did not hear him.

After a while, Chen Yao came back with a shop assistant following behind him.

"It was just killed. If this big sis wants to buy it, we won't keep it." The assistant tried to curry favor with Zhang Wei.

Wow, go to the kitchen and look at the bear's paw. Buy a whole sheep.

"Buy it and bring it back. Let your mom make you a whole lamb soup, boss." Chen Yao said happily.

After Zywane finished his meal, he hurriedly drove his car and had the staff wrap the whole sheep up in plastic and put it in his car.

On the way back to the hotel, Zywane said to Chen Yao, "I'm sorry to have you spend so much money today."

Chen Yao looked at Zywane, "Boss, don't say it like that. Following you, I discovered that I can learn a lot of things and broaden my horizons. I also discovered that I have to follow you frequently in the future. To honor the boss! "

Sigh — — "Zywane felt embarrassed," Chen Dong, look at you, you call me boss, it makes me mutter in my heart, I'm so young, how can I be your boss, if you follow me, you can only drink to the northwest wind, I think if I don't have any food in the future, I'll follow you, and when that time comes, I'll even have to eat with you! "

"Aiya, Chef Zhang, I'm really beginning to admire you more and more. Not only do you have skills, you're also so modest. Don't worry, if you ever lose your place in the future, come find me, no matter what, I won't just give you a bite to eat!"

"Oh," Zhang Wei was very happy. "Chen Dong is a magnanimous and magnanimous person.

Chen Yao looked at Zhang Wei and laughed, "I'll give you two mouthfuls of food!"

Zywane: "I'm dizzy! "Is there anyone who treats their boss like that …"

Zywane felt that Chen Yao was becoming more and more lively, it was completely different from before. When he first met Chen Yao, although he was shocked by her beauty, he still thought that she was a cold beauty. Who would have thought that besides being reserved, beautiful, cultured, and noble, Chen Yao would have such a lively, cute, spiritual, humorous, and humorous side to him.

After a few days of interaction, Zywane and Chen Yao felt that they had become good friends, very good friends, very pure and innocent.

To be able to meet a good friend like Chen Yao, Zywane felt that it was a very happy thing.

Zywane was very satisfied with himself, now he had three close friends and three close friends, Chen Yao, Wang Yan, He Ying. Chen Yao and Wang Yan were complete good friends, but He Ying had a little something to worry about, everything should be tidied up after the new year, so there wouldn't be a big problem.

Having a woman he loved, three friends of the opposite sex he could talk to, and a pure friend, Zywane felt that he was very happy.

The happy Zhang Wei drove his BMW through the streets of his hometown and felt good about himself.

After passing by a large scale supermarket that was in business, Chen Yao said to Zhang Wei: "Old Zhang, we need to go buy two sets of down clothes."

Zywane stopped the car and said, "You can buy it. I'll just go home and put on my military coat."

Chen Yao: "How can I do that, in the new year, go home and visit your family, wearing an army coat, you are afraid that your family will not know that you are doing really badly out there? "Come out and accompany me. Go buy a down jacket for each of us."

Zywane's words made a lot of sense, Chen Yao's words were the most important thing in this village. If she went out to play, and went back home wrapped in a military coat after all these years, the people in the village would think that she was doing poorly, and their parents would be disgraced as well. This person had lived most of her life for the sake of face. There was nothing she could do about it.

Zywane obediently followed Chen Yao out of the car and into the supermarket.

After buying the down jacket, they returned to the hotel and put the car away.

The hotel was still bustling at night, with delegates from the National People's Congress discussing important matters at the meeting place during the day and continuing discussions at night at the wine table. The hotel's dining room was brightly lit, and the sounds of toasting, persuading and punching were incessant.

After walking only a few steps, three drunk, crooked people came over, hugging each other's shoulders, wishing each other good luck, inviting each other over.

"Chairman Zhang, come over to our unit one day to play. I'll find a few pretty female staff members to accompany you and have a good time. I guarantee that you'll be better than the staff at this hotel, haha..."

"Hey, Bureau Chief Niu, you're being too courteous. Thank you!" I will definitely go, definitely, hehe... Well, tonight I'll take you to dinner, and we'll go out to the beach, where you can take a shower and massage, and I'll have a big room, and then we'll be together. "Haha …"

The two representatives' words became more and more vulgar, so Zywane and Chen Yao could hear them clearly.

Zhang Wei was furious. Damn it, I am a representative of the people, not a prostitute. He just wanted his son to represent him in this meeting, not for him to represent him in the prostitution of others.

Zywane started to blush again. In front of Chen Yao, these two representatives did not live up to their expectations and lost the face of Shandong people.

However, these two representatives were speaking in their local dialect, Zhang Wei thought, maybe Chen Yao could not understand.

Zywane looked at Chen Yao's face, but Chen Yao did not have any weird expression on her face.

Zywane was a little relieved that Chen Yao did not understand him, but luckily, her two sons spoke in dialect.

"What are you looking at me for? Chef Zhang. " Chen Yao asked Zywane, "Are you proud of your two fellow countrymen?"

Concussive! Chen Yao understood.

"What did they say?" Zywane pretended not to hear.

"Stop trying to fool me," Chen Yao curled his lips. "The dialect of the north is more or less the same as Mandarin. How could you not understand? "

Zhang Wei said embarrassedly, "This is too embarrassing. Sigh — these two sons of bitches are disappointing!"

"What's so embarrassing about that? It's not like this is a specialty of your place. Throughout the country, this type of representation is blooming everywhere. It's very normal." Chen Yao said casually: "Don't take these things too seriously, don't be too cynical, this world is just like this, you have to adapt to it, and get used to it; don't take yourself seriously, don't try to fight it, change it, in front of a group, in front of a powerful society, a person's strength is weak, small, survival of the fittest, only by adapting to these things can you survive and develop within this society …"

Chen Yao spoke very easily, and Zywane listened very seriously. He thought that Chen Yao's words were very reasonable, and that she had received a lot of education.

This woman truly had some skills.

There are currently 3 types of representatives in the Great People's Congress, "Chen Yao said." One of them is the rich and powerful, one is the rich and one is the powerless, while the other is the powerless. The two elites that we met just now belonged to the category of the rich and powerful, and they view coming to the meeting as a form of political honor, full of pride and respect for the future.

"Heh heh... Chen Yao, your words are full of sarcasm and sarcasm! "

"Don't say that, Boss Zhang. Even a needle can't compare to your stupidity and wisdom, hehe …" Yesterday you said that your Northerners's brain is not as open-minded as the Southerner's, and I think that it is not necessarily so. Those two fellow villagers just now were very open-minded in representing me, so the people's representatives are the people.

Chen Yao's words made Zywane feel embarrassed.

"However, there are many representatives like this among the people, all over the country, so you don't have to sweat, Eldest Brother Zhang," Chen Yao grinned as she looked at Zywane. "You are sometimes very intelligent, and sometimes very silly.

Zywane continued to be embarrassed, "Am I stupid? How am I stupid? Ever since I was born, everyone around me has always praised me as being smart. Only two people have ever said that I was stupid, one is you, the other — "

"Who is it?" Chen Yao stared at Zywane, "Hurry up and tell me, don't set up an ambush, and don't think about new ideas anymore, just say them out loud."

"My sister." "My sister said I was stupid," Zywane blurted out.

"You are the only son, where did your sister come from?"

"My cousin, what's wrong?" Zywane asked.

Chen Yao was startled, and immediately nodded: "That's right, you can have a cousin! "Actually, Chef, I don't think you're stupid at all. You're smarter than anyone, at least you're smarter than me."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because the more stupid you are, the smarter you are, haha …" Chen Yao laughed happily.

"Go around in a circle, you're still saying that I'm playing dumb …"

Back in his room, Zywane was busy packing his things.

"What?" Chen Yao asked Zhang Wei.

"Pack your luggage and get ready to head north."

Chen Yao sat heavily on the sofa: "I'm tired. I'll rest for the night today, and leave tomorrow, okay?"

Zywane stopped, "Are you saying that we will stay tonight and leave tomorrow?"

Chen Yao nodded.

Zywane was also sleepy. He had not touched the bed for two days. It felt very intimate to see the bed.

Zywane put on his clothes and went to bed. He then pulled up the blanket.

Chen Yao went over and pulled the blanket away.

"What?" Zywane was stunned.

"Don't wear so many things to sleep. If you don't feel comfortable, it will affect the quality of your sleep, and if you don't take off all of your clothes, it will affect your sleeping appearance. Just take off the sweater and put on your underwear." Chen Yao looked at Zhang Wei and said cordially.

Zywane nodded, "Got it."

Chen Yao: "That's good. Sleep well."

After a while, Chen Yao also went to bed, crying out happily: "Aiya, Mother, it feels so good to go to bed! Good night, Chef Zhang. I've turned off the lights. "

"Good night, Chen Yao." Zywane's eyelids were starting to close.

When the lights went out, the room was dark.

In the warm and warm darkness, Zywane's deep snores and Chen Yao's sweet breathing could be heard.

The peaceful night, the northern night, the happy night, gentle and peaceful.

The next morning at 8 o'clock, Zywane and Chen Yao woke up almost at the same time.

"Good morning, Boss Zhang."

"Good morning, Chairman Chen."

They greeted each other warmly and then got up to wash up.

At 8: 30, the two of them went downstairs for breakfast.

All the members of the committee had finished their breakfast, each of them was in high spirits, sitting on the sofas in the main hall, chatting, or standing in the courtyard while they did a little physical exercise, in short, each of them seemed very self-contained, very dignified, very graceful, and after a night of baptism, they had all recovered from last night's indulgence and neglect to normal high-ranking people, who knew that they were burdened with the heavy responsibility of the people. The "Two Meetings" had come to a successful end yesterday, and today they would leave here, shouldering the heavy support of the people, carrying the spirit of the general assembly, returning to their respective jobs, and entering the new era in high spirits.