Mrs. Fu is Spoiled

Romance Author:Yan Xiao Bao


Status:Active UpdateTime:2020-08-02 22:08
Mrs. Fu is SpoiledMiss Situ from Banyan City, on the night of her wedding, stabbed her husband into the hospital and opened a hole in the sky. Banyan City had changed overnight. Just when everyone thought that the Situ Clan was going to suffer a calamity, Fu Jinyan, the CEO of Fu Clan, announced in a high-profile manner that he would take Miss Situ as his wife and help her make up for the misfortune of the day. Even after Miss Situ became Madam Fu, her days were chaotic and chaotic. "Mr. Fu, Madame was in the kitchen playing with the fire today." "Take down the kitchen." "Mister Fu, Madame was frightened by the dog that Madame kept in the old house today." "Lost the dog." "Mr. Fu, the chairman asked you to divorce his wife today." "Waste him." "... Mister Fu, that's your grandfather. " more>>

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