Chapter 499: I’m Here

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Hearing Doctor Sha’s words, a cold glint flashed across Lu Zhu’s eyes. He said coldly, “She asked for it!”

Doctor Sha did not know the cause and effect of this matter, so he did not say much.

Lu Zhu seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Is she getting painkillers?”


“Stop the painkillers!”

Doctor Sha was slightly stunned when he heard Lu Zhu say that. “You mean you won’t give her painkillers?”

It had to be known that Song Yue’s uterus had been removed. It would definitely be very painful for the next two weeks. If she was not given painkillers, it would be no different from being tortured to death. Moreover, Song Yue had to endure this pain at all times.

“Yes.” Lu Zhu nodded, unwilling to say more.

Although Doctor Sha could not bear it, he did not dare to disobey Lu Zhu.

Doctor Sha and Lu Zhu had been in contact for so long. Lu Zhu was usually gentle, but he was very cruel to Song Yue. Had Song Yue done something unforgivable?

Doctor Sha immediately retracted his attention and pretended to be casual. He said, “The view from the back garden is not bad. Let’s take a walk there!”

“Okay.” Doctor Sha heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Lu Zhu agree.

“Are there any supplements for females?”

Doctor Sha looked at Lu Zhu in confusion and nodded. “Yes.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Doctor Shang to help prepare some for Qiao Nian to nourish her body.”


Doctor Sha looked at Lu Zhu thoughtfully. It seemed that Qiao Nian already had a place in Lu Zhu’s heart.

However, Doctor Sha didn’t understand what Lu Zhu felt about Qiao Nian.

As far as he was concerned, anything that wasn’t romantic would do.

Lu Zhu walked forward. Unknowingly, Qiao Nian’s beautiful face appeared in his mind, and his heart slowly softened.

He didn’t know why he felt so good about Qiao Nian, but he couldn’t help but treat her well.

This kind of relationship had nothing to do with romance. He just wanted to be good to her, just like how he treated Lu Qi.

However, what puzzled Lu Zhu was that he had never had such feelings for any girl other than Lu Qi.

He had never even felt this way with Song Yu, whom he had grown up with.

Qiao Nian was the only person who could make him feel this way.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew past. Lu Zhu and Doctor Sha had already walked to the back garden.

The back garden was quiet now. There was no one there but him and Doctor Sha.

The scenery here was as quiet and beautiful as Doctor Sha had said. It was refreshing.

Doctor Sha looked at the time. It was already eight fifty-nine. However, what puzzled him was why Qiao Nian wasn’t here yet.

For some reason, Doctor Sha couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Seconds ticked by.

Lu Zhu did not want to stay here any longer. He looked back at Doctor Sha and said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go back early. I’m afraid Doctor Qiao will be worried if she can’t find me.”

At this moment, Doctor Sha was a little flustered. He did not know how to persuade Lu Zhu to stay.

Nine o’clock sharp.

“I’m here.”

A gentle and clear voice sounded from the side and fell into Lu Zhu’s ears.

Lu Zhu’s cold heart seemed to be instantly enveloped by sunlight. The ice melted and his heart warmed.

He looked over and saw Qiao Nian standing not far away, waving at him.

He didn’t know when Qiao Nian had arrived, but her eyes were bright with anticipation. It seemed like she had been here for a long time.

Qiao Nian held a glass bottle in her hand. The glass bottle shone brightly. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the glass bottle was filled with fireflies.

Qiao Nian opened the bottle. The fireflies instantly flew out of the glass bottle, and sparkling light spread out.