Chapter 294

Name:Mr. CEO, Let's Get Divorced Author:
Yu An'an is almost in the tone of crying, tears in his eyes are more and more fierce.

"So I know that even if we get married, I'll never be better than sister Mu Qing in your heart. You don't love me, did not love before, do not love now, and will not love in the future. Between us, there are only responsibilities and obligations, no love, how can two people bound by family interests have love..."

"so yesterday, I proposed to cancel the engagement, your first reaction It's not to save me, but to protect sister Mu Qing. I knew that my decision was right. Brother Zeyang, I let you go, and I also let go of myself... "

" An'an, I'm sorry... "Li Zeyang frowned. He always thought that the little girl who had not grown up had grown up unconsciously. In the final analysis, he cared too little about her, even if there was no love I didn't do enough for her.

"It doesn't matter, brother Zeyang," Yu An'an raised the back of his hand and wiped the tears on his face. "At least now, we can still be the same as before. You can be my big brother. It's better than that we are bound by marriage and hate each other."

"In fact, I always want to tell you that since you love Qingjie so much, you should snatch her over. Like me, at least I have won over you."

"An'an, you don't understand, love is mutual," Li Zeyang said with a faint smile. "Even if two people who love each other, even if they are separated, there will be a day of reunion. But Mu Qing doesn't love me, and I will never take her away. So, like you, it's not good for me to choose to let go and be a friend."

"Brother Zeyang, will you meet the girl you like in the future?" Yu An'an was staring at him.

"Yes," Li Zeyang raised a warm smile, and his thoughts gradually drifted back to many years ago. "Just like at that time, I never thought I would meet her. In the future, there will be someone who will replace the love at first sight..."


when she came back from a hospital in the city, Du Xiaojing felt that her whole body had completely collapsed, so she called The steps of the ladder to the door of the house were all moving with difficulty against the wall.

Trembling, she took out the key from her bag and opened the door. Just holding the door handle, she was soon pushed into the room by a force from behind. Then the door was slammed.

Du Xiaojing falters for two steps and nearly falls to the ground. When she reacts, she turns her head in horror. As expected, she sees Lei Yifeng's sinister face.

"Why do you come to me?" The last trace of blood on Du Xiaojing's face faded away and glared at him fiercely.

"I need your help." Lei Yifeng went to the sofa and sat down. "Yilin escaped from Lu chenfan's hand. I must send her away now, or we will both die. But Lu chenfan's people are staring at me closely. You can think of a way to give her a sum of money and send her abroad."

"I told you long ago that there is no relationship between us, and I will not do anything for you again!" Du Xiaojing covered her abdomen and walked wearily to the sofa and sat down.

"You don't understand the truth of one day's husband and wife's hundred day grace?" Lei Yifeng raised a treacherous smile on his face, got up and sat down beside her, and lifted her chin. "Do you want me to help you find memories? I sleep so many women, or you taste better...

"Lei Yifeng, you bastard Du Xiaojing raises his hand and is about to hit him in the face. Lei Yifeng grabs the declining hand.

"The more you resist, the more excited I am..." she leaned over and couldn't wait to kiss her neck.

"Lei Yifeng, let me go." Du Xiaojing struggles with her hands and feet, but Lei Yifeng is more violent.

"Well, you may come. I just came back from the abortion operation. In case of human life, you can see who can send Tang Yilin away for you..." Du Xiaojing stopped fighting and began to sneer at her lax eyes.

"Abortion?" Lei Yifeng stopped, got up and looked at her coldly, "my child?"

"Yes, your child, not worthy to be in this world!" Du Xiaojing grinned at him.

"Pa!" It's a sound.

Lei Yifeng gave her a slap in the face and said, "do you deserve it or not! Do what I told you, otherwise, I will give you another child

"You can't do it!" Du Xiaojing shouts at the back of him, and Lei Yifeng stops.

"If you want to get Tang MuQing, it will never be possible," Du Xiaojing sneered. "You see, even if you hurt their children, are you cured as well? They suffer for a while, in exchange for a better and sweeter life. What about you? You can only live in purgatory and never get a day of redemption. Let go. While we are still free to live, do you have to be tortured to live like Tang Yilin before you give up? "

"I don't need you to teach me how to do things!" Lei Yifeng hook hook lip corner, voice cold and insidious, "do you think I don't want to go back? I can't go back. As early as many years ago, I couldn't go back. I'm a bad man, but this was forced by Lu chenfan. He married my favorite woman. He let me know that power can be above anything. I was forced to be like this by him step by step. So why should I let go? "Lei Yifeng finished, and then took a new step out of the door.

"I won't help you. I won't make mistakes again and again. I won't let a Chen hate me..." Du Xiaojing slowly lay down in the sofa, shivering.


two months later, G city has entered the cold winter, and Tang MuQing's stomach has grown bigger. Wearing Lu chenfan's maternity clothes specially designed for her by foreign designers, her daily range of activities is in Lu's house, and even the labor inspection can't resist Lu chenfan, so she moves the instruments to her home.

After a winter rain, the weather became even colder. When Lin Xinyou left work at night, he went to Jing'an District and bought Tang MuQing some fried chestnuts with sugar.

"MuQing, you should eat less. It's time for dinner." Lin Xin you said on the mouth, the hand or keep helping her peel.

"It's rare to eat it once. Can sister Xin Let me eat enough?" Tang MuQing has a flattering smile on his face.

"You eat so much every day. Why doesn't meat grow anywhere except your stomach?" Lin Xinyou looked at her slender limbs and couldn't help worrying, "have you ever asked Dr. Li if it's not well absorbed? Can the baby have a problem? "

"No problem with the baby. Does Xinjie think it's normal for a woman to get fat after giving birth? I'm still a few pounds thinner than before I was pregnant Tang MuQing chuckled and asked Lin Xinyou to hook her finger and let her put her ear close. She said in a voice that only two people could hear, "sister Xin, I told you that the cup was upgraded one gear after I gave birth to fruit, and recently I found that it was growing again. Even Lu chenfan said that the handle has improved...

" ah? So you're perfect? Tang MuQing, are you still allowed to live? " Lin Xinyou complained, "no, I have to get married and have children."

"Sister Xin finally has this consciousness," Tang MuQing said with a smile. "Otherwise, you can look for it nearby. Besides me and Chen fan, you are all single. Isn't it good to make a right one..."

Lin Xinyou:...

after dinner, Lin Xinyou idly rummaged on the sofa and said, "MuQing, when will fruit return Come on, I really can't leave him. I knew I should have gone to Paris with them... "

" soon, Aaron said that he would be back next week, "Tang MuQing looked at her with a smile," Aaron is taking fruit back to attend a classmate's birthday. By the way, your hearts have gone with him. Ruiqi and Cheng Yue have gone to Paris with you Tianniandao, I heard that Zeyang also chats with him every day. "

After that, did you ever talk about Muyang's engagement Lin Xinyou was so excited that he sat up straight from the sofa. "I see that when you had your birthday last month, both of you didn't speak alone...

on Christmas Eve, Tang MuQing refused to hold a birthday party because he was pregnant and couldn't wear beautiful clothes. He just invited everyone to come to Luxi for dinner.

"I didn't talk about it." Tang MuQing shook his head.

"What's the matter with you? Have you stopped talking all your life?" Lin Xinyou gets bored.

"I didn't care, but he didn't talk to me. I couldn't take the initiative to talk to him, did I? And I don't know how to speak. " Tang MuQing put down the book in his hand, "OK, you have a rest early. I still have something to discuss with Chen fan. Go upstairs first."

"Shall I help you?"

"No Tang MuQing held his back with one hand, touched his stomach with the other, and walked slowly up the stairs.

After knocking on the door of the study, Lu chenfan's deep voice came from inside, "come in."

"Husband, what are you doing?" Tang MuQing pokes out his small head and looks at Lu chenfan in front of his desk.

"Qinger, come in quickly." Lu chenfan got up and went forward, supporting her to sit on the sofa.

"Recently, you shut yourself up in your study after supper every day. Are you plotting something? Well? " Tang MuQing looked at him suspiciously.

"My wife can go to work with the FBI," Lu chenfan said with a smile, kissing the corner of her lips and leaning over her stomach. "Is the daughter still quiet?"

"Isn't it nice for girls to be quiet?" Tang MuQing gently touches his hair. Last month, when he had a birth examination, he had determined the baby's gender. He was the girl Lu chenfan was looking forward to.

"Baby, daddy loves you very much." Lu chenfan kisses Tang MuQing's stomach through his clothes.

"Husband, I want to tell you something."