Chapter 312 Advance

In the blink of an eye, the 30 or so bodies around Lothur turned into mummies with expressions of pure terror on their faces.

They were unconscious when Lothur started, but after the red mist touched them, each individual awoke to give their final screams, feeling despair.

Because of this, when the red mist around the area began to diminish for Viktoria to see those bodies, expressions of absolute pain could be seen on each of the faces there.

She saw this and swallowed her saliva, as she could not help but fear Lothur's killing ability a little.

Viktoria had seen bloody battles up close and even killed groups almost as numerous as this one. But she had never seen someone eliminate so many people at once and in such a gruesome way before!

So even the calm Viktoria felt her heart beat differently after watching her husband in action.

"Lothur, what is that?" She asked unconsciously.

But he did not answer her immediately, since he was collecting rewards in this place!

[EVF: 279]

'Hmm, I had better results last time. But the scorpions in that cave I went to with Annaliese were stronger on average than these people...' He considered, remembering that most of those beasts were at the middle to the end of the 1st stage. Meanwhile, those cultivators were primarily people at the beginning and middle of this stage.

He then smiled and looked at his wife. "That's my bloodline... Anyway, can you destroy those corpses for me, dear? I feel like I'm about to level up."

"Uh? You're going to advance?" Viktoria could not even think much about Lothur's response when considering that he would advance right after eliminating those people in that strange way.

When considering that those individuals seemed to have had parts of themselves sucked out by Lothur, she more or less understood what that meant. 'Can he absorb the power of others?'

Lothur smiled at his open-mouthed wife and took off his clothes before he commanded the system.

[CON: 65.9] (+)

Lothur 'clicked' the plus symbol a few times until he reached his goals with this.

[4.1 points added in CON for the cost of 82 EVF.]



[Name: Lothur Ritter]

[Physique: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger]

[Bloodline: Life Devourer]

[Cultivation: level 9]

[STR: 26.6] [CON: 70] [DEX: 22.6] [AGI: 30.8]

[INT: 68.8] [PER: 70] [WIL: 74.9]

[EVF: 197]

With that done, he left the remaining EVF points for an emergency during the next 24 hours, the period he needed to use his bloodline ability again.

So he soon began to undergo another marrow cleansing, with several black spots of impurities appearing from the pores of his body.

Viktoria saw this and admired such an ability, happy that her husband had achieved a breakthrough this evening.

'That's good!'

'Now he'll have more means to protect himself and keep winning at the Province Conference!' She clenched her fists as she destroyed those bodies, leaving no trace of what they did there.

They did not need to help their enemies discover that they were responsible for this killing. Thus, Viktoria skillfully destroyed each of those bodies and collected their spatial rings.

Finally, when the effects of the marrow cleansing wore off on Lothur's body, she destroyed the impurities in and around his body with her spiritual energy.

After dressing, Lothur looked at Viktoria and said. "Shall we go? I imagine it will be a while before anyone realizes what's happened here, but we'd better not risk it."

"Yes." She said in a low voice, looking at him in curiosity, trying to understand how his ability worked.

"Do you intend to do the same thing you did today for the next two days?" She asked, just after they left that area and began cautiously avoiding dangerous people on their way to the hotel they were staying at.

"Yes, that is my goal."

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"Do you think you will have any breakthroughs after today?" She asked, thinking that her assumption of his bloodline was correct. 'So many people died over there, and he went up a level... I imagine he can advance again by attacking the outposts of that organization.'

"I don't think so," Lothur answered sincerely.

He did not know which value of average physical attributes he would need to advance to the 2nd stage. Besides, his ability had limits, and he definitely could not absorb the vitality of everyone he acted against.

Depending on the soul power and the Constitution of the other person, he could not steal the vitality of the same.

So Lothur had no hope of advancing again in the next two days.

"No?" She looked at him.

He then said. "I want to destroy the Mouse Company because they are my enemy. But, they can help me get stronger for the competition, give me resources... Anyway, I'm not doing this just for level increases."

"That's not what I meant. You absorbed the powers of those people, right? So with that many people in that place, you must have made it to the top of the 1st stage, no?" She stated her opinion to him.

"Well, my powers are not as efficient as you think..." He ran one of his fingers over his nose. "I have only reached the beginning of the 9th Transformation."

"That's it?" She was surprised but did not complain too much either since that was already a very challenging power.

'Well, it makes sense. It would be strange for such impressive power to have a 100% conversion factor...'

"That's fine. You don't have to advance every day. But, in any case, don't expect things to be so easy tomorrow and the day after. Once the enemies find out about the disappearance of these people, things will get difficult for us." She said as they spotted the hotel not far from where they were.

"I don't think so, at least not for tomorrow." Lothur gave his opinion. "The leaders of the Mouse Company have probably sent orders for most of their members to investigate me. So they probably won't even miss most people, at least not anytime soon."

"Then, I guess we'll still have an easy time tomorrow..."

"The problem will be when we go to attack the enemy headquarters. Anyway, I will prepare some formations, clothes, and poisons for tomorrow and the day after... That will help us." He said before they both entered the hotel building.

Viktoria did not doubt that her husband would be able to prepare items to help them in these attacks and did not question him further.

So they soon went upstairs to their room, where they both took a quick shower before hurriedly going to bed, each desiring each other's bodies.

Viktoria had seen something new from Lothur today. Still, despite her initial fear, the satisfaction of knowing that her husband was powerful was far more powerful. Therefore, her desire for him did not diminish but increased after that night.

With that, it was not long before she felt the physical changes in his body, as well as the difference it would make to her!