After Raymond returned home, Yu Qing did not foolishly ask how many boyfriends and girlfriends the other party had had. Those were all things in the past. The time in the future is the most important. If Raymond has someone else in the future, he can leave.

Leimen didn’t think much about seeing Yu Qing being so polite to him. Otherwise, he will definitely show his heart, he really does not have those messy ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, he has never been messed up, he is still very pure now.


What Yu Qing thought was that he himself had an ex-boyfriend, but he didn’t really make any more intimate moves. There is a hand in hand, but there is no kiss.

Xu didn’t do it because he had reservations at the beginning, or perhaps because he didn’t like it that much.

“I originally wanted the chef to make it at home, but I didn’t have the corresponding kitchenware at home, so I bought it outside.” Raymond put the roast duck in his hand on the table, “Taste what it tastes like.”

Raymond still remembers that when Yu Qing used Yu Ren’s name, Yu Ren was very economical in school, and it was impossible to order a good roast duck. At most, it was a cheaper takeaway roast duck. Even so, Yu Ren will order a little bit less frequently, but he should like it quite a bit.

If you don’t like it, how can you spend more money to buy it than usual, and even buy it more than once or twice.

Yu Qing really likes to eat roast duck. The roast duck is more fragrant, with orange and yellow crispy skin, tender meat, and thin dough wrapped in roast duck meat, green onions, cucumbers, and sauces. A light bite, it tastes great.

Of course, it was impossible for Yu Qing to buy such expensive roast duck before. It was just a little bit more common. For example, he spent more than ten to twenty common points for a meal, and half a roast duck cost fifty to sixty common points. The common point of that meal refers to the cost of ordering take-out. If you eat at school, one meal is five or six common points.

So Yu Ren bought less at the beginning, changed his status later, went to school, graduated, and worked… Yu Qing also bought roast duck, not many times.

The prices of Dixing are high. In the past few years, the price of half a roast duck has also risen by about ten common points.

Yu Qing was reluctant, because he ordered fewer times. He originally wanted to save money to buy a house. Nowadays, they are all married to wealthy families, so don’t think about other things for the time being, the expenses are also spent on Lei’s family. It’s just that he really didn’t expect to buy these foods. The Lei family’s food is already very good, and there are snacks and fruits, so he rarely goes out.

“Let’s eat together.” Yu Qing did not sit down directly, but looked at Lei Meng. The roast duck that the other party brought was not for one person, right?

“I’m coming.” Leimen washed his hands and decided to make roast duck for his sweetheart.

Seeing that Raymond and his wife were so close, the housekeeper leaned forward without knowing it.

A few days passed, Ye Haisheng didn’t go outside Lei’s house again, and didn’t think about seeing Yu Qing. Ye Haisheng hadn’t mastered the Ye family yet, and the people of the Ye family would not allow him to go over and send someone to stare at him. Then it would be difficult for Ye Haisheng to go to the Lei family. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to enter the Lei family.

Ye Haisheng has a large number and a small number on the social platform Xingbo. The trumpet records the bit by bit between him and Yu Ren. He deliberately put those pasts on the trumpet. The reason why he didn’t put it on the large trumpet was because he didn’t want to be seen by others, and he didn’t want to see some people. Attack the love between him and Yu Ren.

On this day, Ye Haisheng opened the trumpet again and sent a message: The same face, is that you?

Ye Haisheng’s trumpet fans are not particularly large, but there are still some fans who like to watch others fall in love. Those people think that the person behind this number is very infatuated. The lover who once fell in love has been broken up and abandoned, but this person is still waiting.

1L: Genetic verification.

2L: Are you sure you read it wrong? Silly boy.

3L: Isn’t he single anymore?

NL: Gene is a citizen’s individual** and cannot be verified at will, unless you have both genes on hand. PS: Did that person get a lot of money?

Many fans are saying that the blogger’s ex-boyfriend is not, saying that the ex-boyfriend’s past life must have saved countless galaxies in order to find a good boyfriend like the blogger, but that ex-boyfriend doesn’t cherish it.

Ye Haisheng saw those people’s messages and replied: You are not allowed to talk about him.

Look how affectionate Ye Haisheng appears on the Internet.

And Ye Haisheng’s mermaid fiance didn’t know it completely, he just watched silently, leaving messages in a trumpet from time to time, and letting others leave messages, just to make Ye Haisheng die.

Ye Haisheng’s mermaid fiance is called Qin Mian, and Qin Mian’s citizen information is a natural mermaid. But in fact, he is not a natural mermaid, but a transformed mermaid. He was dragged by his family to undergo mermaid transformation surgery when he was about ten years old. Before he was ten years old, the Qin family did not let him show up in front of outsiders, only that he was weak and feared that he would be injured.

Everyone outside is a member of the Qin family. Qin Mian is very precious, and she loves Qin Mian very much.

The Qin family did spoil Qin Mian, and that was after Qin Mian’s successful mermaid transformation operation. The Qin family needs a mermaid to marry, and wants to go further.

However, the Qin family and the Ye family have not developed very well over the past few years, and they have been weakened a lot.

The Qin family didn’t think about whether there were other problems here, but wanted Qin Mian to marry the Ye family as soon as possible.

“Fortunately, you are a mermaid, and you can’t catch a man’s heart.”

“I wasted so many resources at home, how can I do it?”

“If it were me, I would have laid eggs long ago.”

Qin Mian often heard other mermaids in the Qin family mocking him, he would be able to marry Ye Haisheng smoothly, but Ye Haisheng still needs some time.

There is no need to be so anxious to eat hot tofu.

If he is more anxious and pushes Ye Haisheng more, Ye Haisheng will only become more upset.

What Qin Mian had to do was to dissolve Ye Haisheng’s defences little by little, not afraid that the other party would treat him badly, but to make Ye Haisheng feel guilty, a little bit of guilt, and a little bit of guilt piled up.

“Mrs. Lei.” Qin Mian’s lips twitched slightly, and Mrs. Lei shouldn’t be Yu Ren, Yu Ren was already dead.

Qin Mian had Yu Qing’s information in his hands. Yu Qing was a mermaid who came from a backward planet. No, he had compromised with reality. Yu Qing is not Yu Ren, it should happen to look alike, otherwise, it is a plastic surgery.

I have to say that Yu Ren’s face is very beautiful. At the beginning, many people liked Yu Ren.

But so what, Yu Ren is just an ordinary Omega, or an orphan. No family background or background, just a white lotus who wants to climb onto the bed of a nobleman.

“How are you?” Qin Mian gently stroked the light screen, and it was the photo of Yu Qing displayed on the light screen.

I really want to kill this Mrs. Lei.

But where is Madam Lei so easy to kill? The Lei family is a great noble, a super noble, and Qin Mian can’t afford it.

But there are no men who do not steal fishy, ​​Qin Mian thinks that Mrs. Lei, an unidentified mermaid, also has the identity of the main room. He doesn’t want to see a person with Yu Ren’s face living so happy.

“It’s okay or not.” Qin Mian chuckled, “Live shorter and let your children call someone else father; live longer, just smell the perfume from your husband.”


Qin Mian turned off the light brain, and his expression became so innocent and weak again. The mermaid still had to be softer to arouse pity even more.

Lei Family, Yu Qing never thought that he would be involved with Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian again. In Yu Qing’s view, there is no need for more contact between them.

Yu Qing thinks that he is not a good-tempered person. If he changes his identity and does not pursue the past, that is already his greatest tolerance.

Anyway, he didn’t like Ye Haisheng that much at the beginning, it can only show that they have no destiny.

As for the pursuit, Yu Qing thought that his status was not that high, and it would be difficult to get back with revenge, so it’s better to live a good life. When Yu Qing married Raymond, he didn’t think about the Ye family. He really didn’t care about Ye Haisheng.

If Yu Qing changed his status and went to trouble Ye Haisheng, what would Leimen think?

No one would tolerate that the other half was always thinking of others. Yu Qing didn’t go to Ye Haisheng, that would not be forgiving.

If the Ye family leaned in front of Yu Qing, he would still ignore them fiercely and slap them in the face.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Raymond walked to the garden and happened to see Yu Qing watering the flowers and took the empty kettle in the other’s hand.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qing didn’t look for a job anymore. At most, she looked at the herbs online and ordered some herbs back.

“Then see my friend.” Raymond wanted to hide his sweetheart, but he also had to let those people recognize him, “Grandfather, they traveled around, not in Emperor Star, they already knew that we were married, and they didn’t come here for the time being. Don’t disturb us. They will show up when we hold the wedding.”

Raymond didn’t want his family to come back either. The relationship between him and his sweetheart was not so deep. If there were so many people coming again, what would happen if there were conflicts.

It is inevitable that there will be contradictions in getting along with each other.

It is not the question of who is right or who is wrong or who is on the side. The key is whether the conflict can be alleviated, and it cannot be casual and muddy.

“It’s okay.” Yu Qing didn’t see anyone, just wondering if they didn’t recognize him.

Recognition or not, it doesn’t matter. He has a high match rate with Raymond. Yu Qing thinks that those people will not treat him badly for Raymond to have children and to have children, at least on the surface.

If the people of the Lei family show his face as soon as they arrive, what is it? If the people of the Lei family are so stupid, how can they develop the Lei family so well.

So Yu Qing didn’t worry too much, the nobles’ tolerance for mermaids was always surprisingly high. Alas, this made Yu Qing feel how ordinary he was when he was an ordinary Omega, and felt discriminated against.

However, this has nothing to do with discrimination. Mermaids are scarce, and some of them have very weak bodies, and their life spans are not so long. Don’t worry about such a weak fish.

“It depends on your arrangement.” Yu Qing replied.

“…” Seeing his sweetheart’s expression faint, Raymond couldn’t help wondering if he had no charm? Does the other party care about him?