Chapter 211: ????The pot is great, Iron Man appears

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"If, as you said, as Luke guessed, the president is pretending to be Kang the Conqueror, is this guy on TV real or fake?"

Howard asked solemnly at the Stark Mansion on Long Island, Manhattan.

His gaze was on the turned-on TV, and the Mr. President on the screen was giving a speech in a painful tone.

The main content is the official explanation of the attack on the White House.

After all, there was such a big noise.

Can be seen by half of the residents of Washington, DC.

It is too difficult to hide.

The Pentagon does not have the kind of black technology that can erase memories by clicking on someone.

"How you look at it, in terms of tone and appearance, it's the president himself-if I don't know the truth."

Howard muttered and turned off the TV.

He briefly summarized the content of the previous speech.

All this is most likely a conspiracy carried out by the Soviet Union. They want to assassinate the president and undermine the stability and prosperity of the country.

Thanks to Superman who saw through the tricks to come to the rescue, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

For the United States to be great again, for freedom and democracy...

When the president talked about the rise, he couldn't help but danced and played the accordion.

If Luke were here, there would definitely be a strong desire to complain.

To throw the pot to the red bear on the Siberian plain is the basic operation of the lighthouse country, whether it is now or in the future.

They are always very good at setting up an imaginary enemy target of an evil country for themselves and for the people.

Then turn all the mistakes, all the serious consequences caused by the mistakes, into bullets and hit the bullseye.

At present, the red bear standing on the other side of the world has played this role.

Therefore, the White House exploded and burned to ruins.

The murderer was found!

It's the Soviet!

A slight earthquake occurred in Washington, DC, the world changed color, and anomalies appeared frequently.

That was also done by the Soviets!

"It is difficult for me to make correct judgments about the identity of the president."

Nick Fury shook his head, frowning tightly.

"However, judging from this overly bizarre statement, there is a high probability that it may be false."

According to the director's instructions, he found Howard Stark who was addicted to work and couldn't help himself.

He also told the other party all the blood council and Luke's analysis.

However, before Howard could do anything, worse news came.

The White House is in ruins, and Superman's whereabouts are unknown.

"The director went directly to the White House. He didn't give anything special before leaving, so I don't know what happened later."

There was a hint of worry in Fury's eyes.

He only now knows why the chief of staff would investigate the White House chief of staff and his private collusion with the Blood Council.

This is not just an exchange of interests led by politicians, there is also a bigger conspiracy behind it.

It involves the identity of the president and the future direction of the world situation.

"According to Luke's character, if he kills directly to the White House, it proves that he is completely certain of the original guess, and he has enough evidence on hand to be confident that he can solve everything that happened later."

Howard stepped on the carpet in his pajamas. If you add a pipe to him, you can play a cameo of Sherlock Holmes.

"But why did he disappear?"

At this time, six hours have passed since a fire broke out in the White House and riots broke out in Washington, DC.

The fish belly was white on the horizon, and the faint light of the morning dawn rushed out of the horizon, spewing out the breath of life.

Howard stared out the window, frowning.

This is where he can't figure it out. The White House is reduced to rubble, and the riots in Washington, DC must be the aftermath of the battle between Superman and Kang the Conqueror.

If you look at the ending, it seems that Superman lost.

Because Luke's whereabouts are unknown.

It is life or death, all in an unknown state.

"I have never seen Luke fail."

Howard found a pipe and spit out a cyan mist.

For him, nicotine helps thinking.

"Even if Kang the Conqueror is a future man in the forty-second century, it feels not so easy to defeat Superman, and it also allows Luke to have no chance to escape and is directly erased-this is simply the most unlikely thing to happen. That kind of situation."

Howard had never doubted the strength of Superman.

Luke Cavill, the young lieutenant general and leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., his strength is based on victory after victory, not false propaganda or exaggerated rumors.

Those opponents who ended up miserably, such as the Red Skull, Aryan Superman from Berlin, Germany, Namor, Lord of Atlantis, and Sebastian Shaw, the black king of Hellfire Club...

They use their own personal experience to tell others that when they confront Superman and become enemies, they often don't have any good juices.

"Mr. Stark, if you think in the worst direction, the director is likely to have encountered some kind of bad situation-the strength he showed is enough to ignore the 90% fatal danger, and even us It is difficult to find a powerful enemy on this planet who can defeat Superman."

"But Kang the Conqueror is from the forty-second century. He has a variety of high-tech weapons. He may not be able to erase Superman from the physical level. But what if'kill' is replaced with'captivity', or'exile'? "

Nick Fury guessed boldly.

"It's possible. Anyway, it's more reliable than the answer given by Mr. President. It's the evil plan of the Soviets."

Howard nodded and applauded the dark-skinned young man.

"Mr. President said that the disappearance of Superman is actually an evil plan of the Soviets."

Nick Fury remembered the unreliable statement on the TV.

Howard provoked a sardonic smile at the corner of his mouth, and said softly: "Yes, the Soviets are afraid of Superman's strength. They are worried that one day Luke will fall from the sky and appear in the Kremlin, then drag those people out and hang them. On the Red Square... in order to prevent the imbalance between the East and West camps and prevent the expansion of the United States to dominate the world."

"So, the Soviets prepared this raid plan."

"On the surface it was to assassinate the president, but the real goal is Superman."

Nick Fury's mouth twitched, and he finally saw the shameless face of a politician.

It is estimated that the red bear does not know what happened. People grow corn in Siberia, and the black pot hits their heads.

"But what method did the Soviets use to get Superman out?"

Nick Fury thinks this excuse for throwing the pot is awkward. It is Superman, the **** of the world in the new era.

In North America today, some people may not know who the president is, who is the governor, and who is the mayor, but I believe everyone knows Superman.

Such a legendary existence, how can it be said that it is gone if it is gone.

"I just called the Pentagon and they said that the Soviets had studied some kind of proton bomb and were going to destroy Washington, D.C., and New York."

"In order to save tens of millions of innocent people, Superman is going to send the bomb into outer space, sacrifice himself, and then...he is gone."

"The more reliable guess is that the eruption of the proton bomb opened the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, which led to the disappearance of Superman, no one was born, and no corpse was seen."

Howard shrugged and said that Mr. President was really imaginative.

It is recommended that after retirement, you can write novels.

"The Soviets have proton bombs. Why don't they directly use them as weapons? They send people to secretly sneak into the cities on the east coast, launch them in one fell swoop, destroy the defense line, and then send a fleet to attack."

Nick Fury, adhering to the professional habit of serious thinking, asked inexplicably.

"You have to ask the Soviets about this. I can't figure it out. If they can study that thing and make it into a weapon, it is necessary to assassinate the president?"

As a scientist, Howard felt ridiculous about the lies fabricated by the president.

"It is completely possible to apply related technologies to rocket technology, launch space races, or use it as an ultra-small and ultra-light high-energy generator of various systems. In this way, they can press the launch button in the Kremlin and they will be able to transfer North America The mainland exploded into ruins."

Nick Fury didn't understand, but that didn't prevent him from nodding in agreement.

"So, what should we do now?"

He looked at Howard, whose hair was like a chicken coop, was dressed in a sulky nightgown, and had a pipe in his mouth.

There may be only two of them who know the identity of the president.

Must come up with a practical plan to deal with the coming crisis.

"First of all, we seem to have done nothing, strive for stability, and continue to participate in the work of SHIELD."

Howard rolled his eyes and began to think.

"Secondly, the top priority is to determine Luke's situation. That guy has a big life, and there should be nothing wrong with him."

"If it is really imprisoned by Kang the Conqueror, or falls into a trap and cannot get out of it, I will find a way to bring him back!"

Having said that, Howard glanced at the black guy and asked: "By the way, what's your name?"

"Nicholas Joseph Fury, a new agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Chief Cavill's driver."

Nick Fury replied.

"Can I trust you, Fury?"

Howard asked again.

"As long as you don't let me betray my national interests, I will definitely obey, Mr. Stark."

Fury said seriously.

"that's good."

Howard beckoned and motioned for the other party to follow.

"I wanted to give Luke a surprise. Who knew he would have such an accident."

Howard opened the workshop in the basement and entered a long string of passwords.

Katz! Katz!

The sound of the machine ring rang, the gears bite, driving the chain.

The heavy iron gate was raised, and the inside was dim, and the concrete scene could not be seen clearly.

Howard walked in, followed by Nick Fury.

"This is my...the first generation machine!"

He pressed the switch, and the light above his head lit up, reflecting a huge thick steel armor.

Clumsy head, stout limbs.

The unpainted silver-white shell, with a machine gun on his shoulder.

The core of his chest flashed with dim light.

"With this, we are more able to deal with enemies hidden in the dark."

Howard said confidently.

"Iron Man, I like the name Luke gave me."



Earth-199999 universe York.

"Is this the timeline that Thanos snapped?"

There was a flash of blue light, and Luke walked out of it unscathed.

There was no thunder and lightning like the Terminator debut.

Then, like a metamorphosis, a strong body was exposed.

"This is... Nick Fury's corpse?"

Lukeyang held a handful of floating dust, just as the one-eyed chief saw his arrival, he also witnessed the disappearance of the other party.

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