If you don’t run, it will be too late!

Johnny still remembered the experience of being abused by this man yesterday clearly!

And before he came out, Carter Slade had warned him that if he met the man from yesterday again, he must not hesitate at all and immediately ride the Hell War Chariot and run away!

Almost subconsciously, the Ghost Rider jumped on the Hell War Chariot without hesitation, then slammed his hands on the accelerator, using the Hell Fire as fuel, wishing to disappear in front of this man immediately!

The sudden abnormal behavior of the Ghost Rider made Wind Demon and Water Demon who were next to him look confused.

Could it be that he was scared by us two brothers?

Yes… That’s right!

We must have been scared. Otherwise, why would the Ghost Rider run away?

It seems that the famous Ghost Rider is just so-so!

Wind Demon and Water Demon ignored Lod beside them. They did not take him into consideration at all. After all, in their view, he was just a human. At most, he had some special abilities. There was no need to fear him at all.


It must be the power of the two of them that made the Ghost Rider feel fear!

“Ha ha ha ha… Now you think of running away, don’t you think it’s too late” The Wind Demon grinned and turned into a gust of wind, directly knocking the Ghost Rider out. Then, he shouted arrogantly, “You have no way to escape. If you kneel down and beg me now, I beg the master to let you go!”


Johnny was sent flying by the impact, and before he could adjust his posture again, he was tied up by the liquid transformed by the water demon.

“Where do you want to go? Don’t think you can escape our grasp!” The drenched man licked his lips and sneered, “The show has just begun. Aren’t you the Ghost Rider who hunted demons? Don’t let us down too much!”

D * mn, why?

Johnny was so angry that his brain buzzed. He was so depressed that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Even if he was beaten to death, he would never have thought that things would turn out like this!

He was not stopped by a man, but by these two idiotic demons!

These two damned idiots, were their brains filled with cheese?

“You two… idiots” Johnny couldn’t help but curse, “Hurry up and let me go. Open your eyes and look carefully. The real dangerous guy is that man!”

“Haha, haha… you still want to lie to us!” Wind Demon couldn’t help but laugh loudly, “You can even tell such a clumsy lie?”

“…” Johnny gave up resisting in despair.

If the heavens were to commit sins, they could still live, but if people committed sins, they could not live!

He had already said what he needed to say, but these two idiots just refused to believe it. What else could he do?

There was no other way… just wait for death!

Seeing the Ghost Rider give up resisting, Wind Demon was full of disdain in his heart. He was actually frightened by a human like this, “Water Demon, take him back. Master will reward us!”

Just as the two demons were about to drag the Ghost Rider away,

Lod, who was at the side, suddenly asked, “Are the three of you done chatting?”


The mighty Spiritual Power shot up like a rocket.

Within the space on the top floor of the hotel, thick airflow visible to the naked eye surged up, and a terrifying pressure spread all around, crashing down like a vast ocean!

The Wind Demon and Water Demon, who were high and mighty a second ago, fell to the ground like lowly ants under this terrifying pressure. The ground beneath them could not bear it and slowly cracked!

“This… This is impossible!” Wind Demon was almost stuck to the ground. Even the elementiumization he was so proud of could not be done. An indescribable fear spread from the bottom of his heart.

In comparison, Water Demon was even worse. He could not even maintain his human form.

Only the Ghost Rider was better. He could barely maintain his standing posture. There was a trace of horror in his pupils. He thought, “This guy… has become more terrifying than the last time we met!”

The only possibility was that this man hadn’t used his full strength last time they had fought!

When Johnny thought of this possibility, he couldn’t help but wail in his heart. He was probably dead for sure this time. Even if Carter came, he wouldn’t be able to save him!

It was all because of these two idiots!

If they hadn’t stopped me, I would have run away!

Johnny looked at Wind Demon and Water Demon with resentment. He wished he could rush up now and burn the two of them to death with Eye of Judgment!

Qiang —

A cold light, accompanied by the crisp sound of sword, shone on their faces along with the moonlight.

Feeling the cold killing intent emitted by Lod, Wind Demon’s pupils trembled violently. He could not help but climb up his face in fear and screamed, “You can’t kill us. We are the subordinates of the Black Demon. If you kill us, the Black Demon will seek revenge on you!”

“That’s right… And the Black Demon is the son of Demon King Mephisto. Anyone who provokes him will go to hell!” The Water Demon beside him also shouted. It seemed that he was afraid that the Black Demon’s name was not loud enough, so he moved Mephisto and tried to make Lod stop attacking and let them live.

“Black Demon?”

Lod sneered and said, “Even if Mephisto came today, he would not be able to save your dog lives!”

Mephisto was nothing!

Even if the Emperor of heaven came today, he would not be able to stop him from killing these two bastards!


Wind Demon roared, and under the effect of the desire to live, he broke free from Spiritual Power.

But the next second…


Before Wind Demon could transform his body into elemental essence, a section of sword’s tip suddenly appeared in front of his chest.

Following that, a destructive force surged into his body, and in the blink of an eye, he was destroyed by Wind Demon without giving Wind Demon any chance.

Wind Demon’s body turned into a breeze and completely dissipated in the air.

“The first one…”

Lod held the short blade of sword and smiled like a demon.

Johnny saw the strange smile and couldn’t help but tremble. He subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

“Wind Demon… He can’t even block one move!” The remaining Water Demon’s pupils suddenly shrank to the point of a needle. He couldn’t believe that Wind Demon died so quickly, and he couldn’t even resist!

“It’s your turn —“

Lod walked slowly towards the Water Demon and said indifferently, “Don’t be nervous. I am faster than sword. There won’t be any pain.”

“No… I don’t want to die!”

The Water Demon directly threw the Ghost Rider at Lod, while he himself turned into countless droplets of water that scattered in the air. He controlled his body that was scattered like raindrops and rushed out of the building together!

In terms of strength, the Water Demon might not be as good as the Wind Demon

But in terms of escaping ability, ten Wind Demons would not be able to catch up to him!

In these countless droplets of water, as long as one of them survived, he would be able to revive again by replenishing his soul!

“Haha… Goodbye!”

The Water Demon rushed out of the building and turned back to shout, “I have already informed Lord Black Heart Demon. Just you wait, human!”

“Can you run?”

Lod sneered and slowly raised his palm. “Since you don’t want to die, then don’t blame me.”

“Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens.”

“Had? #73. S?ren S?katsui!”