Majimonsters: Rosewood Journey

Fantasy Author:Mizako


Status:Active UpdateTime:2020-08-11 09:08
Majimonsters: Rosewood JourneyEight centuries ago, a mighty empire once stood over the land. This empire was lead by the maji, wielders of magic who could raise mountains, revive wastelands and freeze oceans. In their hubris, they created living weapons, the dragons: objects and beasts infused with aether, the source of all magic. These creatures were magic incarnate and practically immune to mortal means of harm,they were the maji's perfect living weapons. However, while the maji perfected the means to create dragons, they failed to properly control them. The dragon crystals, the drajules,they made to control the dragons failed them and so on one cruel day, the dragons revolted, shattering the empire and forcing humanity to hide behind walls, wards and mountains. To never forget the maji's sins, people started to call the dragons, majimonsters. For centuries, humanity has become more and more isolated, warlords and cults raged and the monsters claimed the remnants of the Empire, the Wildlands, their home. more>>