Luckily, I Meet You

Romance Author:Da Ling Er 大玲儿


Status:Completed UpdateTime:2020-07-31 22:07
Luckily, I Meet YouShe was a famous architect, mature and beautiful. No one knew that she had been poisoned by her ex-husband and lost a child. When she returned to her homeland with another stunning appearance, she only had one thought in her heart, and that was to let her ex-husband taste the feeling of living a life worse than death. However, the appearance of a man and a child gradually resolved the deepest pain she had hidden in her heart. "Song Wanqing, if you're tired, marry me. If you want to take revenge on anyone, just tell me!" "Mom, whether we're related by blood or not, you're my only mother." more>>

《Luckily, I Meet You》The Newest Chapter

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