Chapter 477 - 477 Chapter 358: The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce is Not Qualified to Make Him Submit? [3/3]

477 Chapter 358: The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce is Not Qualified to Make Him Submit? [3/3]

That was Qingqiu.

“You’re welcome. We’ll do our best… Can you be more detailed with your request?”

Richard said after some thought.

“The higher the level of the treasure, the better. It must also be effective against evil faction heroes.

“The target I want to enslave is most likely above level 15… If the treasure is too weak, it won’t achieve the effect.”

He didn’t go into too much detail, but it was enough for the two to search for it.

The two players gasped. Level 15?

‘F*ck, is this what a big shot is?’

They were only ten levels away, and the enemy would enslave a level 15 hero!

Richard added.

“I still have two 3-stars treasures in my hands. If the information you find is helpful to me, I will give you two as a reward.

“You can also tell this news to your friends. I will reward you also if you can get accurate information.”

‘A 3-stars treasure?’

The two recovered from their shock and looked at each other. They immediately became excited.

The best treasure they had was only 2-stars. And they had spent half a month completing missions to get it.

His moves were extraordinary, as expected of a big shot.

“Boss Qingqiu, are there any additional requirements?”

“If you can, help me find out if there are any treasures in the Black Market, especially armor and the like.


The two players left in high spirits after a short conversation.

Boss suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Third Brother when they left Violet Manor.

“Have you noticed the person that stood next to Boss Qingqiu boss was like a boss in the sky arena?”

“I didn’t watch the live broadcast. How would I know… You could be wrong. How could a boss stand behind a player? Who told you one can tame bosses?”

“You’re right. Maybe, I was seeing things… Let’s go to Jasmine Street, and let those guys come with us tonight. It’s arduous to meet the Big Boss of Qingqiu. We can’t embarrass ourselves!”

“We could hug onto his thigh in the future if we handled this matter well!

“The Qingqiu bosses are so generous. Two 3-stars treasures, just thinking about it makes me excited…”

There would be brave men with such a high reward. To the top players, even 3-star treasures were very rare, let alone ordinary players like them who had lost their territories.

Richard wasn’t lying. He’d gotten a few treasures from the gray-colored dwarves that he didn’t need. And he wouldn’t be stingy if they could give him the information he wanted.

Enslaving the Grand Duke vampire was too tempting.

Once he successfully captured the other party, the power of Twilight City would soar.

That was an extraordinary level of power, a nuclear weapon!

The uniqueness of players allowed them to have a tremendous vision and different ways of thinking.

Although he was not strong, his quick-witted mind could make up for it, and it could surprise him.

He would not lose anything even if he failed.

It could be a drawing of a big picture for them.

The following morning, after a night’s rest.

A fleet of carriages with the coat of arms of the Frostwolf family slowly drove out of Violet Manor.

The Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman Windsor looked at the excited Onyx with interest.

The influential person in charge of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce wore a rose-embroidered red noble dress. The close-fitting design accentuated her figure and was full of feminine charm.

It made her even nobler, coupled with the luxurious temperament of a superior.

But no one in the room dared to take another look.

One man in the earlier years killed the enemies of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce… Its status today was inseparable from its tough tactics.

“Are you saying that the owner of Twilight City, the mysterious grace mainland overlord Richard, has arrived at Solan City?”

Onyx’s smile was bright.

“Yes, Chairman Windsor. Lady Rebecca brought Sir Richard back to Solan City yesterday.

“The maid just came to report that they will visit this morning.”

Chairman Windsor revealed a playful expression when she heard this.

Onyx had talked a lot about the magic of Twilight City, especially their two unique special products, the Desert Crown Honey and the Desert Crown Robe, which had piqued her curiosity.

She wanted to see if the grace mainland overlord was that extraordinary.

She looked at Onyx with a faint smile after she pondered.

“Onyx, can one compare Richard to the most powerful grace mainland overlord Qingqiu?”

With that, she waved his hand and interrupted Onyx, who was about to speak.

“Forget it. You can’t come up with anything new. I’ll find out myself later.

“A lord of grace in the desert, and he’s developing so well. Interesting.

“But what I’m most curious about is whether or not this Lord Richard is as special as you say, that not even the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce has the right to make him submit…”