Chapter 90: Chapter 92: Recruitment of Mummies, Using the Methods of the Undead (1/5)

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When Richard came to the cave full of corpses, he was in high spirits.

These corpses probably were left for the Lich Lord. After its resurrection, they would be able to form an undead troop as soon as possible.

One chain after another.

However, these arrangements have become his trophies after they have been inserted into his hands.

Gunter stood among the corpses, his body suffused with blood-colored energy.


It spat out a series of obscure incantations.

In an instant, the blood-red energy was released and spread out.It enveloped all the corpses.

A vast number of corpses were quickly weathered in this blood-colored energy as if stored for millions of years.

Richard keenly noticed that the weathered corpses emitted energy traces and fused into the blood-colored aura.

The bloody glow became even more profound as several corpses decayed.

‘Crack! Crack!’

Over time, the corpses shattered like glass, and only 30 corpses remained intact.

It was only at this moment that blood-colored energy began to pour into the corpses.

Richard looked carefully. After the blood energy poured into the corpses, the scattered blood rays turned into strips of blood cloth that wrapped around the corpse.

They wrapped the corpses into mummies.

The conversion time did not last long when the last trace of blood-colored energy subsided.

The initially stiff corpses on the ground suddenly moved.

“Roar!” A low roar came from a throat. The sound was like a foreign object stuck in the throat. It was extremely harsh and unpleasant to the ears.

The scene was rather frightening.

In the next moment, the mummies wrapped in blood-colored cloth crawled up somewhat stiffly.

[Ding! Your hero unit — Gunter Fresh Blood has used the mummy recruitment spell. You have obtained three teams of blood-colored mummies (Elite 1-star).]

The soldiers recruited by the heroes would also be under Richard’s name. He also had absolute control over them.

However, he had no interest in leading these recruited soldiers, so he directly returned the command to Gunter.

Then, he opened his stats panel curiously.

[Blood-Colored Mummy]

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[Level: 1]

[Potential: Elite 1-star]

[Skills: Body of Death (E-rank) — No fear of pain, no fear of death, and immune to poison, plague, and curses.]

[Blood Curse (E-rank) — When attacking an enemy, there is a 20% chance that the enemy will be cursed, and their strength will be reduced by 30%.]

[Race Talent: When fighting in the desert, stamina and recovery speed of injuries will be increased by 50%.]

[Fetter-Mummy: When the number of mummies is greater than 10, the strength of all mummies will be increased by 10%. When the number of mummies is greater than 30, strength will be increased by 20%. When the number of mummies is greater than 50, the strength will be increased by 30%. The chance of triggering the curse will be increased by 15% (activated).]

[Description: A mummy with ordinary combat strength.]

Richard looked at the attributes a few times and had an idea.

The attributes of the recruited blood-colored mummies were not outstanding. They were slightly weaker than those troop lairs had produced.

Of course, this is related to the weakness of the surrounding corpses.

They were still elite-level soldiers no matter what. It was an additional reward obtained from free whoring.

It was free, and it felt good no matter what.

Richard was in a great mood.

Previously, when he scanned the map. All the inedible prey was sold to the undead at the price of cabbages. It was not worth it.

In the future, the corpses obtained from battles would be useful. And they would be able to squeeze out the last remaining value.

He was elated.

Richard left the cave after he settled the matter. He summoned Barry and Lucy, who had recovered a little.

“I have cleared the demons. The White Tower Town troop will clear the rest of the escapees.

“Now, let’s go back to the village.”

Richard could stay in the dungeon for another 12 hours and squeeze in some time. Maybe he could go to White Tower Town.

As the main mission location, it was impossible to have no benefits.

Now that he had gained so much, he had more expectations for White Tower Town.

Barry and Lucy nodded happily and immediately led the way.

After the two walked out of the Demon Valley, they held hands, looked back with lingering fears, and smiled at each other.

They hugged each other fiercely.

To have survived a disaster was especially a wonderful feeling.

It was not until the moon was high that Richard and the others returned to the original Blueleaf Village.

Only after two days and one night, the strength in his hands had qualitatively improved.


Inside the Blueleaf Village.

An old long-bearded man in a pastor’s robe sat at the main seat of the spacious hall.

Behind him stood two church knights in white armor.

More than ten residents sat on both sides of the seven to eight-meter-long wooden table. They looked at the old priest with excitement and nervousness.

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In their opinion, the arrival of the old pastor would save the Blueleaf Village.

It must be god’s agent for spreading light in the human world.

“You’re saying that a lord who claimed to be from another plane led a troop of mummies and defeated these few squadrons of demons?”

The old pastor frowned.

Jill, Barry’s father and the chief commander of the Blueleaf Village, stood up and said excitedly, “That’s right, Old Pastor John!”

“Barry has brought that human lord to look for the demons. I’m worried that they will anger the demon troop. I implore you to immediately organize a troop to clean up the demons!”

The two church knights beside Old Pastor John showed anger on their faces.

“This damned otherworld lord is ultimately so reckless! Their actions will surely arouse the vigilance of the demons!!”

“That Desert Lord only has a squadron of troops. How can they attack the demons with such a small force?”

“This is simply courting death!”

The status of the church knights was slightly lower than that of the priests, and they were much more honorable than the residents in the house. No one dared to say anything during the meeting.

The old pastor John also frowned.

He did not care whether the other world lord lived or died. But if the demons were angered, it would surely affect White Tower Town.

The great fire a few days ago had isolated everything. It left them with no news until today.

The White Tower Town would have no time to prepare if the demons were angered again.

Jill’s face turned pale when he heard this.

That was his son who led the way.

If anything happened to the White Tower Town, wouldn’t his son be the first to be killed?

When he thought of that terrifying scene, his entire being was fused with anxiety.

“Old Pastor John, those evil beings have already invaded more than ten villages during this period… If we continue to let the demons develop and plunder, we might even endanger White Tower Town in the future!”

Old Pastor John nodded solemnly.

“That desert lord rashly provoked the demons, it must have caused a backlash. The other party probably won’t be able to return.

“I’ll return to White Tower Town immediately and gather a troop to fight against the demons!”

Jill’s heart clenched, and despair flapped his tone.

The church knight said coldly, “Old Pastor John, that lord…isn’t he truly coming back?”

“Jill, don’t you know how powerful the demon is? Ten years ago, you participated in the Battle of White Tower Town’s Guards!

“The troops that the demons sent out to search everywhere are usually only a small part of their forces. The truly powerful troops are all stationed in their lairs.

“Moreover, these demon troops often have powerful heroes commanding them!

“Think about it. Any random search party can send out as many as several squadrons of demons. How many are there in real numbers? Ten? Or twenty times?

“That other world Lord only has a squadron of soldiers. No matter how strong he is, he can’t withstand the encirclement of enemies that are dozens of times stronger!

“Tell me, how did they survive?! Did they rely on luck?”

Old Pastor John didn’t know that Barry, who led the way, was Jill’s son, so he nodded in agreement.

“That’s right. If that lord rashly went, he would only be sending himself to death. Not to mention annihilating the demons, even surviving one-tenth of it would be a miracle.”

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