Legend of Valoran

Games Author:Mo Yi Zu


Status:Active UpdateTime:2020-08-01 04:08
Legend of ValoranValoran continent, a fantasy continent full of magic and rune power. In the west there is Demacia, a glorious country named after justice, in the east there is Noxus, which respects the strong, in the north there is the city-states of Piltwolf and Zu'an with advanced technology, and in the south there is the lost desert country of Shurima. Bandar City, the hometown of the Del people. In the endless waters, there is also Bilgewater, a paradise for pirates. The Titan Peak, Freljord, Shadow Island, and Ionia are the most mysterious. Wonderful and gorgeous chapters are staged every day in this magical continent..​ more>>

《Legend of Valoran》The Newest Chapter