Chapter 1624 - what’s going on with the mouth?

Seeing the young master suddenly carrying a girl, and now he wanted to investigate the background of those three customers, and it was all of them, the assistant was stunned at first, then he nodded his head and accepted the order, not daring to easily guess the master’s thoughts.

“Yes, your subordinate will do it right away!”

Coldly sweeping a glance at the man who was wailing in pain in the private room, Shi Mo carried Yin bei and walked out of charm of night.

The Black Lincoln stopped outside the clubhouse, and Shi Mo carried her and directly sat inside.

“Go to the hospital,”his deep and warm voice sounded out.

After the driver heard the voice, he immediately started the car and intended to drive towards the hospital.

At this moment, Yin bei who was in his arms suddenly spoke out.

“No need.”

He lowered his head, and his eyes were burning. “You’re injured.”

“No, this… isn’t from my body.”

She knew that he had seen the blood on her body and thought that she was injured.

But when she thought of this, she suddenly realized that Shi Mo was actually concerned about her?

Was it her imagination? Or was it another one of her self-indulgence?

She raised her head and looked at the man’s unfathomable eyes. She wanted to detect something, but in the end, she could not see through it.

The space between his brows furrowed slightly. His gaze shifted from the blood on her chest to her mouth that was still covered in blood.

“What’s wrong with her mouth?”

Yin bei paused for a moment, as though she had not noticed that there was still a trace of fresh blood on the side of her mouth.

She lowered her eyes and raised her hand to touch it. It really did give off a wet feeling. When she looked at her hand again, her fair and slender fingertips were immediately stained with a trace of fresh blood.

At this moment, Yin bei finally felt the stench of blood and could not help but frown.

Shi Mo stared at the change in her expression as his brows furrowed slightly.

Looking at the look of disdain on her face, could it be that this blood was not hers as well?

“It’s not yours either?”

Yin bei nodded. “Yes, it’s that bald donkey’s.”

Shi Mo was stunned.

Bald donkey?

If not for the fact that she was in such a sorry state that made his heart ache, he would probably have laughed out loud when he heard the nicknames she had given those men.

“Are you still afraid?”He glanced at the person in his arms. His voice was still as deep and pleasant as ever.

He then reached out to take out his handkerchief and gently wiped the blood stains on her lips.

Yin bei looked up and was suddenly stunned. Only then did she notice that she was still hugging his neck tightly.

She instinctively wanted to bounce up, but Shi Mo, who had noticed her movements, hugged her even tighter.

His domineering voice rang out, “I’ll send you back to the hotel.”

She was stunned. She raised her pair of bright black eyes and stared at his exquisite jaw.

A moment later, Yin bei lowered her eyes and fell into deep thought.

Shi Mo seemed to be concerned about her. When did it start?

The bustling night reflected outside the car window. The Black Lincoln slowly arrived at the Z hotel.

The car stopped. Shi Mo lowered his head and realized that Yin Bei had fallen asleep.

“Young master –”

The driver turned around and wanted to say something, but Shi Mo raised his hand and silenced him.

It was the first time he saw young master with a girl, and the driver could not help but feel surprised.

Young master seemed to care about that girl.

Shi Mo retracted his gaze and lowered his eyebrows to look at the person in his arms. In the next second, he had already carried her out of the car.

He walked into the hotel building, entered the elevator, and arrived at the 12th floor.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening.

When he arrived at the door of the room, Shi Mo was stunned because he did not have a room card.

He lowered his head to look at the person in his arms. With a slight glance, he saw the attendant beside him holding Yin bei’s small black backpack.