Chapter 1622 - Let’s see how you can hide!

Even though she had been swallowed by fear, she was still unwilling to beg for mercy from these scumbags!

“Let Go of You? We can only do that after we’ve had enough fun!”The man threw a vicious sentence at her, and the next moment, he reached out to tear off the black undershirt she was wearing.

“I will kill you all… I will definitely kill you all! !”

She screamed in terror, but she was powerless. Tears of despair kept rolling down her face!

“Kill us? With just you?”The man smiled, laughing at her overestimation of herself. “You still don’t know who we are, do you?”


Unable to move his limbs, Yin bei simply spat on the man’s face! Anyway, that face was extremely disgusting to look at!

“B * Tch!”The man cursed. The next moment, he wanted to let her have a taste of his own power. With his face facing down, he wanted to kiss her pink lips!

Such a disgusting man still wanted to kiss her?

Yin bei instinctively turned her face away to avoid the man’s Kiss!

If she was kissed by such a man, she would definitely be so disgusted that she would vomit her last night’s meal!

Fortunately, her head could still move left and right, so she would not be kissed by this man.

However, as a single person, she was ultimately unable to outnumber them!

“Hold her down! Today, I must kiss this pink little mouth!”

Yin bei’s typical cherry little mouth was pink and tender. It was indeed full of temptation, let alone this group of middle-aged bald donkeys!

As soon as the man gave the order, the two men beside her immediately stretched out their hands, wanting to control her head.

Yin bei knew that things were not going well. If her head was controlled, then she would really be at the mercy of others!

Absolutely Not!

“What a bunch of sissies, let’s see how you can hide!”

Looking at the ferocious men in front of her, Yin bei was truly in despair..

No, no… She didn’t want to do this..

She was very clear that once she was tarnished by these three scums today, what awaited her would only be destruction.

At the thought of this, she suddenly felt an unknown strength. She suddenly raised her head and fiercely bit down on the man’s ear!

Although the smell was extremely disgusting, she did not want to let go. Instead, she used even more strength!

“Ah! ! !”

The man let out a miserable cry when his ear was bitten. It was like killing a pig!

The smell of blood quickly seeped into his mouth, but Yin bei still did not want to let go!

She knew very well that once she let go, there would really be no room for self-help.


It was so disgusting, she wanted to vomit!

Her stomach churned, and she vomited a few times in a row. In the end, she could not help but let go of the man’s ear. She really could not stand it!

“Ah, my ear!”

After being bitten by her, the man felt that his left ear was about to fall off, and blood dripped onto Yin bei’s chest.

Looking at the bloody ear, Yin bei was also scared silly. She looked at the man in front of her in horror!

“B * Tch! You’re actually so ruthless!”


As the other man spoke, a fierce slap landed on Yin bei’s left cheek, instantly making her dizzy.

“Do you think you can save yourself like this? Watch how I deal with You!”

It was as if he wanted to take revenge for his companion, but it was also as if he wanted to punish Yin bei and make her pay a painful price for it!

In the next second, the man stretched out his hands and Tore Yin bei’s collar in half!

At this moment, the door of the private room was knocked open with a Bang!

With a loud bang, the few men on the sofa turned their heads and saw a group of people rushing into the private room!