"Shen Bei, stop messing around, how could Liu Gongzi be such a person? Hurry up and apologize to Liu Gongzi!"

Lin Wanqing really wanted to laugh out loud, but on the surface, he pretended to be very serious. Her white and tender face flushed red, at this moment, she felt that Shen Bei, this bastard, was extremely pleasing to the eye.

Turning his head to look at Liu Tianlong who had just crawled up from the ground in an incomparably sorry state, he said: "I'm sorry, Sir Liu. I think that with today's situation, it's not suitable for us to continue our discussion.

Liu Tianlong really didn't want Lin Wanqing to leave just like that, but if he didn't want to leave, there was nothing she could do. All of his good mood today had been completely wiped away by this weirdo, Shen Bei.

"Alright then, we will arrange for an appointment another day!" "Oh yeah, can you let this brother stay for a bit? I think he's rather interesting and would like to talk to him about a few things."

Liu Tianlong had never thought of letting Shen Bei leave this place safe and sound. He had even wanted to prepare a good program for Shen Bei!

Lin Wanqing instinctively wanted to shake her head, but the Shen Bei standing at the side simply grinned and said:

"Sir Liu, you want to have a heart-to-heart talk with me? No problem! I also think that I'm on good terms with Young Master Liu at first sight!

"Boss, wait for me outside. I will follow you soon, don't worry!"

"You … "Fine, I'll wait for you outside. Come out quickly."

Seeing that Hen Bei was good at taking sides, Lin Wanqing glared at him fiercely, but since Shen Bei had already agreed, she could not say anything more. She turned and left the private box.

"Tsk tsk!" How about it? "My boss is pretty, isn't he? He's got a protruding front and back. Do you want to get him into bed?"

Seeing Lin Wanqing twist her butt and walk away, Liu Tianlong's eyes were wide open, until Shen Bei touched his arm, only then did he react.

"What did you say?" Say that again? "

Liu Tianlong was about to go crazy, did this bastard really think that the reason he kept him here was to have a heart-to-heart talk with him? Could it be that he didn't feel his overflowing rage?

"Young Master Liu, it's meaningless for you to say that. You're interested in our boss, that's something anyone with a discerning eye can see. I only said these words to you because I treated you as a brother, I didn't expect you to be like this …" This really disappoints me. I thought we were on the same side and we would have a lot in common? "

"Who is your brother? You are just a damn little assistant, you think you are fit to be my brother?

Is a wine worth a few hundred thousand dollars something you can drink? You still f * * king want to lay your hands on Lin Wanqing?

Stay away from Lin Wanqing, I'm warning you, she can only be mine. To steal my woman, we'll have to see if you have the ability to do so. "

Liu Tianlong pointed at Shen Bei and cursed.

"What happened to the little assistant? I am Lin Wanqing's personal assistant, bite me! "

Shen Bei turned his head and glanced at Liu Tianlong, then said with a smile: "Besides, you are only a dog that can drink red wine to make a living for your little sister, why can't I, a dignified looking assistant?"

"You said I'm a dog?"

Liu Tianlong bellowed with widened eyes. He was very sensitive to the personal assistant that Shen Bei mentioned, the moment he thought that this guy might have intimate contact with Lin Wanqing, Liu Tianlong became extremely angry.

"No matter how big his eyes are, he's still a dog. At most, he's just a Husky with big eyes!" Shen Bei acted like it did not matter as he squinted his eyes and said.

"You are courting death! You will soon know who is the dog! "

Liu Tianlong was so angry that he laughed instead. He extended his hand and clapped twice, and the two bodyguards who were already waiting at the door quickly entered the private box.

"Hit him! I'm going to turn him into a dog!" Let him know what happens when he offends me, Liu Tianlong, in the Hua Hai City.

Liu Tianlong finally could not hold it in anymore and exploded. If he did not beat Shen Bei up to a pulp today, he would never be called Liu Tianlong again.

Hearing Liu Tianlong's order, the two strong and sturdy bodyguards ran towards Shen Bei without hesitation.

Seeing the two bodyguards running towards him, Shen Bei smiled and looked at them as if nothing had happened.

The two bodyguards froze in that moment. They shivered for no reason. The strange smile made both of them feel a chill down their spine. Their intuition told them that an unknown danger was approaching them!

The two of them looked at each other, and from the looks of each other, they could see that Shen Bei's identity was not as simple as just a small assistant!

"What are you all still standing there for? Screw it!" If you beat this bastard into a dog, I will reward you with a hundred thousand gold coins! "

Seeing that the two bodyguards had slowed down their pace, Liu Tianlong shouted angrily from behind again. In order to provoke them, he even promised them a hundred thousand dollars in rewards.

As the proverbs said, money can make ghosts tell when it's done. There would definitely be brave men under the high reward, even if he spent a hundred thousand yuan, Liu Tianlong did not believe that Shen Bei could escape this calamity.

The two bodyguards clenched their teeth, and in the end, rushed up to Shen Bei from his left and right side. One hook fist was thrown towards Shen Bei's head, and the other kicked towards Shen Bei's chest.

One could tell that he had received professional training. His agility and strength could be said to be perfect, and his combination was flawless.

Shen Bei's smile spread across his face as he faced the two bodyguards that were flying towards him.

With a punch, he hit the bodyguard's armpit, followed by a kick with his right leg, almost at the same time kicking the leg of the bodyguard.

"Kacha kacha, kuang!"

With two crisp fracture sounds, the two bodyguards retreated with miserable shrieks at the same time …

Shen Bei's figure appeared like a ghost behind the two bodyguards, slapping the two standard hand blades on their necks, before they even had the chance to scream miserably, the two bodyguards instantly fell down softly.


This scene happened in a short span of twenty seconds, causing Liu Tianlong, who was standing to the side, to be completely stunned.

When the two bodyguards attacked just now, he had even imagined how Shen Bei would be beaten until his head bled and he would kneel on the ground, begging for his life.

But Liu Tianlong never thought that in that instant, the situation would be completely reversed.

It was said that they were both Soldier King s of the army, and unlike the conscripts, they were people who had seen blood on their hands, and were experts that could fight one against ten!

However, how could he explain the situation in front of him? Why did the scene in front of him blurred and the two of them fell to the ground?

Looking at Shen Bei's skinny body, Liu Tianlong couldn't understand why Shen Bei was so powerful. He couldn't even deal with two of his Soldier King s.

"Young Master Liu, you are one of the four great young masters of Hua Hai City after all.

I'll have to trouble you to find a few stronger bodyguards next time. I haven't warmed up yet and they've already fallen, so it won't be fun at all! "

A glint of sharpness flashed past Shen Bei's eyes, and he once again returned to his sloppy and sloppy look, laughing merrily as he walked in front of Liu Tianlong and suggested.