Seeing Lin Wanqing sitting down, Liu Tianlong's eyes flashed with an undetectable light.

"How dare I play tricks in front of you?

I never force anyone to do anything!

This is the bottle of red wine I got my friend to bring from France. It costs a hundred thousand dollars.

"I don't really know much about red wine. I heard that you, Wanqing, do quite a bit about red wine. Come try it out and see if it's true or not. I hope I don't end up being treated like an idiot!"

Liu Tianlong once again sat on the sofa, picked up the red wine on the table and poured Lin Wanqing a cup.

"I don't want to drink in the morning, let's get down to business first!"

Lin Wanqing looked at the wine cup in front of her, and shook her head, she was extremely worried about Liu Tianlong, so how could she dare drink the red wine that Liu Tianlong had brought?

Who knows if Liu Tianlong would put some kind of indescribable medicine into the wine.

Thinking up to this point, Lin Wanqing regretted not bringing Shen Bei in. Although Shen Bei this bastard was also very annoying, but compared to the Liu Tianlong in front of him, Lin Wanqing still felt more safe.

"You're not giving me any face at all?"

Seeing that Lin Wanqing did not even give him the slightest bit of face, Liu Tianlong's face immediately became gloomy.

"Wanqing, it's not that I'm talking about you, but you're not talking about stuff at all. You can not trust my character, but we can toast each other and wish that we can cooperate happily. That shouldn't be a problem, right?

If your attitude is still the same as before, then please go back! "

After Liu Tianlong finished speaking, he picked up the wine cup in front of him and finished it in one go.

Lin Wanqing suddenly felt a little awkward. She couldn't leave right now, and she couldn't stay either. It could be said that she was in a dilemma now.

Liu Tianlong was right, drinking a little before talking was an unwritten rule in the Chinese business world. Most of the partnerships were made on the table.

Speaking of which, as a big client, Liu Tianlong's request was not excessive at all.


Just as Lin Wanqing was embarrassed to the point that she didn't know what to say, the door to the private room was opened.

"Damn, why does this splendor seem like a maze? I knocked on the door one by one and finally found you, boss!"

I am dying of thirst, there is nothing to drink here, black tea green tea, if not a bottle of 82 years of Wahaha mineral water!

Aiya! Red wine? Not bad, not bad! My favorite! Is a sip okay? "

Seeing the red wine in front of Liu Tianlong, Shen Bei immediately drank it all without saying a word. From the looks of it, he was obviously drinking the red wine as if it was mineral water.

Shen Bei was completely dumbfounded by Shen Bei's performance!

Just then, Liu Tianlong's two bodyguards walked in from behind. Because they could not figure out Shen Bei's true identity, they did not dare to act rashly.

By the time they reacted, Shen Bei had already finished off all the bottles of red wine that cost over a hundred thousand dollars.

"Tsk tsk, the taste of this red wine is not good. It is far from being the same as Red Star's Second Head. However, trying to quench my thirst is good!"

Boss, do you have another bottle? "

After drinking a bottle of red wine, Shen Bei said to Liu Tianlong who was still in a daze.

When Liu Tianlong heard him compare the millions of RMB worth of red wine that he had with the few dollars worth of red star wine, Liu Tianlong was about to go crazy. The most hateful thing was that he had only drank two cups of red wine from this bottle, and the rest had all been drunk by this bastard.

"Where the hell did you come from?"

"Watch your mouth, he's my assistant. Isn't he just a bottle of wine? If worst comes to worst, I'll compensate you!"

Before Shen Bei could say anything, Lin Wanqing said coldly.

Although she was at a loss whether to laugh or cry because of Shen Bei's actions, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

Lin Wanqing didn't want to be alone with Liu Tianlong, and furthermore, she didn't want to drink with him. Now that Shen Bei was here, with him present, he felt a little more safe.

With that, she turned towards Shen Bei and said: "Alright, I want to talk business with Mister Liu. Go eat something by the side first."

"Business? "Alright, you guys take your time to talk. I slept too late last night, so I'm a bit tired. I'll go to sleep first. Remember to wake me up when I get back!"

With that, Shen Bei laid down on the other sofa.

"You two go out first!"

Wanqing, where did you find this weirdo?

Can he still be your assistant like this? "

Liu Tianlong ordered the two bodyguards. Hearing Lin Wanqing admitting that Shen Bei was her assistant, the anger that had just extinguished in his heart immediately flared up again. Lin Wanqing actually found a male assistant?

If not for him wanting to show off his skills in front of Lin Wanqing, he would have already gone crazy. Now, he could only force Shen Bei to pick up the soap a hundred times.

However, he had already decided that after taking care of Lin Wanqing, he would deal with this bastard and let him know how good Duke Ma was!

"Let's not talk about him. Let's talk about the cooperation project first!"

Lin Wanqing said coldly as she glanced at Shen Bei, who was forcing himself to sleep on the sofa.

Liu Tianlong waved his hand, "How can that be, we should at least drink a cup first! We have to get the atmosphere in order to do better business. "

With that, Liu Tianlong opened another bottle of red wine and poured two cups. He handed one cup to Lin Wanqing.

"I didn't eat breakfast today, so I don't want to drink!"

Lin Wanqing rejected again.

"Just take a sip. I'll do it as a form of respect!"

Liu Tianlong said with a smile.

Lin Wanqing was helpless against him, she could only raise his cup and touch it, sucking on it.

Hu ~ ~ ~

From the elegant and quiet room, suddenly came a deafening snoring sound. This sound shocked the world, causing Liu Tianlong to tremble, and a glass of red wine was poured down his neck.


Lin Wanqing's actions were even more exaggerated, she spat out the red wine that had just entered her mouth onto Liu Tianlong's face.

"You little tramp, I've endured you for a long time. Just what do you want!"

Liu Tianlong was furious, he stood up and kicked Shen Bei who was sleeping on the sofa. Seeing how he was gritting his teeth, if this kick landed, even if Shen Bei did not cripple him, he would still be heavily injured.


Shen Bei turned his body, and the sofa suddenly flipped backwards, causing Liu Tianlong to be unable to stop himself from falling and landing on the ground!

Ah!" What was going on? Young Master Liu, what are you trying to do? Don't tell me you have that kind of hobby and want to scheme against me?

Shen Bei crawled up, and looked at Liu Tianlong who fell to the ground like a dog eating shit, and asked with a stupefied expression.


Just as he was about to get up, Liu Tianlong fell back down when he heard Shen Bei's words. He was about to go crazy, this fellow was definitely not Lin Wanqing's assistant, he was someone who deserved a beating.

At this moment, Liu Tianlong had already given Shen Bei the death penalty. No matter what kind of background Shen Bei had, he swore silently that he would not let him off just because he made himself look bad today, not to mention that he was doing it in front of Lin Wanqing.