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Shi Yun sat on the armrest of the sofa, turned her head and looked at a display cabinet next to it, on which were various car models that she had never seen before. She didn’t know much about cars, but when she looked at the car logos on the car models, she found that they had the same origins as many other luxury cars.

The ‘Founders’ were currently lying in the dustproof glass cover. After Shi Yun yawned a few times at the models, she suddenly found that the voices had stopped.

Wei Congying was standing behind her at some point and watched her yawn several times: “Sleepy?”

“A little.” Shi Yun used her hand to block her mouth. It was probably because the afternoon experience of her ‘soul leaving her body’ drained her.

But Wei Congying didn’t send her straight back to school. No matter what, he still had to invite her out to eat dinner.

When Shi Yun and Wei Congying came out of the car factory, they saw Cheng Ge and his girlfriend from a distance, standing by the side of the road and getting a ride from a taxi. It seemed they had reconciled.

Shi Yun looked at the two people standing together in the distance, and suddenly smiled: “His girlfriend seems to hate you quite a bit.”


Without any context, Wei Congying was taken aback, wondering whose girlfriend it was.

Following Shi Yun’s gaze, he saw Cheng Ge and his girlfriend Fang Qian, and immediately realized: “Cheng Ge is short of money, and wants to earn more money to get married so that his girlfriend won’t suffer with him. But his girlfriend is clingy. She doesn’t care about the future, and just wants to be with Cheng Ge every day.”

“Do you like your girlfriend to be clingy?” Shi Yun asked him.

Wei Congying thought for a while before returning with some evasive words that still managed to sound like an answer: “I don’t need to earn more money to get married.”

After speaking, Wei Congying started the car.

Shi Yun didn’t forget to remind him while sitting in the passenger seat: “Drive a little slower.”

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Speaking of that time, Wei Congying was curious: “You said you had waited for me for a long time. Did you know me before?”


After he said this, Shi Yun froze.

The pause looked a little guilty; Wei Congying looked at her, waiting for her answer.

Under his gaze, Shi Yun was silent for a while.

The restaurant was very bright, and none of her small expressions could escape Wei Congying’s eyes.

Looking at Wei Congying’s face, Shi Yun felt the despicable selfishness in her body begin to haunt her. The truth was on her lips, but the words she said were still contrary to the truth. She hid her guilty conscience, and met Wei Congying’s gaze head-on. Seeing his burning gaze, Shi Yun nodded: “I’ve seen you a few times from far afar, but I didn’t have the nerve or the time to go up to say hello to you.”

This answer did not arouse Wei Congying’s suspicion. This overconfidence of his ended up leaving him quite miserable but at present, he only felt that Shi Yun’s feelings for him were normal.

She was just like his previous girlfriends who liked him.

About Shi Yun’s liking for him, Wei Congying was happy; it meant that he could save a lot of effort in chasing her.

The taste of the Shanghainese food in the south was unexpectedly in line with the tastes of the two people from the capital. It may have been that the taste was not authentic.

Shi Yun raised her hand to call the waiter over so she could pay the bill. Although the Shanghainese dishes were not expensive, the price was not very cheap because of the location of the shop.

After Shi Yun finished paying the bill, she didn’t ask for ——— .

With the sweet taste of the final dish of sweet and sour pork in her mouth, Shi Yun took a sip of lemon water before leaving. The person on the opposite side had already got up, with a phone in his hand, sending a message to someone. He was so focused when he left that he didn’t notice that Shi Yun was drinking water and hadn’t kept up.

After walking a few steps, he finished sending the message. When he turned his head, he saw Shi Yun who had just gotten up from the dining table. He put his phone back in his pants pocket and stood sideways in the aisle to wait for her, so as not to cause trouble for other people passing by.

Wei Congying waited for her to come over, then leaned over slightly and asked her, “Do you want to buy something else?”

When he was asking, a waiter happened to be holding a plate and shouted words such as, ‘Welcome, have a good day’. The formatted and emotionless shouts were passed on one after another, and all the waiters in the restaurant shouted it.

Shi Yun didn’t hear what he said, and first moved to stand side by side with Wei Congying to allow the waiter, who she stood face to face with, to pass by. When the waiters’ voices died down, she asked: “What?”

Wei Congying moved closer: “Do you want to buy anything else?”

He had moved in too close, Shi Yun smelled the woody perfume on his body, it was the same smoked pine perfume from last time.

Shi Yun shook her head and gave him a light push: “Let’s go out first.”

He seemed to be truly busy today, and the vibrating phone in his pocket rang again. After Wei Congying excused himself, he took out his phone from his pocket.


Shi Yun didn’t mind and let him deal with his business first.

The two of them didn’t seem to have any arrangements after dinner, and he would send Shi Yun back to school every time afterwards.

Recently, there seemed to be a movie that was heavily invested in, and the poster was hung in an eye-catching advertising space of the mall, evidencing a lot of money had been spent.

Wei Congying put his phone back in his pocket, asking again, “Do you still want to go shopping?”

Seeing that he had been sending messages all day, Shi Yun took it into consideration: “Forget it, let’s go next time.”

He looked quite busy and probably had many matters to attend to.

The car was parked on the underground second floor, and they went to the side to take the elevator. There were quite a few people going up and down at this time. The narrow elevator space was crowded with people and several fragrances were mixed with each other.

A group of people got out of the elevator, and another group of people entered the elevator.

Shi Yun had a bad sense of direction, if the way over and the way back was different, she would not know the way. Wei Congying walked in front and led the way.

The parking lot smelled bad, furthermore, it was stuffy.

After walking just a few steps, sweat appeared.

The one leading the way in front also stopped. He raised his chin, and motioned to her to look at the glass door behind her, which was the elevator entrance: “Wait for me over there, I’ll drive the car over.”

Shi Yun walked back, and stood, using the cold air behind the glass door to relieve the discomfort of becoming hot in just half a minute. Looking forward through the glass door, Wei Congying was no longer there.

He didn’t keep Shi Yun waiting for long, and after a while, he came with the car.

When Shi Yun got into the car, the a/c in the car was turned on to the max.

She had just put on her seat belt when a call came in from his phone in the cup holder.

The alias was ‘Lin Fang’.

Wei Congying handled the steering wheel with one hand and answered the phone with the other. Shi Yun felt nervous watching, and reminded the driver in a low voice: “Pull over, and leave after you finish your phone call.”

Wei Congying complied.

But her voice was heard by the person on the other end of the phone, and Shi Yun could faintly hear someone on the other end of the phone, saying something about coming together, in the quiet car.


Wei Congying knew that Lin Fang would not give up, so he looked at Shi Yun with some embarrassment: “They want you to call you over, do you want to go?”

Shi Yun didn’t speak.

He moved the phone a little further away, and whispered to Shi Yun, “They’re inviting me to play cards/mahjong; it’s actually pretty good. Let’s go and make some money.”

Shi Yun looked at him, unconvinced.

A car drove towards them, it seemed to be an Audi, the headlights were very bright, and the light shone into the front windshield, leaving nowhere for the darkness in their car and the expressions of the two to hide.

Wei Congying continued to whisper, with a little smile: “I’ll earn you some money to buy socks.”

It was an excuse she casually threw out yesterday that she didn’t want to eat Japanese food because of the mandarin duck socks.

Shi Yun was slightly taken aback, Wei Congying was still waiting for her to answer. Most likely because he didn’t want the person on the other end of the phone to hear, he asked in a low voice, moved closer, and asked her in a voice that only he and Shi Yun could hear: “Do you want to go? I’ll show off.”

The location was Haiyue Club.

He parked the car directly at the gate and got out of the car.

A staff member was already waiting at the door. Wei Congying threw the car keys to him, and while waiting for Shi Yun to come to his side, he asked him, “Where is Lin Fang?”

The staff member took the key and pointed upwards: “The eighth floor.”

The interior decoration of Haiyue incorporated some Xunchuan garden style, and in the hall was not a work of art, but a two-meter-high statue of Lord Guan1

When Shi Yun looked around, she was taken aback by the statue of Lord Guan, and leaned in the direction of Wei Congying next to her.

Something hit his arm, Wei Congying glanced to the side, understood that it was because of the statue of Lord Guan, and pointed to the other side of himself: “Walk on this side?”

It wasn’t a scary sculpture, Shi Yun was just unprepared. It was not necessary to switch sides.

The elevator came down from the upper floors; it was just the two of them.


Shi Yun habitually leaned against the far corner of the elevator as soon as she entered. Wei Congying pressed the floor number, turned around and saw her standing far away. In his mind, he believed she was a little nervous and restrained from the thought of meeting someone soon.

He waved at her, and Shi Yun looked at him with some puzzlement at his gesture.

Wei Congying leaned over, and the sudden approach of his face made Shi Yun instinctively lean back, but as she was already leaning against the wall, this action caused the back of her head to hit the elevator car wall, and the impact from the claw clip at the back of her head was a little painful.

Wei Congying stretched out his hand behind her head. His arm brushed against the tip of Shi Yun’s ear. He was much taller than Shi Yun, blocking the light above the elevator, and his shadow fell on Shi Yun.

Just like when he helped her put on the helmet before, he released the claw clip. Shi Yun felt her scalp relax, and her hair fell loose. He raised his hand and fiddled with her lightly, looking into her eyes: “You’re very beautiful, don’t be nervous.”

His tone was sincere yet frivolous.

The author has something to say:

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I don’t even like celebrating my birthday anymore!!