292 Chapter 19-17 Worst [Red]

Hana side

"The first thing to do is to contact the later unit." Blanca, choose about ten people who are strong and fast, and send them as a message. "

Sister-in-law, aren't there more than ten people in the flowing rocks?

"If that person passes the route as planned, there will be no problem, but perhaps he may have changed his route along the way, right?" I feel like it's faster this way. "

"Ahh... that's true."

"There are other things about him, so even though I'm going the wrong way, even if others don't listen to me, I'm going to go the wrong way... yeah, it could be, it could be"

Surely that's possible.

"If you're using a different path, I think it's more likely that Amur is saying it... I see." Let's pick about fifteen fast-footed men and send them to my brother's unit. Sister-in-law, I need you to write to me as soon as possible. "

Spending more time on people than I asked for is called Rock Blanca. I haven't seen him up close.

"I want to hurry to the west side of the King's Capital, but since I told you that I would be camping here once, I think you should stop moving today... someone, bring me a map!"

"If it was a map, I would have kept something for the military to use with me." According to the Grand Duke, this is the latest map around the capital, so there will be no more of it at the moment. "

"Give it to me sooner, totally... it's certainly been painted in quite a few detail." Moreover, the territory of the nobility, who was politely taking a chance, was surrounded in red. "

I mean, come to the capital while threatening these nobles. The nobility who is now taking chances may change their minds by simply entering the King's City with more than 10,000 new Southern troops. Even if the movement is slow, if you look at the Southern troops passing through the territory, you may not have enough time to think about how they are doing.

"Among the opportunistic aristocrats around King's Landing, there's only one house... the Count." Hmm? It says something... 'Ask the Count to refer to another letter for information?' "

"Oh! That said, I've got two more letters!"

"So, let out what you said first!"

When I received the letter from Amur, one was addressed to me, and the other had a name that I did not know. First, when I opened the letter to me, it contained the interior of the Count's house. Apparently, the reason why the Earls are taking the opportunity is that the owner is indecisive in character, so the earls of the Earls are more dependent, so give them another letter (the name I don't know belongs to the earl). Perhaps His Majesty will give a royal decree to the man to succeed the Count's family and to come to the capital.

"That said, after we make threats, we should send the army that led the man to the capital... Amur, go to the count's territory now and make contact with the man there."

"Huh!? Why! I just got here!"

"Shut up! This is an order from the Viscount family!" Even though we have a royal order, we need to hurry up a bit because it may take some time for the man to take control of the Count's house. As it stands, you're the fastest man in our army on Leiden! Given Leiden's temper, you're the only one who can get on board if you're borrowing directly from Temma. Then you'll have no choice but to go. Besides, if you rot, you're the daughter of the Viscount family, so you won't get in the way! If you understand, go! "

I gave Amur a letter to the man and pushed his back, and while complaining of bumps, I went to Leiden properly. But when I looked at Amur's back, I had a really bad feeling, so I chased him with the map.

"Leiden, I'm sorry, but take Amur to this place." I don't think Amur will ever remember the way. "

With that said, he spread the map out in front of Leiden and asked Leiden to help him. Then Leiden began to stare at the map. On Leiden's back, Amur was shouting out a protest... "Can you really remember the way?" As I said it, I stared, silently turning away from my gaze.

"Amur, remember only the name of the house of the count and the name of the man... I will write it on the paper, so do not lose it. Worst case scenario, you can get there if you know your family name."

I don't know how much Leiden's intelligence is, but if you have something close to Baikon's intelligence and understand people's language to some extent, you may not need Amur's help, but if you can only remember the general direction, you will need Amur who can speak people's language.

Thinking like that, Leiden looked away from the map, so he hurriedly wrote the family name of the count and the name of the man in his hand (the envelope of the letter), and sent it with the letter addressed to the man in mind so that it would never be lost.

"I knew Leiden was fast." It's already as small as a grain of rice. "

If that were the case, I would write to the count's son by tomorrow, even if it was late. If you're right, I'm sure the Count will be on your side. Then only the opportunistic aristocrats in the vicinity would have a problem.....

"If you're going to ask the count who's going to be your ally, you'll need a handy gift... I think it might be a bit rough, but I think I'll get you a very special gift." Fufufu..... "

"Sister-in-law, the message is ready." The letter says...! What are you up to, sister-in-law!? "

When I thought about the souvenir to the Count, Blanca returned after preparing the message. And she was shouting rude things at me. However, when Blanca heard about the handicrafts from me to the Count's house, she looked so fierce and vicious that Yoshizune couldn't see them, so I don't think she deserved to say anything about me.

"I'll write to you right now, so I'll keep you waiting." I don't think you need to explain anything later, just the change of destination and Amur's joining the army. ”

"Well, that's true..."

Blanca was convinced, and I hurriedly wrote a letter. There are only two lines of letters, so writing fifteen is not a big deal.

"Well then, please do me a favor." It's relatively safe to walk from here to the area where there are supposed to be backups, and it's possible that the zombies will change the situation suddenly. Worst of all, even if we weren't able to rendezvous with the Late Expedition, we would eventually meet in the King's City, so I said, "We have to risk our lives to deliver it! 'I don't want to think about it, but if we can't meet, I don't want you to be held responsible because the Robo Honorary Viscount may not have taken the planned path.'

I will not be held responsible only if I have done my job properly, and I intend to have sex with you without asking questions if I jerk off or run away. If Blanca chose her personally, I know what I'm thinking without being told.

Well then, go!

The fifteen messengers returned to the road we came on at an incredible speed, looking a little blue. It's not comparable to Leiden, but if it's just the speed, it's comparable to me and Blanca... I hope it's not the speed of the rampage that's overstretched.

The next morning, early in the morning, when we sent a message to the Late Departments, we began our march, raiding the territory of the opportunistic nobility on the road... Well, even if it was an attack, we did not conduct combat acts, and marched into the territory without giving any advance notice. The nobility (or the person concerned) who came to complain showed the letter from the emperor (only the envelope with his name and mark without showing the contents), and asked why we did not send reinforcements to the capital, and promised to march to the capital under the pressure of more than ten thousand troops. By the way, I can't take you with me, so I told him to be ready and standby until he picked me up.

After three days of repetitive assaults, he succeeded in getting ten barons and viscountrymen to obey him before he could enter the county. Perhaps it is an unusual achievement to have ten nobles unharmed in three days, even though there was His Majesty's life. There hasn't been a large-scale war in at least the last few decades, so if we were to look for an example, we would have to go further.

When I passed through the count's territory with such pride, the news came that thousands of troops were waiting a few kilometers ahead. Well, there are reports that the army's frontrunner, Amur across Leiden, is doing well, so it's safe to assume that he's on our side. Worst of all, even if the Count's army were to deceive the Confederates (us), they would be able to do something because they are superior in numbers.

Blanca, just in case, you stay.

"... Roger that."

Blanca was a little unhappy, but she honestly obeyed her orders. Perhaps if you were to make face-to-face appearances at the same time, you might have thought that you should go first rather than me, but at the same time, you might have thought that it would be rude to send a representative instead of the principal to greet the Count whose family is lower in form.

Of course, I don't have to worry about that either, but I'm confident that if there's no one in that group with Temma or Merlin class combat prowess, we'll be able to escape unless we get some unexpected surprises. Even if I get hit by a surprise, I trust Blanca to come and help me before it's too late.

And as I approached to greet the new Count with vigilance, I was thanked before I greeted him. I thought I was helping to get rid of my predecessor, but... apparently, I'm grateful for sending Amur as an envoy.

In fact, the earls of his predecessors had lost the time to send reinforcements to the capital because of their indecisive nature, so they were worried that the count's army might be put on the sidelines in a tough battlefield because of the delay in sending reinforcements.

The earlier count thought that Amur might be able to do something because he came to La (...) a (...) de (...) as a messenger from the Southern Viscount House.

It seemed that the Earls themselves were to be crushed, but the letter that Amur had brought to the emperor said that the Earls' position should be given to the man and reinforcements should be sent to the capital city, so the punishment for the Earls' house was not written. Therefore, the earl of the previous generation interpreted the transfer of the position of the earl to the son as the punishment of the uncle (...) and the family (...), and immediately prepared to send reinforcements with the son as the count.

He interpreted it as he liked it, but he thought that if he obeyed the only punishable thing written in the letter, he would not punish the Count's family again after everything was over. Also, after deliberately depositing a letter with the Southern Viscount family, I had them deliver the letter to the related members of the Otori family (it seems to be judged as such because they were riding in Leiden), so it seems that they would not imitate deception of the Earls until they were involved in the Southern Viscount family and the Oori family.

So the new Count in front of him was delighted that the transfer of the title was over without hurting anyone, and he said he was grateful to me. Moreover, the Earls take their own armies and the armies of the nobles around them that the Viscount of the South has subordinated to the Royal Capital, turning from the point where they might be hostile to the royal family. If we don't do more than that, we'll be able to get more than that.

Even for me, the count's work is to be welcomed. After all, the more active the Count is in this war, the better my reputation will be. It's not that I'm happy about the possibility of my title rising, but that my reputation will rise in the south at the same time. Recently, aristocrats have begun to try to seize the interests of the south by officially receiving the title of viscount, so it is one of the purposes of this time to show the power of the south to the entire kingdom at the same time as selling favor to the royal family.

After a brief meeting with the Count and permission to move around the territory, the Southern Viscount Army and the Count Army moved in separate directions. If we're going to the King's City, the road is the same, but the Count has to retrieve the aristocrats around him. Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's easier without the count, so I just need to get permission to pass through the territory.

Ten days after I met the Count. We proceeded smoothly along the road to the point where we thought we would arrive at the capital in a day or two. Isn't there something going on? And you're doing so well that you're worried.

Thinking of that, Blanca, who was going to see what was going on at the beginning, came back.

"Sister-in-law, I think we should go a little further today, but let's pause here and get back in line." From here, it's close to the King's City, so it's not strange whenever the enemy shows up. "

"Sure is." I don't know when it's going to be a fight, so if we don't get back in line and tighten up, we might not be able to win the battle. "

Blanca came to see my face and offered to do so. It was with those words that I realized that I had lost my mind.

The journey from the south to here was not particularly battle-like, and even when dealing with opportunistic nobles, it was only by flickering the Southern Viscount's army and dashing his gaze. Even I, who thought I was squeezing, didn't realize that Blanca had been arrogant until she told me, so some soldiers in the army were more arrogant and cautious than I was... or, if you look closely, they were asleep in Leiden. It is unusual to be alarmed so far, but I am more alarmed than I thought because I don't realize it.

"... that's it!"

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I'm not kidding!"

Unaware of Blanca's arrival, Amur continued to fall asleep when he lightly poked Amur's flank with a spear collision, and Amur lost his balance in a startled beat, almost falling from Ryden's back... somehow clinging to Ryden's neck to avoid falling, but when he realized that I was the culprit, his slumber rose to the shelf and came blaming.

"No, that would be bad for Amur." Even within the Southern Viscount Army, someone close to the person in charge is asleep. It's no use being cautious. "

Amur didn't seem to notice that it would be embarrassing to be noticed from the front in front of everyone. As Amur exaggerated and rebuked me loudly, all those around him would have noticed that Amur was the cause of the good.

“Blanca's right. I wish you hadn't fallen asleep in the first place, but it's wrong to put it on the shelf and complain to me.”

When he scolded Amur, he was quiet without questioning whether he thought his part was wrong.

"Amur, tell the captains who are behind you to rest from here to wake up. Blanca, go ahead, please."

We are now about a third ahead of the entire army, so Amur, who is in charge of the back, will be running around, but it will be Ryden who is actually running, so you won't be particularly tired.

"Mmm... I can't help it." Leiden, GO!... Leiden? "

Leiden did not listen to Amur's instructions at all, and for some reason began to look around. Then, when I suddenly thought that I had turned backwards, I barked at the sky. I've seen dragons barking a few times before, but they were more powerful than dragons.

"What the hell... sister-in-law!" Something's coming from above! "

While I was distracted by Leiden's actions, Blanca seemed to have focused on Leiden's gaze.

When I looked up in response to that voice... something big was falling from the sky towards the center of the army.

"Everyone stay alert... uuuu!"

I immediately tried to give instructions to the surrounding soldiers, but before that, a large object that had fallen from the sky crashed into the ground, and the shock wave and the winding sand smoke drove me from the back of my horse. Fortunately, because the body was floating due to the shock wave, it was not caught by the fallen horse, but when the sand and smoke were clear, nearly half of the soldiers in the vicinity were struck by the ground, and half of them were crushed by horses and luggage.

"Sister-in-law, the worst has appeared!" If you don't get ready right away, you'll be annihilated! "

When I looked at what had fallen in Blanca's impatient voice... there was a huge [Dragon] with a reddened body.

Hannah, it's side.

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