1198 The feast of the unveiling ⑤ ~ Soul Shade ~

Name:Isekai Ryouridou Author:Eda

As a result, we ended up watching the puppet play "Kamado Asta by the Forest" by Rico and Belton.

That's what Tikatras said, the front seat. In the center of it was Tikatras, and on the right side were the faces of Pharaoh and Lu, and on the left side were the faces of the eastern people under the name of Rei.

Rico and Belton perform on stage with three portraits in the background. There were about fifty seats set aside, and people standing behind them were lined up, but at most half of those present would be able to appreciate them properly. However, Rico's clear sound should have reached every corner of the Great Hall because Tikatra's request for a chat was forbidden and the orchestra was suspended.

Me and Ei = Fa have been watching this show many times already, but Rico's arms are rising with each passing day. The performance should have been performed for the first time more than nine months ago, so it must have been unparalleled. Me and the characters in the play, led by Ai Fa, were able to overcome many hardships while unleashing their vitality.

If you look at me or Ei = Fa, it feels like you can relive the events of the time when we met.

At the end of the long play, which lasted half a minute, the venue was bursting with cheers and applause.

Rico and Belton, dressed in lovely semi-arrivals, bow in flames.

As if to celebrate it, the orchestra resumed playing.

"No, it was a great play! Well then, everyone, continue to enjoy the feast! In a few moments, I'll give you time to dance!"

When Tikatras declared so, the seats began to be cleared by the group of maidens.

The aristocrats return to the feast place with a satisfied talk. As the group from the forest tried to follow, they asked Tikatras, "Whoa! It was stopped."

"I need to talk to Asta, so can you stay for a while?" Others are welcome to come and go as they please! ”

As soon as he did, Ei = Fa's blue eyes shone sharply, but he didn't say anything.

"First of all, I need to give both names to the puppeteer!" You guys, come here! "

Rico and Bertone, coming down from the altar, rendezvous with Van-Deiro and then approach us.

Tikatras greeted Degion and Vichezzo with a smile while serving them on his left and right sides.

"Guys! I wonder if it was Rico or Belton?" The play we're playing today was a wonderful performance! Moreover, this is an act that you've created on your own, right? "

“Yes, thanks to the help of the Genos, we managed to complete it.”

"Yup, yup! That was a brilliant move!" I didn't expect a young puppeteer like you to wear such an arm in just two years! "

Having said that, Tikatras grabbed his naked pocket.

"I've seen plays in the square a few days ago, but you promised to pay for all the sightings of the day today!" Please take it! "

“Thank you,” Rico hangs his head.

The next time I raised my eyes, Rico's eyes were wide open.

"Ah, Tikatras-sama, is that...?"

“This is the price for your amazing play!”

Tikatras had nothing but a sparkling silver coin pinched with his elongated fingertips. And that's three.

Because the silver coin is worth 100 copper coins - in my sense, it was worth 600,000 yen.

"Ti, Tikatras-sama! In contrast to the only two plays, this generation is too..."

"No! Your puppet show was worth it!" I've seen plenty of plays, so that's for sure! ”

Saying that, Tikatras smiled innocently.

"I told you about two years ago, didn't I? I'm counting on you to grow! And you have fulfilled that expectation! I am truly glad that the young children of the travelling artist have grown into such a presence! So please don't hesitate to take it!"

"Hah, yes..." Rico offered a trembling hand.

Tikatras laughs again as he holds the silver in his small hand.

"You guys have beautified the world with your brilliant skills!" You will continue to train and bring colour and joy to the world! More than ever, I'm counting on you! ”

"... thank you," said Rico, spilling a tear as he smiled.

Bertone looks angry and holds his mouth shut. And Van-Deiro watched the two figures with a very gentle look.

"Ah! But this also means blessings for your growth!" You don't get this much every time, so please try to do it! I look forward to seeing you again in the square! "

"Yes, we look forward to seeing you again."

Rico lowered his head and smiled at Bertone and Van-Deiro before returning to the busy hall.

Tikatras, who saw it off, turns to us and laughs, "Oh, my God."

"Asta was the only one with an errand, but there were a lot of people left!" Have you fully enjoyed the banquet? "

That said, I can't leave Asta alone.

Of course, there were also five people left, Luu and Ray.

Tikatras strokes his elongated lower jaw with a playful grin.

"But this is an unusual and confidential story for me, isn't it?" I want Asta's family member, Ei = Fa, to be present, but how about that? ”

"But I don't intend to keep secrets from my compatriots around the forest." If so, isn't that the same thing? ”

"No, no, no! I want to talk to you in confidence!" Asta is free to give it to someone she can trust! I don't feel like talking to such a large number of people! "

Then Ei = Fa looked toward Rudo = Lou with a gentle burning gaze.

"Well then, I think I'll go talk to Asta." Could you keep an eye on Rudo-Ruu and the others? ”

Ah, that's fine with me.

So I moved to the corner of the hall with only Ei = Fa.

As the previous Degion called out, the people in the vicinity quickly moved away. As a result, a warm and uninhabited space was created in a picture of the great hall that was crowded with 200 people.

"No, no, I'm sorry I called you during the feast." For I am of such character that I cannot help but speak out what I think. I couldn't put it off until tomorrow. "

With the red brick wall behind her, Tikatras said so. Degion and Vichezzo, who were lined up on the left and right, had their eyes shining as if in response to the temperament of Ai-Fa.

"However, more than an hour has passed since the feast began." Was it that you've been trying so hard to suppress your feelings? "

Tikatras shook his head, “No,” when Ai-Fa asked in a voice that killed his emotions. Although he frowned, the innocent smile on his elongated face was as innocent as ever.

"After seeing the puppet show just now, I can't shut up anymore." I might say that I finally got an answer to my doubts. ”

"In a puppet show?" What is that-- "

"It's about where you came from, Asta."

Tikatras stared at me after I = Fa's words were interrupted.

"I also saw the record that Lord Vermes submitted to His Majesty the King." After that, I went back and looked at the report of the inspector, Dreg. You claim to have come from the sea, Asta. "

"Yes, at least I don't remember being born and raised on this continent..."

"After all, you are claiming that the people you have come from originate from." I had my life from His Majesty to see if it was true. "

I unexpectedly lost my words, and Ei = Fa felt even more acute.

Vichezzo burns his black eyes and puts his fingertips inside the banquet costume cut into the shape of a V. Tikatras rested his hand on Vichezzo's smooth shoulder, soothing it.

"Was it surprising that I had such a close relationship?" This is how I have earned the trust of His Majesty the King. Well, I'm sorry if it sounds like a bragging story, but I'm supposed to be bringing tremendous wealth to the king's city with my talent. That's why you forgive me for behaving so freely. ”

"... so?"

"So, I'm sure." At least Asta is not a people I know. Derm's Harbor is visited by the people of Diloia, Lacure, and Bod, but Asta doesn't resemble any of them. Of course, the color of the soul itself is different. Of course, there is a possibility that the port of Sims and Jagal is visited by a clan of foreigners I don't know... but you don't feel like a Dragon God people in the first place. That's why I think it's okay to put your head around the fact that you're not a foreigner. "


"Though Asta and Ei = Fa both look a lot wobbly, His Majesty's concerns are extremely serious, aren't they?" This Genosity seems to have been greatly transformed by Asta's advent. Genos itself was transformed, as well as the forestside settlements. What if it was a transformation of the will of the overseas people... would it be more critical than a transformation of the will of Mahudra and Gelado? Mahudra and Zerad are our enemies, but they are the same sons of Amsukhorn. They must still be closer than the people of the Dragon God who once wanted to invade this continent. "

Saying that, Tikatras gently raised the edge of his mouth.

"That's why His Majesty's concerns have been cleared up for the time being." At least you're not a people I know. Even Genos Castle didn't seem to be influenced by the people of the dragon god. "

"... that's how you were looking at Genos Castle?"

Yeah. Even if I believe in freedom, I can't keep His Majesty away from you.

Having said that, Tikatras flirted with the sleeves of the long feather-like costume and clashed his temples with his fists.

"Then, we arrived at the suspicion of who Asta really is... but it was in the puppet show just now that we finally figured it out." That was roughly based on the truth. "

"Who is Asta?"

"Asta is not a people who came. But he is not a people of the four gods, nor of the sanctuary. The shade of your soul is a true illustration of that. That's why you're a Starless Nation, Asta. That seems to be the only answer.”

With an innocent smile on his face, Tikatras repeated his words like that.

"As for the possibility, it was written in the record of Dreg, not that of Lord Hermes." By the way, it seems that Asta herself has been told by the people of the East to do so. ”

"But... in the West Kingdom in the first place, I've heard that there are very few people who know about the [Starless People]."

"Yeah, but it's barely there, just a few of them." Like me, for example. "

At the end of Tikatras' speech, Ai-Fa finally shut her mouth.

"I have not yet set foot in the land of Sims, but I have been gathered with many merchants of the east. Moreover, the" Starless People "do not appear only in Sims. And the inheritance of the border of the land of the west and the south, and the inheritance that is left among the people of the east, led me unto the answer. You have been sent from a different world, away from the fate of the world, Asta. I never imagined that I would be able to see the [Starless People] with my own eyes."


"However, this can be said to be a serious matter." I know you've already heard of it, but His Majesty the King hates nothing but sorcery and lies. Even though the "people without stars" is beyond magic, I will only buy His Majesty the King's displeasure. Since His Majesty the King did not know the details of the [Starless People], he would have read Lord Dreg's record, but if he knew what it meant - and if he knew that Asta was a [Starless People] - Asta would be banished from the country, and the worst would be beheading. "

"So... our fate depends on your mouth?"

Ai = Fa whispered in a voice that killed her emotions with the spiritual power of steel.

But Tikatras said with a smile on his face, "Yeah?" and leaned his elongated neck.

"My intention is not to have anything to do with this." You should be wary of the presence of diplomats like Hermes and Augg. "

"... but you also told me that you were in a position to take a close call from the king."

"That's why it's such a close call to determine whether Asta is a people who have come to come or not." I don't remember being ordered to judge whether or not I was a "people without stars". "

Having said that, Tikatras smiled happily.

"Well, in the first place, I don't know what kind of people [without a star] are, so I can't give such an order." I think I know about the "people without stars" because it's like a person who is very friendly with the people of the east, a drunken person who enjoys his own feet in the peripheral land, or a bachelor in the "Tower of Sages". "

"So... I'm not going to report it to the King?"

"I hate it. Why should I imitate such an innocent person?" Thanks to Asta, Genos has had such a pleasant development. "

Tikatras laughed as he held his mouth shut to stop laughing.

“Even if not, Asta is a great cook. That alone is enough for me to want Asta's healthy life. That's why I'm advising you to be careful."

"Is that so...?"

"That's right." I wish I hadn't come out of the ocean from the beginning. But the people around the forest are honestly talking about virtue, so I wonder if this is just a helpless thing to do. "


"Besides, if you are as brilliant and knowledgeable as Lord Hermes, you should have already met the fact that Asta is a" people without stars ", but... I wonder if he has any thoughts and is holding his tongue?" Well, that's a good thing. "

Having said that, Tikatras folded the sleeves of the costume like wings.

"That's it! This is the end of my confidential conversation!" Now, before we begin the dance, let me fill the gap between the stomach bags! "

Tikatras bypassed me and Ai-Fa and followed Degion and Vichezzo like a shadow.

So Ai = Fa shouted, "Let me wait."

"Tikatras, your words and deeds are often confusing... but I want you to give me your heartfelt gratitude for your consideration."

"Being thanked by the beautiful Ei = Fa is pleasant!" It's about time I wanted to bother you around the forest, so please don't hesitate! "

Tikatras stopped and reached out to Eifa with a smile like a prankster.

Later, I would like to ask Ai = Fa for a song at the time of the dance, but what about you?

"... I'm sorry, but I refrain from dancing with people of the opposite sex who are not family members."

"That's it, Ei = Fa!" Please, Ei = Fa, keep that noble beauty forever! "

Tikatras laughed loudly as if to release what he had been holding back and walked away from the busyness.

Ei = Fa sighs deeply and deeply with her hands on her forehead.

"I was prepared to accept Asta's safety in exchange, but... it seemed like an unwanted concern."

“Yes, Tikatras was more kind than I imagined when he took the trouble to give me that kind of advice.”

"Rather than being kind, it's more true to his feelings than anything else." That's what we have in common this time. ”

When we were talking like that, three people, Rudo = Lou, Rimi = Lou, and Reina = Lou, rushed over.

"Lau-Ray went after Tikatras." Ai = Fa is struggling a lot, but was there any problem? "

"Um, I think I'll tell Donda-Lou tomorrow."

"I see. Then rest well for today." We're going to fill our bellies. "

Rudo-Lou spilled his white teeth and pulled out his sister's hand.

No one will come around us to see if we still have the effect of paying people. As a good thing, Ei = Fa and I often decided to watch the hustle and bustle from an unoccupied space.

"... Tikatras was a sharper man than I ever imagined." Then it's only natural that Vermes should be worried. "

"Hmm. He has to have a word with me tonight." I'll be able to stroke his chest for a few moments. "

The voice of Ei = Fa who spoke like that was really causing deep fatigue, so I said, "Are you okay?" I was going to peek at the side of it.

"Somehow, you look pale." Can I ask someone to bring me a chair? "

"It doesn't matter. It's just... I've used too much of my head."

Shut your head?

"Hmm. If there's a conflict with the King of Selva, how do we get through it... I don't think it's going to be an easy question to answer."

Having said that, Eifa smiled quietly.

As I accidentally stuff my chest, I unconsciously grab Ei = Fa's hand.

"It's been a short time, but I've had a lot of headaches too." Can't you ask the people of the East to cooperate and claim that I'm not a "starless people"? "

I see. But then, I guess I'll have to lie.

"Yeah, but I want to protect my life with any dirty hands."

When I said that, Ei = Fa gripped my hand forcefully with a gentle expression.

"At that time, I'll be covered in mud with you." Whatever it is... we are together. "

I nodded, "Yeah," and grabbed Ai = Fa's hand with the same force.

In the hall, elegant music is played, and young men and women are starting to dance. At its center were also the figures of Tikatras and Vichezzo.

More than anyone else, Tikatras and black shadowy Vichezzo are gracefully taking steps. Without knowing how much he threatened our hearts, Tikatras seemed to be unleashing the joy of living in this world.

”Speaking of which... I wonder how my presence is reflected in Tikatra's eyes”

While recalling the conversation with Alishna, I crushed it like that, and Ai = Fa's fingertips felt a little sweet, and I put my strength into it.

"It doesn't matter who you see." You are you. "

Yeah, that's right.

When I looked back with a smile, Ei = Fa also smiled gently.

Apparently, according to Tikatras' forensic eyes, my soul looks very different from the people of the Four Gods - but that doesn't matter.

I swore to live as an astor of the Fa family. As long as Eifa and the others were there, my readiness would not be threatened.

So we ended the first act of our encounter with Tikatras, even though we were deeply shaken at the end.

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