There was internal strife in Helian's family. After Chu zhe found out, of course, he would not miss this opportunity. He contacted Helian Zhijun. If he could drive Helian Bo out of Helian's house, the Chu family could let the rest of Helian's family go.

Although Chu Yun's plan at the beginning was to destroy the whole Helian family, Helian Zhijun didn't know this. Chu zhe deliberately threatened several times, and Helian Zhijun "had to" agree to cooperate with Chu Zhe.

With the internal information, Chu zhe grasped the situation of Helian's family more accurately, and caused a great blow to Helian Bo's power.

In this case, he LianBo's prestige has been eroded bit by bit, and he Lianzhi army is jumping up and down, constantly wooing the rest of his family, ready to overhead he LianBo's power.

In this case, even if he has great skills, he can't play a bit. Soon, the situation of the Helian family worsened, and he can't see the effect for so long. He found that the Helian family can't even cause trouble to Chu Yun at this time, and the forces behind the scenes directly received back their support for the Helian family.

Without those funds and the support of financial experts, the loss of Helian family suddenly expanded to an uncontrollable situation. However, there was no source of funds, so many industries of Helian family had to be shut down.

The Chu family spared no effort to suppress the Helian family. Before, it was only because there had been a large amount of working capital on the book of the Helian family. No matter which industry had a loss, it could only be supported by making up with these funds.

Helian Zhijun didn't know that the funds at that time were given to Helian's family by outsiders. He always thought it was the funds hidden by Helian's family, because the situation was critical at this time.

Because of this, even if he Lianzhi army looked at the collapse of the whole industry of the Helian family, he still thought that the Helian family could support for a long time. He thought it was only temporary. He even wanted to take advantage of this crisis to drive away Helian Bo and become the owner of the Helian family.

He LianBo knew at the first time that the forces behind the scenes had withdrawn their power, and his face was a little ugly, but he still found he Lianzhi army.

"I really didn't expect that you would betray me for your ambition at this time."

Helian Zhijun sees Helian Bo alone, just because no one in Helian family continues to support Helian Bo. Helian Zhijun is the actual owner of Helian family and wants to hear what Helian Bo wants to say.

"You want to be the head of the Helian family so much, but how much do you know about the Helian family? You can give it to you if you want! Oh, take care of yourself."

He LianBo saw that he Lianzhi army was firm and had no sense of guilt and repentance. He sneered and directly got up and left.

He lianzhijun thought he LianBo would continue to struggle for a few times. Unexpectedly, he LianBo gave up competing with him for the position of home owner.

Helenbo changed his clothes, left all his electronic products at Helian's house, took some cash, went straight to the mall, bought two or three sets of clothes and entered the toilet for replacement. After three or four consecutive times, I entered a community, opened the garage and drove away.

"Helenberg ran away!"

Chu Yun keeps people staring at helenbo. He wants to solve helenbo's family. At the same time, he doesn't want to let helenbo go. Now he knows that helenbo leaves and immediately makes people keep up with him.

He LianBo left Yanbei all the way and changed several cars in the middle. He even circled from time to time on the road. If Chu Yun hadn't sent many people to follow him, he might really lose his tail.

He LianBo drove all the way to the beach. There was a speedboat parked here. On the speedboat was the king of medicine familiar to Chu Yun.


After he LianBo saw someone, he didn't say hello and spoke directly and hurriedly.

Before the attack of the Chu family, he LianBo had some uneasiness. Later, he directly arranged the medicine king to prepare the back road. As long as the situation of the Helian family could not be controlled, he LianBo would run away directly.

"Go? This can't let you go!"

The people on the speedboat looked up at helenbo with a sneer on his face. Although it was the medicine King's face, it was not his voice.

He LianBo's pupils contracted slightly and there was a storm in his heart. He specially prepared the back road. Now the medicine King seems to be disguised by others, so his back road is obviously unsuccessful.

Chu Yun found that the king of medicine was missing when he attacked Helian's house. He can be said to have been staring at the king of medicine. After he found that the man was missing, he was worried about Helian Bo's plans, so he kept looking for the traces left by him.

Finally, when he found the king of medicine, he also found the back road prepared by he LianBo. He had already arranged that if the Helian family could not be recovered, helenbo would leave directly and cross the ocean to find another country to hide.

It's just a pity that Chu Yun found out in advance and even deliberately waited for him to throw himself into the net.

The Helian family was not controlled by helianbo and lost the financial resources support of the forces behind the scenes. Under the pressure of the Chu family, they soon lost some support and were heavily in debt.

Helian Zhijun felt something wrong when Helian bogancrisp left. After he really mastered the situation of Helian family, he found that under the attack of Chu family during this period, the whole Helian family was almost an empty shell, leaving only some fixed assets that had not been sold.

Helian Zhijun didn't have the ability to attract other people's support, and the Helian family really couldn't support it. After he took power, not even one day, the whole Helian family came to an end.

Chu Yun didn't kill helenbo, and their identities could not be divided. However, Chu Yun didn't let helenbo go, so he built a nursing home to lock helenbo in.

In the future, as long as Chu Yun is still there and his power is still there, he LianBo can't come out of it.

When the Helian family was destroyed, the Chu family naturally took over the remaining industries, although at this time, there was not much that the Helian family could leave.

The Chu family's attack on the Helian family this time can be regarded as a loss making business. The two families have been struggling to consume. The Helian family was destroyed, but the Chu family is not comfortable. Even if they accept the legacy left by the Helian family, it can not be said to completely make up for the previous loss.

Fortunately, at this time, what the Chu family has to do is over. As for the existence of staring at Chu Yun behind his back, it is no longer something the Chu family needs to intervene.

Those who are behind the scenes will naturally be solved by the power of Longying valley because longying Valley is staring at Chu Yun.

The Helian family represents Chu Yun's past and solves the Helian family, that is, Chu Yun puts down his past and then the future as the dragon family. All over again.